COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Desperate thieves smashed into several shops with a stolen car in Colorado Springs and much of the crime was caught on camera.

Four thieves can be seen stealing from the Ace pawn shop on North Academy. A family-run business for decades, the shop has been targeted twice in just two days.

Police are linking the crooks to several other burglaries in Colorado Springs. They say the group stole a car and used it to crash through store walls and get inside.

Four pawn shops have been hit — some more than once this week alone. Store owners are trying to protect against any future attacks and it isn’t easy.

“It’s just really hard on us because it is a family-run business and we are doing all the repairs ourselves and seeing what we can do,” the store owner said.

Early on Friday the group attempted another break-in but the police were there. After a short chase the suspects crashed into a parked car and ran off.

So far there have been no arrests, but investigators say now that they have the car they’re closer to solving the destructive crimes.


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