DENVER (CBS4) – Their crime spree and flight from justice captured headlines across America. It ended with a chase and gunfire in Colorado. The Dougherty gang — two brothers and a sister — are set to appear in court in Georgia next week on bank robbery charges.

4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger obtained exclusive video and pictures from their August capture that now links them to other crimes.

The Doughertys pleaded guilty, receiving between 18 and 32 years. The video and pictures of the evidence Sallinger obtained would have been shown to a jury had they gone to trial.

The video shows the white Subaru Impreza wanted across America pulling into a Colorado City gas station. At the snack shop, coincidentally called Fast Break, Dylan Dougherty returns to the car as Lee Grace gets in the front passenger seat. District Attorney Frank Ruybalid said that helped determine who fired at police.

“That’s how we concluded that Lee Grace at all times in material to this case was seated in the front passenger seat. Dylan was in rear passenger seat,” Ruybalid said.

dougherty gang CBS4 Obtains Exclusive Video Of The Dougherty Gang

Lee Grace Dougherty, Dylan Dougherty Stanley (right) and Ryan Edward Dougherty (left) (photo credit: Pueblo County Sheriff)

A few moments later a deputy in an unmarked vehicle is seen on the video spotting the Subaru. The Doughertys’ car then enters Interstate 25, reaching speeds up to 120 miles per hour.

The bullets came from an AK-47 fired by Dylan from the rear seat. In the car were nearly 2,000 rounds of ammunition. Officers remained calm as the chase reached speeds of up to 120 mph. It ended with police stop sticks puncturing the Doughertys’ tires at Walsenburg.

Lee Grace pulled out a MAC-10 machine pistol aiming it at the Walsenburg police chief who shot her in the leg before she could fire. Ryan, the driver, was captured a short distance away.

In and around the Suburu an arsenal of loaded weapons was discovered, including shotguns, pistols and the AK-47 used by Dylan.

“We have the AK-47 surrounded by glass. We believe the AK-47 fell out and hit the road as the car rolled,” Ruybalid said.

It’s the same weapon Dylan was believed holding in the Georgia bank robbery. In surveillance video from the robbery police say they identified Lee Grace wearing a blue shirt and sunglasses with the same machine pistol , shirt and sunglasses they had when caught in Colorado. There was also cash with serial numbers from the bank that was robbed.

They already have been given long sentences.

“I just wish the court would look at me as a person,” Dylan said.

“This was not a good decision at all. This was a really bad decision,” Lee Grace said.

Besides Georgia the Doughertys are also facing charges in Florida, accused of firing at police. It’s still not sure if they will return to Colorado to serve their time in prison.


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