DENVER (CBS4)– There are billions of dollars on display in Denver this weekend.

The National Money Show opened at the Colorado Convention Center on Thursday.

Inside visitors will find rare coins and paper bills with a deep history.

There is also a dime dating back to 1792. It’s one of the first coins authorized by President George Washington.

A spokesman for the show said there is a lot more to offer.

“They have $500 million treasury notes, sheets of $100,000 bills, the last demoniation ever printed by the United States for currency. And there’s also on display a multi-million dollar rare nickel,” said National Money Show spokesman Donn Pearlman.

The show runs through Saturday afternoon. Admission is $6.


Just down the road the U.S. Mint in Denver unveiled a new treasure Thursday afternoon.

Three gold bars worth more than $2 million. The exhibit will be part of the tours for the public can get a glimpse.

It’s the first time the mint has had gold bars on display in more than 10 years.



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