PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – Three Douglas County high school students could be expelled for allegedly bringing weapons onto school property on Monday.

The students are from two different high schools in Parker.

A district spokesman said several guns were found in a student’s car at Chaparral High School. And authorities searched two students’ cars at Legend High School and discovered knives in each.

Law enforcement officials say it appears the two incidents are related to “circumstances outside the school,” but they won’t specify those circumstances — whether that means a fight or some other type of altercation that carried over to school.

The vehicles were discovered after the school resource officer at Legend High School got a tip and called the school resource officer at Chaparral. The vehicles were searched and the weapons were found.

Douglas County authorities determined that there was no threat to students and the weapons never left the vehicles.

“We don’t have any information to believe there was any type of plot to harm a school or students in a school,” Ron Hanavan with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said. “But we want to take this matter seriously and we need to get to bottom of it as quickly as possible.”

Letters were sent home to parents at both schools that explained very briefly what happened and that “appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken.”

The investigation is continuing.

The Douglas County Student Rights and Responsibilities says students who bring firearms or certain knives to school without authorization can be expelled, but all are on a case-by-case basis.

School officials say any action is pending the outcome of the investigation.


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