COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (CBS4) – Fire crews are trying to figure out what caused a home in Commerce City to go up in flames. The blaze completely destroyed the home and three cars.

The fire broke out around midnight at a home near East 104th and Idalia. It started in the garage and was followed by some explosions.

“We saw the flames from our home about a mile away,” family friend Jeff Egnew said.

Nicole Wallace called 911.

“I heard maybe three or four explosions. Maybe it was the cars or the house collapsing, but it was like loud bangs,” Wallace said.

One explosion shook the neighbor’s house and they woke up and started pounding on the Mower’s door to wake them up.

Kent Mower brought one of his dogs outside and apparently it went back into the home.

“Neighbors had to get him out of the house because the fire spread,” Kevin Phillips with South Adams County fire said.

“There was a vibration and it woke me up. There was no smoke or anything at the time and I got up and looked out the side windows and saw nothing,” Mower said. “As soon as I opened the back door the smoke came barreling in.”

Mower was taken to the hospital after rescuing a second dog. He was released a few hours later.

Mower’s wife was out of town.

The fire was so hot it turned three cars into frail shells. The second floor of the home collapsed. The heat bubbled paint and broke windows on the neighbor’s home.

Mower has met with his insurance agent to begin the process of rebuilding.

To make a donation to the family, visit any Wells Fargo bank and mention the Mower Family Relief Fund.


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