LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – A bounty hunter from Michigan has been arrested for investigation of kidnapping in Larimer County.

Police say Chad Farquhar is accused of kidnapping a man from Michigan who was in Loveland and making an unusual demand for his safe release.

Farquhar came with another bondsman to Colorado looking for clients who had jumped bond. He works for a company called Quick Bail Bonds of Jackson, Mich. whose motto is, “We Sell Freedom.” But Loveland police Sgt. Jeff Fisher says the sale in this case involves an illegal deal, partly consisting of cash.

“We also have some information to believe there was some discussion of exchanging narcotics in addition to money for this person’s release, without taking him to the jurisdiction of the court,” Fisher said.

The bondsmen were traveling from Michigan to Sheridan, Wyo. They apparently stopped off in Loveland to pick up Jason Olson, 29, wanted on a misdemeanor traffic offense in Michigan. When a deal was offered his family contacted Loveland police. The bondsman was taken into custody in downtown Loveland.

“The contractual agreement between a bondsperson and a customer or client is to guarantee that person’s appearance in court,” Fisher said. “So the bondsperson will post the bond to guarantee the person’s appearance.”

Farquhar now finds himself in need of a bondsman. He has to come up with a $175,000 bond in order to be released.


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