DENVER (CBS4)– He wanted to set off bombs on the New York Subway, now Najibullah Zazi has taken the witness stand to tell his story.

The Aurora man testified against a former high school classmate in that failed terror plot.

Before his arrest, Zazi agreed to be questioned by the FBI.

“I know you’re from Afghanistan and you were born there,” said an unidentified FBI agent.

“I moved to Peshawar,” responded Zazi.

The questioning took place on Sept. 16, 2009 in the FBI offices in downtown Denver. With his lawyers by his side, Zazi was asked about a scale. He said his parents had one to make cakes.

“Please tell me why you had a scale with you,” asked the FBI.

“I surprisingly saw the scale. I think because my luggage was half-packed. I told my brother, the small kid, to close it. So I don’t know how the scale came in it,” said Zazi.

The scale was believed to be used to help make bombs. Zazi’s notes downloaded onto his computer show diagrams on how to produce the explosive devices.

When Zazi arrived at a hotel in Aurora to mix the chemicals, he discovered one page of his notes was missing. He desperately sent emails to his Al-Qaida handler in Pakistan and asked for ingredient “amounts please right away.”

But under questioning, Zazi only referred to a book.

“I admit I downloaded the book one time,” said Zazi.

“Do you remember what the title of that book was?” asked the FBI.

“Ummmmm…,” responded Zazi.

“B Ware or something like that?” asked the FBI.

“I think it was ‘Be Aware’,” said Zazi.

Zazi pleaded guilty and is testifying on behalf of the government. There is no promise of spending less than the rest of his life in prison in exchange for his testimony.


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