LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4)– Rep. Mike Coffman believes it’s time to start pulling out U.S. troops that are stationed in Europe.

Coffman, a Republican representing District 6 in Colorado, said in the face of deep spending cuts it would be a good way to save money.

“Certainly it saves money. There are budgetary pressures. Right now with the Department of Defense everything ought to be on the table,” said Coffman.

He also said it would force European countries to step up and provide more of their own security instead of relying so much on the United States.

The U.S. has about 80,000 troops in Europe. Even without America’s military presence, Coffman said Europe would still be safe.

“The Cold War has been over since 1989, the mission where these soldiers were initially sent over there has long since changed and it’s time to bring our folks home,” said Coffman.

He believes a leaner more mobile U.S. Military would still be able to react if needed.

“I would never offer something that compromised the national security of the U.S. in the least,” said Coffman.

Many Republicans are opposed to the proposal.

Political Science Professor Richard Moeller said a more realistic expectation is pulling out half of U.S. troops stationed in Europe, not all.

“Not that Russia is an aggressive force but they are attempting to try to re-establish themselves in Europe and that frightens them,” said Moeller, who teaches at Metro State.


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