BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Lawyers were shot down after asking a judge to prevent the University of Colorado from closing campus to visitors on Friday as part of an effort to stop the annual 4/20 pot smokeout. A judge decided to keep the campus closing in place Thursday evening.

CU has closed their Boulder campus to visitors to prevent the annual event which attracted thousands to smoke marijuana in public.

Norlin Quad, the traditional place for the 4/20 gathering, will be closed this year and monitored by a heavy police presence. Fertilizer will be placed on the lawn as an additional deterrent.

In the past, thousands have descended on the quad to light up joints in observance of April 20.

The university is making the campus off limits to everyone who is not a student or staff member.

CU said students who smoke marijuana will be issued a citation. As 4/20 approaches many CU students believe the event has been peaceful in the past and the new changes are unwarranted.

If their plans are effective, university officials say they will continue their preventative measures every year.

Last year police issued 33 tickets at the event in Boulder. BLOG ENTRY: Colorado: The Center Of The 4/20 Universe


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