COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A 3-year-old boy is safe after a wild ride with carjackers on Sunday.

The crime happened early Sunday morning in Colorado Springs. The boy’s father, Anthony Pettiford, had stopped at a 7-Eleven.

He says he got out to talk to some friends and left the car running. That’s when thieves jumped in and stole the car with the boy inside.

They drove off, but later dropped the boy in the middle of a street.

He walked up to a home, where a Good Samaritan called police.

The boys’ father says he’s just glad his son is okay.

“I’m just blessed and thankful that I got my son back and that’s the good thing,” Pettiford said. “I was yelling for my kid, and for them to stop, and I guess they got scared when they went down the road and saw him in there and dropped him off.”

Police are still searching for the car and the carjackers. They said it’s unlikely Pettiford will face charges because he was standing next to the car when it was taken.


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