BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– The City of Boulder may sack plastic grocery bags or at least start charging customers for using them.

Boulder said more than 60 percent of plastic waste in the city comes from grocery bags.

The city’s environmental advisory board is looking for a way to reduce waste.

“It is a goal of Boulder to get to zero waste which is defined as 85 percent waste diversion,” said Boulder Environmental Advisory Board spokeswoman Jamie Harkins. “We take the philosophy here in Boulder that an efficient community is a successful and economically viable community.”

Options for reducing grocery bag waste include a fee for just plastic bags, a fee for both paper and plastic, a complete ban on disposable bags, and a plan to distribute free, reusable bags.

Her organization gives away reusable bags to people who live and shop in Boulder and she said its working.

“To be honest, a lot of Boulder residents already use reusable bags so we’re already doing very well on that front,” said Harkins.

The board and city council are seeking public input on the matter. The Boulder Environmental Advisory Board is hosting a public meeting April 23 at the West Boulder Senior Center. Everyone is invited.


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