DENVER (CBS4) – Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie will make his first start at Coors Field on Wednesday evening, and while he’s excited about it now, he was bored on Tuesday.

So he put out this tweet:

anybody on lunch break and up for a catch with me?

One of his followers answered, and that man now has quite the story to tell.

“I live downtown. I have my glove. So I said (to myself) ‘Let’s do this,'” Woody Roseland said.

Roseland’s quick reply on Twitter paid off. Next thing you know, he was at Coors Field hanging out with the newly acquired ace of the Rockies pitching staff.

Roseland, 21, told CBS4 a few hours after the meeting that he asked Gurthrie how he likes pitching at the stadium.

“He was like ‘This is the first day I’ve even been at Coors.’ So he was as new to the facility as I was, pretty much,” Roseland said.

“So then we just walked out to the field. We each had our gloves and ball and found a good spot in the outfield and played catch.”

Roseland and Guthrie tossed the ball around and talked for about 30 minutes. The conversation wasn’t all about baseball, though. Roseland is an amputee who lost his leg to cancer. It’s a fight he’s been waging the last 5 years.

“You just expect it to be the worst thing in the world, but when actually you just have to deal with it on a daily basis and use a prosthetic, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected,” Roseland said.

That positive attitude is exactly why Roseland took a chance answering a tweet. He got a unique experience in the stadium and a souvenir he’ll never forget — a bat signed by Rockies players. In addition to that, he was given tickets to Wednesday night’s game.

It also turns out that playing catch with Guthrie was actually just the second best part of a very good day for Roseland.

“This morning I went to my doctor’s office. They checked my counts and they’re back up, which means I’m officially done with cancer and chemotherapy once and for all. So I found that out this morning, and then I got to hang out with Jeremy this afternoon.”

This isn’t Roseland’s first brush with sports celebrity. He was Tim Tebow’s guest before a Broncos game last season.

Guthrie tweeted about his end of the experience on Wednesday morning.

Thanx for all the kind words tweeps.Cool how in an attempt to make someone’s day,that someone made my day & touched my life.

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