JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators in Jefferson County say problems with the reverse 911 system during the Lower North Fork Fire have been fixed.

More than 100 homes did not get the call to evacuate, including the home of one of three people who died in the fire.

At the height of the blaze the automated call went out, but Rick Hunter is one of those who did not receive a warning call.

“Both houses on either side burned to the ground. Ours was just in the right spot,” Hunter said.

His neighbor’s house right next door is now little more than rubble.

“Well I think they ought have their ducks in a row when it comes to making sure everybody that lives here; they have the right number. They need to do some due diligence,” Hunter said.

The Jefferson County 911 Authority now says the problems have been fixed. About 23,000 addresses in the data base had problems and fewer than 120 homes did not get calls in the area of the fire.

ann appel Jeffco Authorities Say Reverse 911 System Has Been Fixed

Ann Appel is believed to have been killed in the fire. (credit: Appel family)

Ann Appel lived on Broadview Circle. She had called 911 to ask about the fire but she did not receive an evacuation call because her home was erroneously placed on the map in Morrison. It’s not known if she could have gotten out alive.

Jeff Irvin, the head of the county 911 authority, says they will address why the problems occurred. In the meantime he warns residents not to rely on a phone call telling them to get out.


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