DENVER (CBS4) – There are some guys who just play on a different level and one of those players is Derrick Martin, who comes from Colorado.

“You just see this special guy out there that everyone’s like, ‘Wow, look at that guy go,’ ” Martin’s high school football coach Matt Nicolo said.

Martin played ball at Thomas Jefferson High School.

“Derrick always found a way to get away from that guy, or not get tackled. It was the most fun thing to watch,” Nicolo said.

CBS4’s Dominic Garcia went to high school with Martin and was eager to do a story about him.

“This is the first time I’ve been able to do a story about a high school friend, much less a two time Super Bowl champion,” Garcia said.

“I come back here annually for my camp. But just being here with Dom, how we used to play out here back in the day, it’s great,” Martin said.

Back in the day Martin was an untouchable quarterback, and there’s no place he’d rather be than on the field.

“It was able to keep me off the streets. I grew up in the Park Hill area when it was real rough,” Martin said. “I could wake up, come back to school, get a couple meals in me, go back home, go to sleep and wake up and do it again.”

His senior year he was All State and came up one game short of the state championship.

“I felt like I learned so much from that. It really helped me now, you know, makes me more resilient.”

His next stop was Wyoming where he earned a reputation of a lockdown cornerback. But could he make it in the NFL?

“He was one of those special guys that if anyone had a chance it would be him,” Nicolo said.

Martin left early for the NFL and went in the sixth round to the Baltimore Ravens. He then played for the Green Bay Packers for several years. That’s also where he would get a Super Bowl ring.

“It’s just been great, I’ve just been blessed.”

The next year he signed with the New York Giants where he would play a crucial role on special teams. And that’s where he got his second Super Bowl ring.

“It’s great man, you look back and see guys that played the game so long and still don’t have one. It’s crazy — crazy I went back to back.”

Despite everything he’s accomplished, if you want to find Derrick, it will most likely be in the halls of where it all started.

Martin has donated money, mentors children, and even holds an annual camp.

“We try to talk to them in a nature to where they understand the game and they can also learn something from us about being men,” Martin said.

“Being involved with where you came from and really giving back a community level, that’s what ties everything together,” Nicolo said.

“I like to give back because you never know where your next helping hand will come from. And I like to be that helping hand,” Martin said.

Martin has given a lot to his old high school. He even gave Garcia his first big interview back in 2003.

Martin has two rings to his name, but remember he never got that one in high school. He hopes to one day change that by maybe coming back to Thomas Jefferson in some capacity.

“Definitely, there’s nothing better than that brown and gold,” he said.


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