DENVER (CBS4) – Police investigators seized two Glock pistols, three long guns, along with gay porn magazines and DVDs from the Littleton home of former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan hours after he was arrested last year in a methamphetamine for sex sting.

Evidence forms obtained by CBS4 show that investigators, who were given consent to search Sullivan’s home, recovered “49 various pornography DVDs … Misc gay male porn magazines and DVDs … envelope with condoms … three Arapahoe County Deputy Sheriff badges … ”

Additionally, from Sullivan’s garage and bedroom, they recovered a 12-gauge shotgun, a Winchester .22 caliber rifle and a 16 gauge shotgun.

Several hours earlier police arrested Sullivan after he offered a male acquaintance methamphetamine in exchange for sex. The Arapahoe County sheriff has released a 12-minute tape of the Nov. 29, 2011 sting that took place at an Aurora home.

Police mounted a hidden camera in a bedroom at the home. Two confidential informants were involved in luring Sullivan to the home. One of them can be heard speaking to Sullivan via phone, leading up to the bust.

“Hello, I’m good. How are you?” the informant says to Sullivan over the phone.

LINK: Watch The Entire Video

Five minutes into the tape the former sheriff can be seen entering the bedroom wearing a hat and chewing gum. He immediately takes his shirt off then gives one of the informants two shirts. Sullivan immediately unzips a case and brings out a portable DVD player and begins playing what police say is a gay porn DVD.

“This is … what I think you’ll enjoy; real young guys,” Sullivan says to the informant as he watches the DVD play. He says he wants to “get comfortable” and is seen taking off his belt and relaxing on the bed with the male informant.

After a few minutes Sullivan gives one of the young men an envelope which investigators say contained meth.

“See what’s in there,” says Sullivan.

“Have you had any of it?” the informant asks Sullivan.

“No,” replies the 69-year-old former sheriff. “It’s a social issue, why smoke by yourself?”

Moments later undercover officers detonate a flash-bang grenade and move into the room, arresting Sullivan, who offers no resistance. He is seen face down on the bed being handcuffed.

A judge sentenced Sullivan to 30 days in jail and two years probation Tuesday after Sullivan agreed to plead guilty to a felony drug possession count and a misdemeanor charge of soliciting prostitution.

He is serving his time in the Arapahoe County jail that bears his name.

Sullivan has denied requests to be interviewed.

Comments (8)
  1. Kristina Ryan says:

    Was this really necessary? If you are going to release this, release all the undercover videos on everyone. This at one time was a very good man, that fell. How about a story about why??? Why do we have to stand back in glee and see all the sorted details when a good person falls. Shame on us all

  2. Larry says:

    No! shame on you! Kristina. For condoning such a shameless act of sexual abuse. He’s deserves to burn in hell! Just like Jerry Sandusky from Penn State.

  3. the_punnisher says:

    Like members of the American Bottomfeeders Association, 99% of LEOs give the 1% of the good ones all the grief. The OMERTA of the Blue Line holds firm. Anyone else would get YEARS for the same behavior….

    1. Robert Gift says:


  4. denvervet says:

    I just dont know what to make of this story accept “disbelief”. I do agree with Kristina, how did he get to this point? Maybe others could learn from his story. I imagine he met sex partners who used meth and tried it and got caught up in that horrible lifestyle.

  5. Robert Gift says:

    Are the guns illegal?
    Is the gay pornography illegal?

  6. wygent says:

    This guy was the poster-boy for Handgun Control and every other gun-control movement in the USA. He loves being the one with power over others. He fell long, long ago and it has NOTHING to do with his sexual orientation. It is about lust for power over others.

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