RAMAH, Colo. (CBS4) – The high fire danger was a big concern for firefighters in El Paso County after a home there went up in flames.

The fire was sparked Saturday afternoon in a rural area near the town of Ramah.

LeRoy Gordon and five others lived in the home for more than 10 years. The home is now a total loss.

“It’s gone — everything. I lost everything,” Gordon said.

Everything except Gordon’s scooter and cane were lost in the fire. Extra fire crews were called in because of high fire danger levels and concerns the fire could spread to the dry rural area. Unfortunately they weren’t able to save the home or anything inside.

“I just filed my income tax and lost my income tax papers even,” Gordon said.

house fire map1 Home Goes Up In Flames In El Paso County

(credit: CBS)

Six people where home at the time the fire broke out. Gordon and three other adults and two children all made it out safely.

“The time we got out the house was full of smoke already. She was drying some clothes and by the time we got out it was already too late.”

Investigators believe that the clothes dryer is likely where the fire started. Gordon is just thankful he and his family were able to make it out alive.

The family did not have insurance. The Red Cross is helping them.


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