DENVER (CBS4) – The U.S. attorney for Colorado is launching another crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries.

John Walsh has now put 25 marijuana dispensaries operating near schools on notice. As of Friday they have 45 days to close or they’ll run the risk of having their property seized.

The latest warning notice went out Friday. It impacts 25 medical marijuana dispensaries that are within 1,000 feet of a school. Now medical marijuana advocates are fuming.

When one Denver shop was forced to close last month because it was 1,000 feet from a school pro-marijuana attorney Brian Vicente believes the owner took a financial beating.

“It could cost upwards of $100,000 to open these stores, so it’s a considerable investment that these stores have made in these communities and that’s being yanked out from under them,” Vicente said.

“Federal law provides for a drug free zone around schools. Congress has directed us to protect school areas from drug trafficking,” Walsh said.

The U.S. attorney’s closure order comes as hundreds of students seeking marijuana legalization nationwide gathered in Denver this weekend. A national coordinator for the students says the president is going back on a campaign promise.

“Obama promised in 2007 that he would stop the DEA’s heartless raids on medical marijuana establishments and their caregivers,” national marijuana advocate Aaron Houston said.

“We had been receiving more and more information about the negative impact that the easy availability of marijuana was having on teenagers in particular,” Walsh said.

“The U.S. attorney has not pointed to a single case of students buying marijuana at dispensaries. It’s just not happening. If there are people redistributing, then they should focus on prosecuting those people,” Houston said.

Next week dispensary owners facing closure will be discussing what they can do to stay open.

Comments (4)
  1. Wayne Reiss says:

    John Walsh is closing dispensaries that are within a 1,000 foot radii of schools. If this was about child safety then he would be closing the many liquor stores and convenience stores that sell booze and cigarettes next to schools. Meanwhile, the pot market and use won’t disappear, it will just move underground, creating more violence and crime.

    Walsh doesn’t cae about safety or rule of law, if he did, he’d move towards more regulation, not less.

    1. rationalbob says:

      Well said!

      So far, CO MMJ seems to be working – It’s safe, it makes money AND it helps people… no wonder the feds want it shut down.

  2. Common Sense Police says:

    There is no reason for marijuana to be illegal. Any argument to the contrary is based on lies and propaganda. For thousands of years it did no harm and since prohibition began it has been demonized by those who profit from its prohibition. Anything else is simply not true. Spin away and I’ll try to make your arguments look foolish but my arguments aren’t to prove marijuana’s harmless nature, peer reviewed scientific studies have already done that. If you choose to further prohibition by keeping the propaganda alive I will endeavor to make you look foolish for not researching the truth. Honest cops have had their say Google GRANNY STORM CROW for alphabetical lists of peer reviewed studies showing proven medical benefits of marijuana as medicine.

  3. JW says:

    I am a patient,retired disabled combat vet and truly believe in this plant. I don’t think anything should be near schools, even tattoo shops and I have seen them across the street from schools in CO. I am a trained professional tattooist and MMJ patient, I believe when your old enough, these place will be close enough to go there and satisfy your urges. Quit cryin if you opened near a school, there are plenty of clinics in the right spots, in buisiness complexes, shopping centers, etc.. Don’t give em a reason to come after you, anybody with common sense knows kids, schools, churches are off limits and have plenty of folks waiting in the wings to come after you. A legitimate complaint would be if they built these institutions after you signed your lease, purchased your property, and then we need to put in place grandfather laws to protect these buisiness owners. There are plenty of empty office space, buisiness real estae available at fair prices, stay away from the schools. Politicians are who they are and what they are, no change commin soon, no one wins, just more aggrivation for the folks doing it right. I hate seeing any buisiness owner in America take a hit or lose money, especially when they have employees, but I personally don’t want to walk out of a clinic, store, tattoo shop and see kiddies on the playground or recess, middle schoolers, high schoolers or old ladies comin out of church. We live in the most free nation on the planet, but there’s always someone on the right or left who just won’t shut up and always take it too far, like lawyers and religious nuts. It’s about all of us not just you. Let’s all take a vote and see if we want this stuff near schools, I think even your most liberal patriot would say no, “nuff said” 😉

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