DENVER (CBS4)– For the next four months the Denver Art Museum will be the only place on earth in North America where visitors can see a once-in-a-lifetime exhibit at the art of fashion designer Yves Ste. Laurent.

“This is a great museum and they have a great exhibition space, I think,” said Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit spokeswoman Emilie Enard. “And because they really wanted to have this exhibition.”

Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective features a stunning selection of 200 haute couture garments along with numerous photographs, drawings, and films that illustrate the development of Saint Laurent’s style and the historical foundations of his work.

“I hope people will be really amazed by the pieces because they are really amazing and really show a lot of skills like embroidery, haute couture skills of sewing. It’s really, really impressive,” said Enard.

Forty years in the making, this presentation unfolds Yves Saint Laurent as you’ll explore the art and design of his career. The Retrospective exhibition includes Yves Saint Laurent’s first days at Dior, and takes you all the way to the splendor of his evening dresses from 2002. The Denver Art Museum will be the only United States venue for the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibit will be able to walk into a reproduction of Yves Ste. Laurent’s Paris studio and his studio of the mind. It’s where he created his fashions and forward-thinking designs.

The exhibit opens March 25 and will run into July. The cost is general admission to the Denver Art Museum and an extra ticket charge for the exhibit.


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Comments (2)
  1. This would be something worth moving back to Denver for! I’m terribly jealous and hope this exhibit finds it’s way to the Southern Hemisphere.

  2. Tony says:

    Sorry, “the only place on earth in north america”? Serious journalism proofreads.

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