DENVER (AP) — A proposal to promote Colorado independence is the latest example of Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature not seeing eye-to-eye on how government should work.

A bill that would have directed state bureaucrats to seek Colorado regulations instead of federal regulations was defeated Thursday in a Democratic committee. Ruling Democrats didn’t understand the point of compiling reports about so-called “Colorado solutions.” Democrats said state bureaucrats regularly seek federal waivers when state regulation is possible.

Earlier, the bill easily passed the Republican House. House Republican Leader Stephens sponsored the idea and called it a needed statement on states’ rights.

Democrats who control the Senate disagreed. They rejected the bill 5-3 on concerns the “Colorado solutions” reports would add needless paperwork to state bureaucracies.

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  1. Asodeska says:

    Of course.
    Democrats want a fascist system of national control.
    They weren’t called National SOCIALISTS for nothing.

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