DENVER (CBS4) – Every year tens of thousands of complaints are filed against landlords accused of housing discrimination. Now the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is unveiling a new set of anti-discrimination rules.

The issues surrounding discrimination in housing are central to the success of any community and Colorado is no different. That’s why HUD has announced some new housing rules to stop discrimination. Some of the recent discriminatory practices may come as a surprise to some.

“We have uncovered cases where women on maternity leave; members of families seeking a new and bigger house … if they’re on maternity leave lenders have assumed they are unemployed with no income or no expectation of going back to work,” HUD Assistant Secretary John Trasvina said.

Trasvina says it’s not just a matter of better housing, but fair housing for all, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

“Last year we looked at our own authority; HUD is a big landlord, HUD has a lot of housing programs. We looked at authority so that we could make sure that our programs and our housing are open to all people,” Trasvina said.

HUD can withhold funding for those found to be a discriminatory landlords, or the housing complex can be completely shut down. However, that’s a last resort since no one wins with an empty neighborhood property.

If you feel you’ve been discriminated against you can file a complaint by calling (800) 669-9777 or visit the HUD website at

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  1. Brock Ali says:

    Thye just said a whole lot of nothing with this article. There is no way I’m going to rent out my house when I buy my next one shortly. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the government tell me who I have to rent to, and what the terms have to be. The process is so stacked against landlords to the point where any “tennant” can act with impunity, violate leases without consequence, and destroy property if they are legitimately evicted out of pure vengeance.

  2. April Miller says:

    I reviewed this article carefully and I feel that I have attempted to contact HUD and local law enforcement agencies regarding housing issues. I do not feel that I have not received the assistance from HUD, Housing Authorities and local law enforcement agencies that I needed. I had received threats to my life from a landlord and more…I feel that there are several Landlords and Management companies t are violating local, state and federal laws. Just recently I requested a necessary maintenance repair for a faulty refrigerator and I received abusive comments and challenging behavior from an apartment building manager that wasn’t necessary. Finally after an intermittent problem for several days they did repair the refrigerator efficiently (I did appreciate the repair but, not the horrifying attitude I received). I am also receiving written threatening notes from another tenant and they refused to assist me. I believe this man is attempting to create a less than safe environment for tenants and I have a great need to be safe in my own home. I would appreciate any referrals or assistance that you can provide to assist tenants to be safe in their very humble homes. (I live in an affordable housing building that is a Tax Credit building and I do pay quite a bit for rent and utilities. I firmly believe that Eschelon Property Management should be investigated for abusive treatment of tenants and Coldwell Banker. Thank you. Best wishes, April Miller

  3. Asodeska says:

    What if a Monkey applied?
    Would you be obliged to rent or sell to it?
    HUD is a huge invasion of our privacy, and our rights as Americans. While I do not believe in discriminating against anyone, I do believe that as THE OWNER I have the ultimate right to decide who I will, or for WHATEVER reason, will not rent or sell to.

  4. F. H. says:

    monkeys are not a protected class.

    the owner has some leeway in determining an appropriate tenant…but there are laws in place to prevent discrimination. renting is a different scenario than selling – why would you not sell to someone who was qualified/had a mortgage approval?

    if a landlord is threatening a tenant, that is not an issue for HUD to resolve; that is a police matter.

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