KEYSTONE, Colo. (CBS4) – A tourist was killed during a ski trip to Keystone and police say the man who hit him was driving drunk.

The accident was Saturday night while the victim was trying to cross Highway 6 at Rasor Drive in Keystone.

Wesley Wilson, 20, has been charged with DUI and vehicular homicide.

There’s been some discussion within the county for a while about the danger of the intersection where the incident occurred. Less than a month ago a few concerned residents wrote a letter to the local newspaper. Their last sentence said, “Please, for the sake of locals and guests alike, help make this area safe before someone is seriously injured or killed.”

“The right lane vehicle did stop the left lane vehicle did not,” Trooper Nate Reid with the Colorado State Patrol said.

A 33-year-old Romanian tourist was struck and killed.

“Whether it be the reckless nature of the crash or somebody impaired by alcohol, then it reaches another level. It reaches into the felony level, which is vehicular homicide,” Reid said.

The county and the Colorado Department of Transportation have been working this year to improve the intersection. It’s difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and for pedestrians to feel safe enough to cross as cars scream past.

“As a pedestrian you have to be paying attention as well. It’s not the pedestrians fault, but continue to look and make sure those lanes are clear,” Reid said.

CDOT said in June they’re going to spend up to $100,000 on a new cross walk with a elevated sign warning drivers. That will be triggered by infrared technology that will recognize when someone’s in the crosswalk. It’s similar to high-tech crosswalks near the University of Colorado in Boulder and the University of Denver.