Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorBefore you reach for that next chip to munch, consider this: will it lower your sperm count?

That’s what researchers from Dartmouth seem to have found, that is, too many saturated fats will gunk up the sperm manufacturing machinery in a man’s body.

They found those men who gobbled down the highest amounts of fatty foods were the ones who had the lowest levels of sperm (and what sperm they had didn’t work very well).

So, it’s not only chips … it’s fries, fried foods, cookies, pastries, junk food, and burgers — all the stuff many of us love.

There are a lot of reasons why saturated fats are bad for sperm, some of those reasons involving big fancy scientific words. So let’s leave it with: eat lousy and you will sperminate lousy.

It’s funny, because if I told you that red meat will kill you (a study out this week), you’d greet that news with a yawn. If I tell you may be lousy at reproducing because of what you eat, well, maybe that will get your attention.

Now, what makes for healthy sperm, and lots of it? Fish oil, preferably from fish, but possibly also from fish oil supplements.

Man up, and eat wisely.


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