DENVER (AP) – A Colorado proposal to ban discrimination against people wearing motorcyclist gear hit the skids on its first test in the Legislature.

The bill to add “unconventional attire” to the state law that bars discrimination in public accommodations was defeated Wednesday in a House committee.

The bill would have put leather-clad motorcyclists alongside such protected categories as race, gender and religious affiliation.

A Republican who leads the committee that rejected the bill said it went too far in controlling private businesses.

The Democratic sponsor of the bill, Rep. Joe Miklosi, said he was glad he proposed the bill because it raised awareness. He said bikers are unfairly judged to be criminals.

LINK: House Bill 1128

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Comments (2)
  1. denvervet says:

    Well thank God someone has some sense. I am not going to get into a whole disortation here but people in Denver are just way to casual when it comes to clothes. Its a matter of respect that just doesn’t exist here. Also, people’s drive seems diminished here, notice that a lot. Seems many people don’t push themselves to get tasks done, excel at work Just an observation from an outsider.

  2. Geo. says:

    This whole proposal was ridiculous. People who are bikers or have been involved in the lifestyle know that it’s “Biker Friendly Bars” who usually post the “No Colors Allowed” signs. This is done to keep tensions between rival “Clubs” from flaring up in their establishments. How many “Biker Friendly” Establishments has Rep Miklosi run? UN-informed Politicians will do anything for votes. This same state rep would be among the first to call for “Mandatory Helmet” laws if he thought enough voters supported that. I loved the comment the rep made about Bikers being judged unfairly. Most Bikers are independent, freedom loving people, and they don’t need some politician’s approval to feel good about themselves.

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