DENVER (AP) – Colorado wasn’t entirely left out of the action on Super Tuesday.

Colorado Democrats held precinct caucuses Tuesday night, four weeks after their Republican counterparts held precinct caucuses to choose presidential favorites.

Democrats have no contested presidential contest, so their precinct caucuses have attracted little attention. Democrats also have no statewide officers or contested congressional primary battles, so Democrats were deciding more local matters Tuesday.

Like the GOP, Colorado’s Democratic Party also has county caucuses and a statewide convention planned for later this spring.

Most of the nation’s political attention Tuesday went to the 10 states with primaries and caucuses likely to redefine the race for the Republican presidential nomination.


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Comments (2)
  1. Steve B says:

    The Department of Redundancy Department.

  2. Dave says:

    Regarding political issues—The only types who enter the “political arena”, as they say, are people who use political office to further personal, financial, criminal, and other self -serving issues. Anyone who runs for political office, even though he or she starts out with high minded values, the system will work as planned, to destroy him or her. I supported Mr Obama, But he has become just another American politician, devoted to world domination.

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