DENVER (CBS4) – A group of residents from the north side of the Denver metro area want to make sure they get the commuter rail they have been promised.

A rail line from Union Station in downtown Denver that would run to Boulder and then up to Longmont has been part of the FasTracks plan since voters approved it in 2004.

But now officials with the Regional Transportation District are saying it might be cost prohibitive and the transit agency is considering just improving bus transportation on Highway 36.

Westminster resident Gary Shea is among those who still support the rail project and are starting to gather signatures in a petition.

“I think if the northwest rail was completed as promised I think the citizens would be on board with the tax increase,” said Shea, who is part of a group called Westminster Progressive Homeowners.

RTD’s rail lines already in use in Denver in the southern metro area have been very successful.

Work is under way to extend a line to Golden from downtown, and a plan to build a rail line from downtown to Denver International Airport is progressing.

Watch Denver Business Journal reporter Mark Harden’s comments about the situation in the video clip below from CBS4 News at 6 p.m. on Thursday:

The RTD Board of Directors is scheduled to make their decision on March 8 about the northwest rail line plans.

Comments (3)
  1. B. Dover says:

    You can’t spend money you don’t have unless you are the idiots in Washington, DC or a counterfeiter with the name: U.S. Treasury Department.

  2. Bryce B says:

    As sexy as the train might be, the better cost, flexibility, and frequency of BRT service far outweighs the ‘coolness’ of rail. Flexibility of shifting service where its needed in the future is cost-prohibitive already for rail. Why throw more money after bad? Dedicated bus lanes, and better feeder routes are the way forward. Leave rail to the people who want to pay even higher taxes.

  3. Brock Ali says:

    I live in Wrongmont, and many of us don’t want it, never did. Just give us the tax money back,so some dim buldb liberals can lavish more services on the over 1,000 per square mile Illegal Aliens we have here.

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