NEDERLAND, Colo. (CBS4)– The infamous “Frozen Dead Guy Days” kicked off in Nederland today for a weekend of festivities. The annual event is three days of wild and wacky celebrations.

The Parade of Hearses and Coffin Races are the most popular attractions. There’s also a “Brain Freezer” beer tent and several live bands.

Festival goers can also embark on a “Tour to the Tuff Shed” where Grandpa Bredo resides.

Frozen Dead Guy Days got its roots in Nederland 11 years ago. It stems from the legend of Grandpa Bredo, who died in Norway in 1989. He was packed in dry ice and shipped to the Trans Time cryonics facility in Oakland, Cali. where he was placed in liquid nitrogen for almost four years.

In 1993, he was moved to Colorado to stay with his daughter and grandson. He stayed frozen in a shed near his grandson’s home for years. Little knwon to the family, it was illegal to store a frozen human in Nederland. But after some negotiations with the city council, Grandpa Bredo was allowed to stay.

Now, every month a man known as “Ice Man” and a team of volunteers deliver 1,600 pounds of dry ice to Grandpa Bredo, who has remained frozen for 22 years.

People from all over the world descend on Nederland to celebrate Frozen Dead Guy Days every winter.

  1. Jesse Hoff says:

    Well the festival definitely raised my spirits, I found myself laughing from the minute I got there. I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in my day and Dead Guy Days definitely ranks up there with the best. It reminded me a lot of a festival called “Chatanika Days” that I went to up in Alaska. Instead of coffins though, they raced outhouses. I made a video of the coffin races this year which can be seen here Feel free to embed the video if you like it, take care.

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