COPPER MOUNTAIN, Colo. (CBS4)– Until recent snowfall, ski conditions had been a disappointment in Colorado’s Rockies.

But thanks to the latest Winter Storm, there’s new snow falling in the mountains, making what skiers call Day 1 of the real ski season.

“Best day of the season for me, so far,” said one skier at Copper Mountain. “It’s hard to get motivation to come up I-70 from Denver with the current conditions. But with this, it makes it easy again.”

“For us, we’ve been coming for 30 some years and always had great conditions. We expect it, I guess,” said vacationer Jim Sherman.

Skiing In Colorado

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  3. yaloo wanchingo says:

    weak report- HOW MUCH SNOW? Copper? ANywhere ELSE? There is NO INFORMATION in this “report”! May I write for you? Or maybe hire a grade-school kid.

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