FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. (CBS4)– A police officer from Federal Heights shot a suspect early Wednesday morning. It was the first time in about two decades there has been an officer-involved shooting in the town.

The shooting happened just after midnight near 91st Place and Tejon. Officers shot a driver after he struck one officer with his truck and dragged another.

Detectives continue to try to piece together what happened but did confirm that a man driving a truck began to follow Olivia Molinar home. She called police once she got home and ran inside.

When officers arrived he was parked in Molinar’s driveway. They attempted to confront the driver and that’s when he struck one officer with his truck.

The driver tried to pull forward and smashed into the Molinar’s home. Then he backed up and drove across the street, crashing into a neighbor’s truck and leaving a lot of front end damage.

The driver then drove across the street once more and destroyed a fence. During this time one officer was dragged by the suspect’s truck. The officer fired several shots at the driver and hit him.

Molinar told police she didn’t know the man who followed her home. She was afraid that he was going to drive into her home to try to get away from police.

fed heights shooting map Police Believe Road Rage May Have Sparked Bizarre String Of Events

(credit: CBS)

“We heard something very loud. We’re not sure what is going on outside, but it looks like they shot him and we’re scared that maybe the guy got outside and ran. And we’re scared he’ll come inside the house,” said Molinar.

Molinar’s husband said he was trying to make sure his three children were safe.

“This guy like right away tried to move the truck and then the police say, ‘Hey, hey, hey, stop,’ and that’s when I see the shots … I can see inside that he wanted to push the house but he can’t, so he go back,” said Molinar’s husband Sergio Anaya.

The officer who was struck by the suspect’s truck was rushed to the hospital and was released. The officer who was dragged was not seriously hurt. The suspect is in serious condition with several gunshot wounds to chest and head.


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