DENVER (CBS4) – For those who have always had an idea they’ve wanted to launch into a small business, Wednesday may be their time.

Bankers, small business groups and city leaders will launch a program on Wednesday to get new entrepreneurs the money they need to grow their ideas.

4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll met a 20-something who has launched her own business.

A few years back some young snowboarders had an idea for making cool gloves and backpacks for their sport, but they didn’t have the money initially. Now they do, and the products are being sold all over the world.

“We started just designing a really small line of just knitted headwear,” Brandi Paik with CandyGrind said.

CandyGrind produces shirts, hoodies, backpacks and more.

“We started producing gloves; we use genuine leather,” Paik said.

The company now has a warehouse and a business plan, thanks to the help of a consortium of Colorado business groups.

“Small business is the backbone of the economy. This will help them create jobs, which benefits the whole economy. So everyone wins from this,” Don Childears with the Colorado Bankers Association said.

Childears is gathering business advisers and bankers together to help Coloradans financially launch their own businesses.

“By marrying that together and helping the small business person apply for the loan, we hope that we can get yeses on those loans as much as possible,” Childears said.

CandyGrind illustrates that with the right financial backing an idea can become a very sweet success.

Visit the CandyGrind website for more information on the company. Also visit after it launches on Wednesday, Feb. 29 to learn more about the loan program.

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