DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Police Department is changing the way it fights crime as the new police chief wants to get regular citizens involved.

In just a few short months after his arrival, Denver’s new police chief, Robert White, is ready to make some changes. He’s officially started the department’s strategic realignment plan.

“I need to establish my credibility inside the department and then I need to, or then I should say, simultaneously I need to establish my credibility outside the department,” White said.

In a podcast released Friday on the DPD website, White addressed the plan’s new changes. It’s being put into work starting now with more changes to come over time.

“If we’re really going to be successful in changing the culture, it’s going to have to happen at the lowest level of supervision,” White said.

It starts with using the department’s resources efficiently and getting the community involved in policing. Part of that plan would involve using civilians to respond to calls for service.

“We need to ask ourselves, ‘Does this require a sworn police officer?’ ”

Calls where a citation is not needed, like some car accidents, can be done by paid civilians. It would free up officers to respond to more serious calls in efforts to prevent crime.

“Really what is most important is the ability to establish a relationship with the community and I hope the reorganization is going to put us in a better position to do that.”

Answering questions in a weekly podcast, establishing relationships with residents, and having the community become more involved in helping fight crime is all just part of the plan. White is hopeful it will be a successful one.

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Comments (8)
  1. BeKah says:

    The bottom line is the DPD can’t cover all the bases anymore. It’s the same everywhere. Police, fire, emergency are all being cut back for lack of funds. Today a civilian militia is a desperate act in desperate times though White won’t admit that DPD is overwhelmed.

    Several measures are needed to make Denver safe. Start with a civilian militia; the DPD must encourage civilians to legally arm themselves whether for home defense or CCW; actively promote neighborhood watch; get people involved.

    Detroit, LA, and DC are war zones. Denver is on the brink. No longer can people expect their ‘hoods to be safe. They’ve got to get involved.

  2. Jack Mehoff says:

    Start deporting them “No hablas” and take a bite out of crime! Heet and Rons almost daily, City council repealed taking illegals cars.. reap what you sow liberals..

  3. Superman says:

    This is such a joke, paid civilians to do police work, fire this idiot

  4. gg says:

    WOW! This is great! As if the DPD is on everyone’s good side and makes the citizens feel warm and fuzzy enough, that now we turn a blind eye to the traffic vans, red-light cameras and surveillance videos and let them do what they do(or want) by enforcing crime. Let’s just belly up to the issues; the city and county built a couple of new “justice” centers and need some revenue. Build it and they will crime.
    The city needs money by any means and by any method.
    Remember when we could park out front of our quiet neighborhoods street. Not a single ticket for years-no longer.
    Remember driving down the street without a ticket-writing van-no more.
    Come on, just say it. We have all these police, well kind of, 52% are on special units, and need to pay for them know.
    Hey you, here’s a ticket and now pay it.

  5. LB says:

    The best thing we can do to fight crime is raise our kids to be good citizens.

  6. AJ says:

    Sounds like it’s time for me to get my CCW permit.

  7. Wàrƒárȝ says:

    This guy’s asking us to do the job we pay taxes for? His damn Dept can’t even enforce simple basic traffic laws. Suppose it’s hard when your own damn officers don’t realize they’re breaking fundamental traffic laws. This whole city is a traffic courts wet dream. Because so much is tollerated it’s no wonder why so many people here are killed or seriously maimed weekly here. Grow some balls and write tickets. Short budget issues solved.

    1. wygent says:

      So you think that writing more traffic tickets is the answer ? The answer to what? Getting more attorneys involved in traffic court, for one thing as people get tired of speed traps and justice by camera and being treated as cash cows for the municipal budget, more people will contest their tickets and more who are found guilty will choose jail in lieu of fine which will cost the city millions.

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