DENVER (CBS4)– Investigators believe the same thief may have recently hit as many as 10 restaurants and a gas station in the Denver metro area.

Surveillance video shows a gunman robbing a Subway restaurant near Iliff and Buckley in Aurora on Wednesday night.

The owner said frightened employees got down on the floor as the robber yelled out a warning.

(credit: CBS)

“You guys will wait 10 seconds after I leave this room or I’ll blast all y’all,” yelled the robber.

Employees said they did what he told them to do.

“Until you have a gun pointed at your head you just can’t understand how scary it is,” said Subway owner Robert Fugate.

The gunman wore a hooded jacket with the number 32 on the back.

“We want this person to go to jail. There’s no use for people walking around with guns threatening people’s lives, to kill them, for just a couple hundred dollars,” said Fugate.

Four other Subway restaurants were recently robbed in the Denver metro area.

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    Description? “Suspect in hooded sweatshirt” doesn’t give us much.

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