DENVER (AP) — The number of Colorado children living in high-poverty areas has risen sharply, surpassing the rate of most other states.

The latest Census figures show 92,000 Colorado children live in high-poverty areas, a 360 percent increase over the last decade. It’s the third largest increase in the nation.

Colorado Children’s Campaign spokeswoman Chris Watney says the weakening of local economies will impact children for years to come.

At 8 percent, the rate of children already living in high-poverty areas in Colorado is still below the national rate of 11 percent.

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  1. J.Q.Public says:

    Sanctuary policies will do that..Or do Liberals such as Hick and Ritter not understand that? How many more illegals came here from states passing tougher laws against illegal immigration? Or as Hick likes to call them “Employees”

  2. Donia says:

    All for bringing in more fomrer players into management . They have much to contribute from years of experience. Especially the types who had to learn to maximize their talents. Big names frequently ,but not always, found the game easier than those that had to struggle to survive a long time in the NFL . The strugglers will instantly recognize the potential talent that lives and dies football . If the Bengals or any other team had a roster of try hard guys they’d be more successful . I always liked Justin Smith for that very reason . How about Tim Krumrie ? He fits that description . Look at any roster and see vets that have played football in the NFL for 8 years. They love the game (and the paychecks). Of course, no need to mention that they need to be fairly smart football wise and had their stuff together off the field.Try hard guys don’t necessariy qualify for scouting or management jobs just based on their past history but combine smarts with drive and ambition and any team should give them a shot.The Bengals have had many come through here that qualify .

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