DENVER (CBS4)– As the unemployment numbers dip for businesses, the same may not be said for veterans transitioning from the military.

Now, the University of Colorado Denver and the Denver Metro Chamber have teamed up to help vets.

Being a mentor for the Boots to Suits Program requires that any business professional commit to four meetings with a vet as well as help facilitate meetings with others within the organization.

Business owner Denise Burgess has signed up to to be a mentor in the program.

“As a business owner. a business leader, you say welcome home and thank you. And how do you do that? You help people transition, get them employed; you help a family now become a greater part of this society. And they too can become a leader in Denver,” said Burgess.

Eriq Paquette agrees. He’s the “boots” part of the equation.

“It was great you know. Anything that someone wants to do to help me coming out of the military. I’d be foolish not to take their advice,” said Paquette.

The program is open to all veterans, although priority is given to CU-Denver student vets.

There are 148 senior level student vets who will graduate in May.

The goal is to secure a mentor for each of them.


Comments (2)
  1. Keith Burgess says:

    I am behind the program fully and very proud of this . Denise Burgess is a key figure in the Denver metro comunity and I am proud of her , and also of my late father , Clyde Burgess. A three war veteran who would be very honored to do this for our troops .

  2. Elien says:

    I would like to participate and be able to win an iPad, but sabeuce I am on the Kaiser State plan, I am ineligible. That hardly seems fair. How many people are on the Kaiser state plan, surely I am not alone.

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