DENVER (CBS4) – Travelers should get ready for years of delays at Denver International Airport before they even get to the terminal.

Construction for the new airport train station and hotel is just getting under way. It’s going to mean plenty of detours around the work zone and will be a big inconvenience for travelers who park at the airport’s remote lots.

“I think I had to park in Kansas, it’s so far away,” traveler Darcy Baker told CBS4.

Baker started her trip with a long walk to the airport with the realization she will have to do it again when she gets back.

“It’s going to be horrible, but what can you do?” she said.

The shuttle Baker once took led all the way to the terminal. Now it stops outside a garage, leaving passengers hauling heavy bags an extra 200 yards.

“That’s a layer of inconvenience; definitely,” Jenny Schiavone with DIA said.

It’s because the massive construction project has shut down a road that connects both sides of the terminal.

“Our thought process is that in the long run this is better for you as a traveler because this is adding amenities,” Schiavone said.

DIA says they will do what they can to protect the drop-off area from the elements, but some travelers are already getting frustrated.

“I ended up walking all the way out because I didn’t want to wait for a shuttle,” traveler Eric Miller said. “By the time I walk to the shuttle in the parking lot, I might as well walk all the way here.”

Construction on the projects will end in 2016.

Comments (4)
  1. Arkitekt says:

    Parking problem has become usual now a days. there is a need of proper organized construction in the city.

  2. Adam says:

    Off-airport parking is always an option.

  3. bartonizer says:

    How short-sighted is this article? How about touting the fact that people will have another alternative to parking at the airport once the train line is completed?

  4. Josh says:

    The second comment above is a spammer. You should delete it (and not post this !)

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