FRUITA, Colo. (CBS4) – Attracting tourists is key for many towns in Colorado, but a new campaign for Fruita that raised some eyebrows has been ditched.

City Manager Clint Kinney wanted to post ads with “WTF” on billboards and bumper stickers. He says “Welcome To Fruita” was part of a strategy to attract more tourism, but the ads had the town talking and city council members opposed the idea.

Some people use “WTF” as a profane way to say “what the heck” online and while texting.

“I had a little bit of a startled reaction the first ad that I saw. It didn’t say ‘welcome to Fruita’ to me,” Fruita resident Charles Yarbrough said.

“I thought they were kind of funny and pretty catchy. I think the younger crowd would appreciate it a little more than the older crowd will,” Fruita resident Brittney Cutshall said.

The Associated Press reported that a local couple, Steve and Denise Hight, made 500 stickers and dropped them off to businesses. The Hights said they don’t plan on making any more of the stickers.


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