DENVER (CBS4) – A high wind warning for parts of the Front Range is in the forecast for Tuesday night and the strong winds already have been causing problems.

A semi truck blew over from Interstate 70 to C-470. That ramp from I-70 to C-470 was closed for hours Tuesday afternoon. Crews were able to upright the semi and open up the ramp in the evening.

It only took until President’s Day weekend, but winter has really arrived in the high country. Right now it won’t stop snowing in Steamboat Springs, and in Frisco there was snow and wind most of the day and it’s just getting started.

CBS4’s Jeff Todd went up to Vail Pass on Tuesday and found blustery conditions and snow blowing across the interstate. As the wind picks up, that’s going to be a major source of concern from the Wyoming boarder down to Park County.

There have already been gusts up near 50 miles per hour recorded at the top of Copper Mountain, and that’s only expected to increase through Thursday morning. The biggest area of concern is the eastern slopes of the foothills that could get dangerous, seeing winds reaching the triple digits.

It could be very dangerous traveling in the high country over the next few days because the light snow that’s fallen over the past few days will be picked up by the wind and not just cover the road, but could cause zero visibility.