MONUMENT, Colo. (CBS4) – A girl who borrowed a friend’s asthma inhaler at school has now been expelled.

The incident happened in January at Lewis-Palmer Middle School in Monument. Both the girls and their families are unhappy with the punishment.

The school’s punishment strikes one of the families as uneven justice. The school said the girls broke the district’s drug policy. Their families call the incident an accident and the school’s discipline heavy-handed.

For 10 days Breana Crites and Alyssa McKinney sat at home while suspended from school. The two were in gym class. Crites complained of trouble breathing, so McKinney lent out her asthma inhaler.

“I know what it feels like not to being able to breathe and I know how hard it is and I just took that into consideration,” McKinney said.

The two were sent home. Two weeks later McKinney was allowed to return. Crites however, was expelled.

“She should be back in school,” McKinney said.

“I think absolutely the suspension was appropriate,” Superintendent John Borman told CBS4 in January.

School policy forbids the sharing of any prescription drug. A letter to the students said expulsion was always a possibility. The school district did not return calls about why McKinney was allowed to return but Crites was not.

“The lesson that I learned from this is not to help people, because helping people is just going to get yourself in trouble,” McKinney said.

McKinney father, Tim McKinney, says he doesn’t understand why his daughter’s friend was dismissed in the last semester before high school.

“You work so hard your whole life to instill good morals into your children only for the school to break them,” Tim McKinney said.

Tim McKinney says his daughter was allowed back because he pressed school officials to do so. He says he’s proud and expects his daughter would do the same thing again.

“What they both did was human nature. May daughter was being a good Samaritan. Her friend was having an asthma attack,” he said.

Crites family never returned CBS4’s calls for comment. McKinney was placed on deferred expulsion, meaning one mistake could throw her out of school as well.

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  1. LoCo Bob says:

    Here come the lawsuits…

    1. Sally says:

      Lawsuits would be deserved in this case. They are messing with people’s lives over their petty bureaucratic bull.

      1. David Eggers says:

        What better way to show the school than to make them pay with other people’s money. The only way this will change is through the legislature.

      2. Dana says:

        I agree with Sally. If the school district loses, hopefully enough people will pay attention to vote them out of office.

      3. David Kramer says:

        I will agree if the money comes out of those responsible, NOT THE TAXPAYER!!

      4. Dana says:

        The taxpayers elected these people. The taxpayers are responsible.

      5. Locke says:

        The school is insured. The banks who got bailouts will be the ones to pay.

      6. Brutally Honest says:

        Minorities in this country consistently prove to be out of control especially when they sit on school boards or get positions of power through fake affirmative action and people who feel guilty that they are white and think that it is the system that holds minorities down not their own lack of ability to compete in a capitalist society that is based on individual merit. Imagine if this country had only white people and the immigrants were from India, Asia and Europe.

        We would have a fraction of the problems that we have from these reckless uncultured leeches that we pay for head over heel to make sure that we can feed and support their enormous families that have no father to speak of and so much ignorance on the parents behalf that they just continue to pump out poor babies with no hope of ever moving up in a capitalist society because they feel that the role of government is just to continue to “help” them.

        Please. I am fed up with this racket these useless idiots that fail in every single country they are in, especially in countries they are in charge of, run on good honest people that believe in equality.

        Liberalism is killing you white people. Wake up.

        People only immigrate to white countries, there are no third world white country, and whites don’t flock to other countries for a reason. Your own empathy and liberal values that have taken thousands of years of reason and philosophical thinking are killing you white people! When you are gone, there will be no culture on Earth that contributes to mankind as a whole as your own culture, the one they consistently force you to believe doesn’t exist.

        You are told that you are supposed to be tolerant even when someone offends your cultural beliefs, you are supposed to look at the world through the other persons eyes. WHAT ABOUT YOUR CULTURE, YOUR VALUES, YOUR BELIEFS, the fact that YOUR PEOPLE created almost EVERYTHING in modern society.

        They had their scars and they made mistakes and they did the wrong thing on certain occasions and that should be noted, however they also created modern law, the greatest constitution on the face of the Earth, Cars, Planes, Trains, Antibiotics, Television, the Internet, modern Academia, all successful non oppressive forms of government

        I say this as someone who is married to somebody who is not white and has a son that I love more than life itself who is only half white. It is not the race, it is the culture, the culture you are taught is wrong, the culture you are taught to ignore, the culture you are taught does not exist and multiculturalism is the answer to your own “lack” of culture.

        In white neighborhoods in the vast majority of America, you do not have to even lock your door. Yea, white people are so terrible, they just don’t understand minorities PLEASE.

        Name a successful country based on the principles of freedom, limited government and human rights that was not founded and ran by white people. You can’t. And yet you are all taught in school even through the collegiate level that white people are somehow a plague on the planet that subjugates, dominates and enslaves even till today.

        Imagine what the world would be like if white Europeans didn’t exist…. Yea it would be a nightmare without any inventions, advanced civilization or cultural evolution. But hey, maybe I just drank a little to much Jack Daniels tonight and for once a proud white, educated American told you the truth….

        Prepare for the end even if it doesn’t happen now, it is going to happen within your life time. Go to my website, get prepared for when the SHTF folks because this model we have now is UNSUSTAINABLE and you know it.

      7. Reis Kash says:

        This is another example of ow the United States is becoming the Fascist States of America. I suppose if one of the girls had been cut and the other girl had a first aid kit and stopped the bleeding the school would apply their zero policy and kick her out. What a bunch of num-nots we have running our schools and ruining our children. Reis Kash – Springfield, OR

      8. LikeThisReallyHappened says:

        Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. Most of the comments and replies you’re reading online are government created too. With many stories the COMMENTS ARE CREATED BEFORE THE STORY IS REPORTED. They are designed to generate a response to engage “dangerous people” in real time.

        The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are almost all government propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000s of user names and are determined to bury the truth or ATTACK anyone leaking it.

        The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      9. dam says:

        Wait a second while I get my tinfoil hat.

      10. LikeThisReallyHappened says:

        Hey “dam” why don’t you take that tin foil hat and bend over and I’ll see if I can stuff it so far up you it makes your eyes bleed coward.

      11. Tax Payer with Morals says:

        Absolutely they should sue, and YES it should come out or OUR pockets, the pockets of TAXPAYERS because WE hire these people for these jobs! If they fail, it’s a review on our decisions, and the campus ‘laws’ that were created and now enforced, by TAXPAYERS.

        If you are unhappy with this and pay taxes (I know I sure am) then maybe instead of complaining how this is coming out of YOUR tax dollars if they sued;

        Get your butt off the couch and made your voice heard TO the people that wrote these incredibly insane campus policies – and those that enforce them!

      12. Unbelievable says:

        @LikeThisreallyhappened, if you actually believe the bull you are shoveling, you wouldn’t of posted anything. But then again, if you are right then this post is just a pregenerated comment that you’ll never get to read since a black ops (dark color operations) team has already neutralized you.

      13. LikeThisReallyHappened says:

        “Unbelievable,” your job is to attack, discredit, and divert attention. Save your little cowardly remarks for court. We didn’t elect a nation of cowards to threaten civilians on message boards or use their families as bait while they trample the Constitution. Get bent. And take the rest of your bs government posters dominating this made up story with you.

    2. Daisy says:

      In this case, the school officials ought to be sued from here to Timbukto and back again. What they have done to these girls is outrageous from the get go. And now they’ve compounded the outrage w/an expulsion.

      1. Bob says:

        Suing them means we (the tax payers) will pay. Think a little more before you say “sue them”. Or is that as far as your intelligence goes?
        Legislature and punishment of school officials who are on a power trip. The school officials (and you, of course, who has a limited vocabulary; “sue them”) shows that lack of intelligence does exist among people.

      2. Sheri says:

        If either of those girls were my daughter I would move them into a good homeschool group and sue the school for the maximum in punitive damages.

      3. Cognoscenti247 says:

        @Bob – Two points: 1) There are more remedies available at law than simple monetary damages; 2) Why insult the intelligence of someone you do not know. I find you irksome.

        Anyway, this should outrage everybody. Take this a little farther. Student A has an allergic reaction to peanuts. Student B has an EpiPen. Student B, under this policy, should let Student A asphyxiate by anaphylactic shock for fear of expulsion. These policies need to be more responsible and intelligently designed.

      4. Really Bob? says:

        Bob, please read what you have written and explain to the class how someone with such poor grammar can tell anybody that they lack intelligence.

        Thank you.

      5. MrPUNDIT says:

        No doubt Bob is a teacher’s union thug worried about our taxes going to anything other than his bank account. Sorry Bob, when the school system tells us to shut up and do as we told, we tell them to shove it. You better get used to that.

      6. Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan says:


        If citizens as voters will not bring public officials into line, then citizens as taxpayers will pay these bills. Don’t blame victims who sue; blame sheeple who don’t realize when it’s long past time to hold principals, superintendents, board member, legislators, and the thumbutt governor personally responsible.

      7. Todd says:

        Actually, that sue-happy reaction of yours is the reason why the school took such an extreme reaction to this. What if it turns out the girl had a previously unknown allergy to that particular brand of inhaler and dies? Easily a multi-million $$$ wrongful death lawsuit against the school for facilitating unlawful sharing of prescription drugs. The school had a policy decision to make and they took the path of least financial culpability. They have to protect themselves by projecting a consistent image that they do not tolerate this behavior on the off chance that a worst-case scenario does occur.

      8. Jose says:

        Bob – Nice try, not goinna fly. They should resign immediately. Expulsion is too harsh, more so then some with criminal activity. This instance calls for education, an oxymoron, don’t you think?

      9. Jim says:

        @Bob – as employees of the taxpayer, the taxpayer accepts liability for the actions of the teacher. Therefore, if the actions of the teachers/administrators has caused harm to another, the taxpayers are liable to pay reasonable damages to the victim.

        If you are concerned about this, perhaps you should be lobbying for the privatization of schools and the risk they represent to the public trust, or more taxpayer control over the hiring and disciplinary process that the schools we the taxpayer funds.

      10. nirdlobkin says:

        Here we go again with the grammar nazis! Why don’t you people grow up?

      11. spammurai says:

        Low intelligence indeed Bob. Where I come from there is insurance to pay any costs associated with employees misconduct. But to the point this was not misconduct so a suit has no merit. And you have no point.

      12. dam says:

        @nirdlobkin – it’s Nazis not nazis.

    3. jon says:

      Everyone wants to sue people….boring. However, had the girl died from the complications that came about after using her friends inhaler….I am sure the parents would have blamed the school, and filed a lawsuit….which is probably why the school has this policy.

      1. rr says:

        What if the girl died from NOT using it? That seems more likely to me……

      2. Willy says:

        It could have been a catch-22: Yes, using the girl’s inhaler could have proved fatal, but so could not using the inhaler. A person can be in a hospital with the best doctors in the world and still die of an asthma attack if the air sacs in the lungs have shut down because they are past the point of no return. . . RIP – So if you didn’t have your inhaler, suffered an attack and were fighting for every breath, would you turn down using an inhaler that someone was offering you? At that point your brain would be starving for oxygen, would you even think to check the label to make certain that it was for treatment of asthma? The only need for a lawsuit now in this case is to get the girl re-instated and back in school.

      3. Carlo says:

        jon, please shut up. Your bone-deep stupidity is showing.

        “What if…” is an asinine premise in most cases. In this case, your premise is insufferably dense.

      4. HelloGolly says:

        I have never, ever, ever heard, in my 35 years as an asthmatic and inhaler user, of a person dying from the INHALER. No, they die from not having an inhalers. Inhalers are incredibly safe. One puff can save a life.

      5. Monkeyman says:

        No one ever dies from a burst of Albuterol and it is safer than the over the counter equivalent Primatene Mist that O’Bama made illegal.

        Get a grip, the school official should be suffocated to unconsciousness to get an idea what an asthma attack is like.

      6. J Bradley says:

        People don’t die from using an inhaler. Ignorant comment.

      7. Jose says:

        When was the last time some one passed away from the use of a rescue inhaler?

      8. Marsha says:

        Since when is percoet put in an inhaler?

      9. rickyrico says:

        I don’t think Jon is being stupid or ignorant. I think he is probably right in thinking the zero-tollerance, zero-discretion policy is more for the protection of the school rather than the students. Unfortunately It is a wrong-headed policy that has led to this unjust outcome. I do believe with the other comments that the chance of a fatal complication from an asthma inhaler is pretty remote, but the school has this blanket zero-tollerance policy so it doesn’t have to consider individual situations. It is a substitute for thinking.

    4. calhoun says:

      This is what happens when liberals are in charge.

      1. jon says:

        Blaming this on liberals makes you conservatives look two faced and stupid. Everything is the liberals fault……you are an idiot. So it is ok for the government to tell me and my wife what medical treatments we can and cannot have, but it is not ok for a school to prevent students from sharing drugs. What if this girl had died from an allergic reaction…what if the drug was percocet….would that have been the liberals fault as well?

      2. JohnAnderton says:

        No conservative would tell you hat medicines you and your wife can use. I assume you mean that conservatives don’t think other people should have to pay for you and your wife’s choices. That’s a pretty big difference, yes?

      3. Carlo says:

        jon, please go crawl back under your dark place. Your bone-deep stupidity is showing. Your liberal-apologist absurdity is hanging out. Being that pathetically inclined toward abject idiocy is a sin. You have no excuse, you’re just willfully demented. As such you make a perfect liberal.

        “What if…” is an asinine premise in most cases. In your case, your premise is insufferably dense.

      4. Jaimo says:

        Yes everything is the liberals fault.

      5. Steve says:

        Completely true. Liberals run the school system and decisions like this prove how totally brain dead they are.

      6. Jose says:

        jon, you dolt, what if, what if, etc etc how about what if Obama really is not qualified to hold the office of POTUS?

      7. Jose says:

        No, It is Bush’s Fault!

      8. Lou says:

        Jon- The point is that it is NOT ok for the government to tell you (or me) which medical treatments we can or cannot have. Period. That’s not the government’s business. The left side of the isle has MADE it their business. Historically, this is true. Check your facts!

      9. Karl says:

        All you people blaming liberals care more about your politics than these poor girls. I’m sure that 98% of people regardless of politics would agree that this was a bad decision made by a bad excuse for a superintendent. Quit it with your politics already.

    5. Sam says:

      they are fools….not educators

    6. BoulderAl says:

      It is things like this that make you understand why there is a government school system. No one else would hire these school administrators. The are just too stupid to work someplace that has to make a profit.

    7. Spiv says:

      Well deserved….

    8. kishke says:

      Sue their pants off. And then fire them all. Pack of morons.

      1. John G says:

        Everyone says “sue them!”. My question is simple, “sue them for what?” What would the basis of the lawsuit be? What law was violated? Was the school negligent? Did it discriminate against a protected class of people? Did the expelled girl suffer personal injuries? The answer to all of these questions is, “no.” There is no leal basis to sue except perhaps for unequal application of the rules. Even that is a stretch though.

        Don’t get me wrong, Ithink the school administrators are complete idiots, unfit to administrate anything. They are truly an embarrassment to themselves due to their complete inability to exercise any judgment or common sense.

        Ultimately, this whole thing really illustrates the problem with our society: on the one hand, we have ignorant people who have no clue how the laws that govern us all saying “sue them”, and on the other hand, an intellectually bankrupt administrator who says “i did my job” because he thinks that applying the letter of the law, absent any judgment, to expel a compassionate and well meaning adolescent is a job well done. Last, we have a bunch of hyper political jerks trying to make this a liberal/conservative issue, when it is really just a common sense issue. The whole thing is just sad on many levels.

      2. CO_Native says:

        +1 @ John G. Nailed it!!!

      3. George says:

        Another +1 @ John G.

        Except for the next-to-last sentence. I’ve seen far more liberal ideas become enshrined in asinine “zero-tolerance” policies than conservative. Liberals are the first to want to create another rule, law or policy whenever something happens that they don’t like.

        What we need are judges, administrators, and leaders who are men and women of integrity, willing to look at the situation, and do their job; not, as John so eloquently says, just “[apply] the letter of the law, absent any judgement.” However, this requires them to take responsibility. Zero-tolerance polices are cop-outs that shield administrators from the burden of being responsible for their actions. They simply claim, correctly, that their hands were tied.

        Conservatives tend to lean more toward personal responsibility, and away from blanket, one-size-fits-all policies like this.


      Asthma is one of those things you do not think about until you are having a attack. All the years that I have borrowed one or lent one out or gave to kids on my sons ice hockey team, I guess I’m a bad guy also. Political correctness has turned this great country into a joke of a nation.

    10. Jeb Bush says:

      If the students were black or non-white immigrants the school administrators would have turned a blind eye. This cooked up outrage over prescription drug sharing is so stupid it boggles the mind. Crite’s father should hire a PI to thoroughly investigate the superintendent’s background. Obviously, if John Borman’s judgement is as poor as this he must be doing something illegal or immoral which he doesn’t want anyone to know about.

    11. JohnW says:

      Stop complaining and do someting

      Here is the contact info for the superintendend

      John Borman 719-785-4200

    12. Don says:

      Jump over to the school boards website and send emails to help this girl…or at the very least to let educators know they are being watched. Cut and paste the following into your browser:

    13. Dave says:

      I agree, suing the school is the way to go. I’d even be willing to send money to the family if they need assistance hiring a good attorney.

    14. Dan says:

      I am so sick and tired of uneducated school boards, teachers who think they are health care professionals (probably are underObamacare who even read it). This girl should be called a hero for coming to the needs of another student. Had the same thing happen to my daughter as she left to get her inhaler during gym as some dumb 26 yr old moron male has been gym teacher/ health care professional grilled her about having to use it. Only in America do nurses work fulltime in a prison but not even part time in our schools. This country rules but it’s the politicians who SUCK!

      1. Keats says:

        These idiots commenting on here have never had to worry about where there next breathe was coming from. If you’ve never seen the look of helplessness as someone is staring death in the face when gasping for air, you should not even be commenting on here. Over dramatic? ANY asthma attack or COPD flair up or other lung issue can result in repiratory arrest any day, any time at any moment. No breath, no life. Easy as that.

    15. Reis Kash says:


    16. Keats says:

      Lawsuits my butt, you people need to get out and protest in the street. NOW! The next kid that doesn’t assist another kid cuz they are confused by STUPID RULES will result in death. And it might be YOUR kid. Get out in the streets and protest this NOW!

    17. John says:

      This are the F*****g idiots you leave your kids with? Sounds like a bad idea to me, shes probably better off getting expelled, she can study at home and go to college early.

    18. Joe says:

      So what if the girl died, then who would be at fault. This why we need to fire all these idiots in school boards and local government. They are just trying to control your lives. I would sue the school and each individual involved in the expulsion. This way they will have to use there own money to defend themselves. I think every parent in the school district should call and fill up all the voicemail boxes and email everyday until this gets changed. I bet if they get hundreds of emails a day they will change their mind. Also post this all over facebook and twitter.

    19. DM says:

      Borman is evil or blind or both

    20. Hank Wasser says:

      the school should be more compassionate

  2. Shawn says:

    “The lesson that I learned from this is not to help people, because helping people is just going to get yourself in trouble,” McKinney said. <- This

    1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


      1. tax revolt says:

        Slaves are not allowed do dissent, nor are they allowed an enlightening education. When are you people gong to realize that we are not free citizens but slaves to obamas government now (yes previous admins as well). Your children do not belong to you. They belong to the state and are future laborers (slaves) for the corporation known as the United States.

  3. Liz Q says:

    These 2 girls don’t deserve to be expelled. And both girls should have gotten the same punishment. Suspension seems to be fair, expulsion is too harsh. If it had been vicodin or a crack pipe, yes– an asthma inhaler, no. I think this event could have been used in a positive way, to educate students. As it stands, I agree, there will probably be lawsuits.

    1. 50GreenDodge says:

      School officials wonder why they are held in such low esteem. Rather than making threats to strike unless we taxpayers fund golden health care benefits, I’d love to see teachers protestin on behalf of kids like these. It would put teachers back on the side of the angels.


      2. Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN... AGAIN! says:

        Not to worry. I just reported the above post to

      3. jerri says:

        @Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN… AGAIN!

        not to worry I snitched on you. Awesome way to deal with these kinds of things. Snitch on somebody, the local spy network at its best!

      4. darth says:

        well I would recommend that if any student sees a teacher collapse not to render CPR because that could be assault on the teacher. Just walk on by and go to class.

      5. Bryan says:

        @Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN… AGAIN!

        “Power to the People” = “Power OVER the people (and to the state)”

        Communism doesn’t work in ANY form.

      6. mak says:

        Good gravy, Obama-Biden, you sound like the modern day equivalent of the Gestapo. Thanks for further turning me off to the Obama-Biden ticket.

      7. Esther says:


      8. Rmoney says:

        It’s not snitching unless you’re doing something wrong. Thanks for admitting that you’re spreading false information from bigots.

    2. Chris says:

      Even suspension is too harsh. Todays schools seem to be run by liberal idiots without direction or reasoning. The more I learn about liberlas the more I agree with Dr. Rossiter.

      1. Joe says:

        What does being liberal have to do with anything? Liberals don’t blindly enforce dumb rules without any thought. Did it occur to you that individuals do this regardless of their political orientation? Oh yeah, that would require thought.

      2. harbs says:

        You’re right Joe. Liberals blindly enforce dumb rules both willfully and thoughtfully.

      3. Pauper says:

        Members of the Teachers Union, in Colorado…. Greater than 90% probability they are Liberals.

      4. kishke says:

        Oh, but it’s liberals who believe in the power of regulation and more regulation to make the world a better place according to their warped lights. The sex abuse charges against kindergarten kids, the asinine anti-drug policies targeting kids taking their prescription drugs, the anti-toy-gun rules that target grade-schoolers who go “pow” with their fingers: these are all liberal initiatives, designed to protect the supposedly dumb proles from their supposedly dumb selves. But we know who the real fools are.

    3. Norge says:

      No! A suspension is complete,ly unwaranted, A good and fair reprimand and a letter written by a Physician to the parents of both explaining the dangers of sharing medications is all that is needed. There should be Lawsuits. I have used The Rutherford Institute successfully.

      1. Marty says:

        As an RN and a reasonable person, this is thus far the most reasonable statement made on this thread. What ever happened to discretion, or is that too hard being an authority figure?

    4. craig says:

      what happened to good old common sense!!!They are so scared of a lawsuit, they cannot make a intelligent decision. no expulsion.

    5. Dan says:

      why if it would have been a crack pipe the teacher would have smoked it with them. This rule is asanine, where was the teacher who was supposed to monitoring the class. Oh I’m sure probably in the boys locker room

    6. ertdfg says:

      Once you decide on a “zero tolerance” policy; you’ve decided you have zero tolerance for thought, rational behavior, or reasoned decision making in favor of a policy that might not fit a given incident,.

      Which is a great thing to have at schools where you teach kids… Hey kids watch the adults, they’ve decided thinking, and rational thought in general is a bad thing to be shunned and avoided at all costs.

      Now go learn something… but nothing that will require actual thinking, as thinking is forbidden.

  4. Megan says:

    Just my two cents: Expulsion was too harsh especially because the punishment was for one child and not both. Both students (and their parents) should have been counseled as to drug laws and the students reinstated on probation. The school didn’t think this through.

    1. Noelle says:

      There are no laws prohibiting the sharing of asthma inhalers, up until last month, you could buy one over the counter. You might as well say you can’t share a halls cough drop.

      1. Bruce says:

        It was a prescription inhaler, not an OTC one. More to the point, the girl who borrowed it suffered an allergic reaction to whatever prescription the other girl had been issued, and required subsequent medical treatment. This is what initially brought the incident to the school’s attention according to the accounts I read when the girls were first suspended..

      2. Len says:

        Asthma kills . The schools need to take the condition seriously and so does society.
        It’s not a nice way to go.

      3. koczani says:

        You can’t share a cough drop or an aspirin. My daughter was suspended for gving another girl some motrin for menstrual cramps in middle school.

        I think zero tolerance is a cop out so school administrators don’t have to think.

      4. rickyrico says:

        I also read the original article that described an allergic reaction. That would be unlikely. It also mentioned the girl did not have asthma. My guess is that she may have been either having a panic attack or was just exceptionally winded and the inhaler produced the known side effect of palpitations and increased heart rate. She became alarmed and then went to the school nurse.

      5. Vicky Bevis says:

        Yes, federal law says that one cannot share prescription medication with another. BTW, please learn the difference between an asthma inhaler as OTC & one which requires a script; you wll see a difference in ingredients..

        And, please learn what drugs are “mood-altering” if you want to find out which perscription drugs kids are abusing today; they’re-kids- smarter than most parents about non-OTC drugs.

        BTW, ALL mood-alterating drugs aren’t “narcotics.” That’s a class of drugs, along with hypnotics, barbiturates, etc.

    2. Smack Dab says:

      In this case, no one should have been punished, and no one should have been expelled. They should have been instructed in the proper course of action if something like this happens again, and that’s it. I hope the expelled students parents sue the school.

      1. B says:

        I agree with everything you said except the lawsuit. A lawsuit would end up punishing the taxpayers who would have to bear the burden of court costs for the school and a monetary settlement if it was ruled in the parents favor. Unless of course the parents could sue to have their child re-instated. That I would totally support. Besides what good does it do to send a kid like this back home? That child’s academic career will have a black mark on it till college which could prevent them from getting into a good school. It is becoming more and more obvious that school administrators have no interest in finding logical solutions to easy problems. This should have been a no-brainer. Use it as a teachable moment.

      2. HankB says:

        Don’t feel sorry for the taxpayers who’d have to bear the burden of court costs and a possible monetary settlement – THEY are the ones who elected the school board and tolerate this nonsense. If their taxes go up, maybe they’ll realize that it DOES matter who they vote for, and voting for idiots can be costly.

      3. kishke says:

        Fire the morons. That’s the only remedy.

  5. DH says:

    The girls should have been EDUCATED on the REASON a person shouldn’t share prescription drugs, not suspended or expelled. In the previous article the principal or superintendent said they “wanted to make an example” of the girls. That isn’t teaching them anything other than they will get in trouble if they try to help anyone in any way. The society is bad enough now about people not wanting to help others and this is just teaching the youth today that it is wrong to help anyone in any way.

    1. Ray says:

      Totally agree. As a pharmacist, educating these kids on the dangers of using someone else’s inhaler would have had more impact. Asthma inhalers are not all the same, and many are not used in acute situations, not to mention potential side effects or drug interactions.

      1. tnmccoy says:

        Do you really think that the girl would be carrying one of the long term asthma inhalers with her? No. She’d have the fast acting, like albuterol, which could save a person’s life. I supposed if the afflicted girl had died, they’d expel the other girl for not helping her.

      2. Vicky Bevis says:

        Well said, Ray!

    2. Noelle says:

      I bet you 100.00 you have used someone else s prescription drugs, an antibiotic, a pain killer, a sleeping pill – I can’t think of a single person I know who hasn’t. How can you ask kids to do what adults don’t even do? Why not just teach them common sense, choice and consequence.

      1. kmrod says:

        I’ll be you $100 I have not.

      2. Joe says:

        I haven’t, either.

      3. Vicky Bevis says:

        A degree in pharmacy too, would be helpful. Adults have the
        RIGHT to make idiotic choices; kids Do NOT!

  6. the other side of the story says:

    It’s hard to comprehend that a news station that has been in business for so long can be so incompetent as to report such a half-baked story and so utterly gullible as to believe the outright lies from the family you keep putting on display. Man, have you been played! YOU DON’T KNOW HALF THE STORY, and yet you insist on putting these “martyrs” on TV repeatedly. The school district cannot divulge what they know. FERPA – ever hear of it? Check it out and get educated. In case you missed the point – YOU DON’T KNOW HALF THE STORY! Why can’t you be bothered to actually do some real research? Too hard? Channel 4 – YOU DISGUST ME. I’ll suggest a more appropriate story – in their pathetic desperation for market share, yet another lazy news media presents fiction as fact and gets away with it. The equally gullible average viewer gobbles it up. Channel 4 – How does it feel to be so inept and so smugly UNaccountable? Truth – ever hear of it? It’s such a bother, though, isn’t it? Honestly, you should be sued for your outright negligence.

    1. Emily Lit says:

      Oh, dear, did we have a little too much caffeine today?

      1. Commonsense says:

        Maybe someone should share their meds with that guy. lol

      2. dave says:

        More like too much crack!

    2. Mr. Guy says:

      An emotional rant about the lack of detail, in which the only detail provided is something called “FERPA”, thrown in to make the author appear cryptically aware of some law. Unsupported accusation is a childish tactic. Epic fail.

    3. So, what is the other side??? says:

      Well.. IF you KNOW… why don’t you tell us… It is easy to say there is more to the story and say the station is inept… but you have presented no information or facts to back up your allegations..

    4. Eric W says:

      Thanks for the comment Superintendent John Borman

      1. lurker says:

        LOL – THAT is EXACTLY what I was thinking – or his wife who is sick of taking threatening phone calls…

    5. saneman says:

      I see you are a UNION brain dead “teacher.”

    6. Rick says:

      Superintendent John Borman, is that you? Whoever you are, why don’t you share THE OTHER HALF OF THE STORY to which you seem privy. Sounds like you could use a prescription or two yourself.

    7. Schools Unleashed says:

      wow, do you need an inhaler to help calm you down? Are you the gym teacher or something? Middle school gym class, what more is there that you know? Did they kick you in the shins, or run around the gym floor yelling “rape” when you tried to drag them to the principals office? Why the overreaction?

    8. Orpheus75 says:

      So please -Other side – do tell us the rest of the story since we’re so stupid so as not to know 1/2 the story, but yet you seem educated enough to know that we’re being played. Rather than go on hyper rants, why don’t you supply the rest of us the other half of the story since you’re so enlightened?

    9. Tony says:

      So, Do you know the rest of the story?

      If you do. Please share it with us.

    10. tnmccoy says:

      Sounds like the other side of the story has a stupid button someone pushed. Sadly, it’s brain numb people like this who are making the decisions at our schools.

    11. MediaBS says:

      FERPA is the Right to Privacy law regarding educational institutions. I suspect that the girl that was expelled had some prior trouble at the school, a record, so to speak, which is why they aren’t responding to reporters. The school cannot discuss anything disciplinary that might be in her past because of the privacy laws.

      1. Sally says:

        So he’s trying to throw this into “she deserves it”.

        Stinkin’ morons blaming the victim all the time.

        I dont care what she did in the past, she is being punished unfairly based on THIS incident.

    12. Dave B says:
      This guy has it correct. FERPA prevents the school from commenting. This TV report is very incomplete and is designed to infuriate the reader. TV stations do this on purpose to make news out of non news.

    13. darth says:

      so why don;t you give us the other half of the story then- or are you just talking out your a$$

    14. public schools are a joke says:

      Channel 4 is so inept they should be working in public education making sure kids grow up lacking a good education!

      The other side of the story is a bunch of no bodies that figured they would ruin others lives cause they themself were the losers in school and were picked on so now they want to pick on others and make sure they do not have a good education.

    15. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

      There is a lot of truth behind the statement, those that do, do, those that can;t teach. Our schools and especially the administrators of schools are filled with people who failed in the real world so they went and started teaching. There is a good reason why the kids in school continue to get dumber, yet some how they try to make it sound like if they get more money that would take care of the problem. I never met a dollar bill that could teach a class, just like I have met many teachers that couldn’t teach. I have ex co workers that stunk in the real world and later found out they went into teaching. Is anyone surprised why our Country has to import workers from other Countries cause the kids coming out of school are not ready for the real world?

      The other side of the story reminds me of such a person, I bet he/she most likely is a failure in life and promotes failure to their kids in school. I hope you are sued for your ignorance when all is said and done.

      When I was in HS, my good friend was killed by the actions of our PE teacher. He had a Dr. note excusing him from PE cause he was taking new meds and the Dr. wanted to see how he reacted to it. When he showed up in jeans, the teacher did not care that he had a Dr. note saying he wasn’t to do anything that would get his heart rate up, so whats the PE teacher do? Had him run a mile on the track with NO supervision for showing up in class in jeans. So while we played soccer in the middle of the track he went down and laid there. When we went to go check on him, we were ordered back to the middle of the field cause the teacher said he was faking it and the teacher just yelled at him to get up and keep running.. well when we finally went over to check on him, he was laying there unresponsive and the teacher STILL did nothing!!! I ran into the school to have them call 911, when I went back out to the track the teacher was standing in the same spot looking at the boy yelling at him to get up and stop being lazy…. by the time the medics got there he was dead. That teacher is STILL teaching at my old HS and never did he face any charges of ignoring a Dr. note saying he was to NOT run!! I was with him when he told this to the teacher and showed the note and the teacher didnt care, he was punishing him for not dressing for PE and made him run that mile.

      This story kind of reminds me of what I had witnessed. Their is a reason the teachers have a union, many are not qualified to be in the positions they are in, they are real world rejects and like in this case, use “policy” to be the reason they claim ignorance. Teaching attracts non qualified teachers and pedophiles. Seems like every week you hear about another teacher being arrested for touching or in Ca they just arrested a teacher for feeding kids his sperm and playing whats it taste like game. THEN because of the union contract, taxpayers had to give the pedophile a $40,000 payoff to drop his case to be reinstated as a teacher. Home school your kids and keep them out of reach from these F’n morons.

      1. Vicky Bevis says:


        The “saying” is:

        “Those who can-do”

        “Those can’t, teach”

        “Those who can’t teach, teach college.”

        Hubby, who left teaching ( since he can do) taught me that one way back in college in the 60’s.

    16. rickyrico says:

      So, you know the true story? Do tell.

    17. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

      Nothing like having a dumb teacher come on here and go after Channel 4 for not being held accountable… sounds like … um a teacher. When teachers are held accountable for the dumb kids they pump out, then come back and talk about being held accountable… ;) Tenure, keeping lazy teachers in schools all over the country.

    18. Holly says:

      And Yet only the girl with the possible law suit is expelled while the girl who Admitted on camera that she gave the inhaler to her and said ” here use this it will help” is not.

  7. ann says:

    Another reason to Homeschool

  8. American Sharecropper says:

    “Zero Tolerance” compels the suspension of critical thinking. Expect more as we hyper-regulate every aspect of our lives.

    1. patrick says:

      do you mind if I use your quote? – its the best I have seen for zero tolerance — its so frustrating to hear an adult with a PhD state “My hands are tied, zero tolerance you know”… I like to reply “my brain is tied, zero tolerance you know”

    2. Chuck Pelto says:

      The great atrocities of our civilization have rarely been the acts of generals or presidents or kings. They have been the doings of petty bureaucrats acting within the strict confines of the law. — Alain Simon

  9. ccoffer says:

    The stupidest people in this country are running public schools.

    1. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

      There is a lot of truth behind the statement, those that can, do – those that can’t, teach.

  10. art says:

    Let hope the childrens parents sue the district and get a wad of money from these morons.

    1. DLBone says:

      by “these morons”, you mean the taxpayers?

      1. Stephen says:

        Yes, moron taxpayers! Those taxpayers are also the electorate and if they made it absolutely clear that they will not tolerate such astoundingly incompetence then they should be made to have to pay for their apathy and lack of involvement in their community.

        It sounds like the superintendent, John Borman, is a little bit weak-kneed; “Tim McKinney says his daughter was allowed back because he pressed school officials to do so.”; I bet a few phone calls from some powerful local/city/state lawmakers would go a long way in making him reverse course, step down or be removed. All it takes is a little bit of effort on the part of the local community, I won’t hold my breath.

    2. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

      I say sue those that made the decisions, not the schools (tax payers). When these people have to pay out of their own pockets for decisions THEY made, then maybe you will see some changes.

      In Illinois there was a case where a mother died and so the state made the young child go to his father who was a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE!!! When the father then molested his own son, the state played dumb and said it was just following policy… Really, policy says that the best place or a young boy is with a individual who had already been convicted of sex with another child????? Any wonder why gov’t workers have unions? They do not attract the brightest. Something tells me going by policy should NOT over ride common sense!!

  11. Chadly says:

    anyone who thinks this was inappropriate can go to hell. My niece at the age of 4 died because of a lack of an inhaler at a day care center. it was the day cares fault since the care taker was a druggie and didn’t know better. Anyone who doesn’t think asthma can kill is ignorant.. anyone who thinks that helping out another who was having trouble breathing is wrong is a moron lacking any common sense.

    1. Chadly says:

      the caretakers failed to administer her treatment..cause of death, suffocation.

    2. Commonsense says:

      As an asthma sufferer myself (and as one who had to borrow a friend’s inhaler once way back in grade school) I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    3. Contact Information says:

      John Borman

      Caryn Collette

      Board of Education Member page:

  12. MIke says:

    Would they have expelled an illegal alien for doing the same thing? I think not.

  13. Chadly says:

    1776 Woodmoor Drive, Monument, CO 80132
    Main: (719) 488-4776 Fax: (719) 488-4780
    Attendance Line: 487-0941
    Main Office Hours: 7:00AM – 3PM
    School Hours: 7:23AM – 2:34PM (1st bell 7:18am)

    Caryn Collette, Principal
    Ryan Capp, Assistant Principal

    1. Speak Up for Common Sense says:

      The Board of Education contact info:

      Jeffery Ferguson, President
      Phone: 719-481-3421

      Director John Mann, District 2
      Phone: 719-761-5911

      Treasurer Gail Wilson, District 3
      Phone: 719-488-1796

      Vice President Mark Pfoff, District 4
      Phone: 719-393-2391

      Secretary Robb Pike, District 5
      Phone: 719-393-2391

  14. tim says:

    Put some more government bozos in charge of making decisions.

    1. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

      Then put a union in place so those can be protected from the consequences when they make very bad decisions. Even pedophiles are protected by the teachers union. Mark Berndt was charged with feeding his sperm to at least 23 kids 6yrs old – 9 yrs old and the teachers union won him $40,000 payment from tax payers for his termination. So the union would prefer the school not fire a pedophile even though there was pictures with him doing thee acts that he himself took. So far 2 teachers at that school have been arrested with another teacher being charged for pimping her kids to Mark when he would want a few new ones to play, whats this taste like, then feed them his sperm.

  15. Commonsense says:

    That superintendent is a Grade-A MORON.

  16. Mr. Guy says:

    Translating this to real life, the school district wishes student to learn that if you see someone lying on the sidewalk, gasping for air and needing an inhaler, providing one means you should go to jail. Another example of schools NOT preparing our children for the real world.

    1. Paramedic says:

      Because when seconds count, the ambulance is just minutes away.

    2. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

      One can only hope they themselves face that fate one day. Eye for an eye…

  17. Dan says:

    Idiots,,, and these are the people in charge of our schools,

  18. Carlos says:

    America is no longer a free country.

  19. JBorman is an idiot says:

    E-mail this dbag superintendent at Common sense is once again proven to be uncommon.

  20. John Wolf says:

    The school would have helped with an abortion.

    1. sheila says:

      Agreed. Such hypocrites the school systems are. No aspirin given without a note from home, but they can take them for abortions.

    2. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

      They do in Seattle…. a 14 yr old complained of stomach pains for about a week before she told her mom that she had an abortion but the school told her that she was NOT to tell her mother. She went to school, the school got her transportation down to the local baby murdering place (Planned Parenthood) and then sent her home. The girl had internal bleeding from a bad abortion and it was lucky the girl finally admitted to her mother what the school did.

      The school did this KNOWING the mother was Pro life….

      1. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

        I’ve never been able to figure liberals and how they come up with their morals… They fight to keep someone who did something to earn a trip onto death row, but fight so hard to have the right to murder a baby who hasnt even taken a breath yet and hasn’t harmed anyone… other then the mother who magically ended up pregnant. If only we could figure out WHAT causes birth so their was a way to prevent it BEFORE having to murder it….

  21. billcrawford says:

    “I think absolutely the suspension was appropriate,” Superintendent John Borman told CBS4 in January.”

    Another supposed educator with no common sense and one wonders why our kids are not learning a darn thing! I guess the philosophy is if they can’t breath let em die, that is political correctness run amuck.

  22. Junior says:

    if these were black kids, jessie jackson would lead a march, and the principal would be expelled.

  23. Norton Burgess says:

    It’s not like they were trading xanex. This school is another prime example of “stuck on stupid”.

    I fear for the reasonable sanity of our country and kids. What would have happened if the other girl passed out from her asthma and died? Then what, suspend the other girl for NOT helping?

  24. Jed says:

    That principal should be fired for rampant stupidity. This is what happens when libralism takes hold. Common sense goes out the door.

  25. ariel says:

    Second example in the news today of bone-headed public school “discipline.”

    And some wonder why people are choosing to educate their children at home or in private schools by droves.

  26. Mac says:

    Superintendent John Borman probably needs to expand his reading list a little bit.

    Why not start with the NEW YORK TIMES who this week lost an award winning foreign correspondent to an athsma attack.

  27. Jesse Winstead says:

    President Bush is behind this BS, with his No Child Left with Mind act. Not only did he break this country, he has ruined our schools.

    1. Please don't display your ignorance says:

      You mean the Act written by Ted Kennedy?

    2. Roda says:

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It was only a matter of time until we hear that it’s Bush’s fault! Wow, that George Bush is everywhere doing everything. Maybe he’s a diety?

      1. Sally says:

        he’s right. We were tearing down federal involvement in schools until that act was passed and promoted by good ol’ W. You can turn it into a joke but it doesnt make it less true. =P

        Finnish schools are the best in the world, and give all this power to the schools and teachers themselves not to even school boards or superintendents. Their system is way ahead of ours. Has less bureaucracy and no government choice in where children go or what they learn. Teachers are treated as the professionals they are (they all have Masters and above).

      2. darth says:

        please move to Finland then.

      3. public schools attract failures for teachers says:

        Shoot, Bush is so good that gas prices are STILL going up 3 yrs after he has left office. Amazing how quiet the left got about the gas prices after it has gone up almost $2.00 since Obama is in power. Obama is now trying to blame the Republicans for him killing the pipeline that would have provided oil right to the refineries… but some how that was the Republicans fault he killed it…

        If Obama was your child, how long would you put up with his constant blaming someone else. It is NEVER his fault. I bet he lies to Michelle and blames the dog when he farts in bed. Speaking of the Obama’s, they are on their 16th vacation in 3 yrs… must be nice having tax payers to fund your trips… ;)

    3. Ranba Ral says:

      This BS had its first glimmer, that I’m aware of, in the mid 80’s, and really started going hardcore stupid by the late 1990’s. NCLB (which was originally written by Ted Kennedy, with minimal R input, as an attempt at bipartisanship, BTW) has a lot of issues, but this kind of thing falls more under DEA enforcement policies and school cooperation initiatives, combined with a generally nanystatist approach to try to make everything 150% safe.

      The biggie for us was school violence, since I graduated a little after Columbine. They had psychological profiling going on (I was rated a very high threat because…I know a bit about guns because most of my extended family lives in the woods around the Lake of the Ozarks. I also made the stupid mistake of pointing out the massive flaws in the bomb drill plans -e.g. evacuate everyone to a remote unguarded structure on the campus when a threat was called in), and our fight policy went from you could defend yourself within reason, to if you even got slapped and didn’t respond you got the max suspension.

  28. bobobama says:

    Shouldn’t these young girls, and the incident itself , be shielded by any “Good Samaritan” laws that are on the books ? But I’ll bet the school administrators will insist those laws don’t apply to them because…well. because “we’re the school, goshdarnit !!!! “

    1. MikeH says:

      Unfortunately, the “Good Samaritan’ laws only cover you for what would commonly be known or what you were trained for. Example, if someone had an obstructed wind pipe and you could not clear the obstruction, doing a tracheotomy on the person is above and beyond what normal people can do. Since the young girl was not schooled in the medical field, she is not allowed to make medical decisions. Now I feel the punishments were too harsh, but think of this.. The girl who thought she may die, took a prescription drug to try and save her own life (no problem with that for me.). The girl who supplied it, only the suspension (again, no problem as far as I’m concerned).. But, liken it to a drug dealer getting suspension, but the person that took the drugs gets expelled. The drug dealer is allowed back into the school. Now, I AM NOT saying the girl who offered the inhaler was a drug dealer, she offered to help a person who she thought was in need of extreme help. But if the school officials are looking at this in the purest form, zero tolerance in their own words, either both should be expelled or both should be suspended. They are not being even handed in this. It would be interesting if there were any other ‘drug’ incidents in this school and how it was handled.
      Is there a fund set up for this girls’ home schooling?

      1. Alex says:

        Just wait until you can’t breathe and we’ll see what you think afterwards. That is if you survive it!

  29. Clayton Bean says:

    A Monumental Mistake

    I have COPD & Asthma and use this type of rapid releief inhaler. When someone has severe trouble breathing this can be life saving. I would definitely lend mine instantly!

    NO PUNISHMENT should be handed out. I think it’s time for the COPD establishment to make a statement. The Government has NO business in this.


  30. Eric says:

    When bureaucrats get their teeth into somebody’s throat they’re like mindless animals.

  31. Jesse Winstead says:

    John Borman is a Bush lackey with his 2 door Mercedes and his gay scarfs. Jeeze.

  32. D Allum says:

    Dear Superintendant

    On the surface of what the public knows you have done a great disservice to those kids and all the other kids.

    In what universe are you operating in? A child was in need of assistance and another assisted the best way she knew how…they’re kids for goodness sake…you’re expecting them to make rationale, competent and correct decisions!

    Counseling and education as to why it was the WRONG thing to do would seem more appropriate…expulsion??? What is wrong with you and please don’t fall back on your zero tolerance garbage…fall back on common sense.

    Very disappointed in your lack of judgement and deeply concerned for the future of those two children that you have failed to teach….this was a learning moment turned into a bureaucratic witch hunt.

    Shame on you

    1. tnmccoy says:

      Counseling and education would be most appropriate for the school numbskulls who expelled this brave girl.

  33. Jesse Winstead says:

    One more thing. When Obama is re-elected, the repuglicans will rue the day and we can finally give the 1% what they deserve. I bet these two rich girls with their fancy ashtma inhalers have 5 American Girl dolls each and Ugg boots with fancy heathers in their hair that they got at Disney World. Good riddance to all of them.

    1. Orpheus75 says:

      seriously??? Did you forget YOUR meds?

    2. kaceceeclaire says:

      A “fancy” inhaler? Are you on crack??? Since when did giving someone a prescribed medical device that can save their life become a priviledged existence? You would really say good riddance to two teenage girls who fight to breathe and base it all on your twisted view of the 1%? You need professional help. I wonder if you are remotely embarrassed by your idiotic statements?

      1. Jesse Winstead says:

        Fight to breathe? Please maam. Wait till Bush’s oil buddies muck up the atmosphere with their fossil fuels and it’s 110 on a Sept day. Ever try to breathe in a hot sauna? That’s what we are all headed for. I live in a tent with no car = zero carbon footprint. I bet you drive an SUV or a Volvo.

      2. John Galt says:

        Zero carbon footprint, Jesse, really? I guess that computer you’re using doesn’t require energy. I’ll bet you “graduated” at the top of your class in a public school, didn’t you?

    3. darth says:

      Jesse I have not read a more stupid most from a less intelligent person ever. You are a complete and utter failure and moron. DIAF

      1. Jesse Winstead says:

        Failure? I make $35K a year and people respect me. People think I’m a swell guy.

      2. Chester says:

        Darth didn’t you see it. He lives in a tent, against the 1% and the rich, has a computer.

        He is a OWS protester. what do you expect from them?

  34. concerned parent says:

    So we teach our children that instead of calling for help or calling for medical professionals, we should have 12 year olds be doctors and give their asthma inhaler to another child, when they have no idea what is causing the childs breathing problems. Expulsion for both students should be an example that it is wrong and extremely dangerous to share medications not under the supervision of a doctor.

    Some side effects of xopenex (the inhaler shown in the video) are:
    1)Instead of working the way it is intended, Xopenex can cause a closing of the airway. (then what would she do???)
    2)heart arrhythmias (I bet she would be happy knowing she killed her classmate with a heart attack)
    3)rash, hives, itching

    1. tnmccoy says:

      I really doubt that the picture is of the actual inhaler. I’m asthmatic. If I’m caught without my inhaler and get an attack, I’d live to be appreciative the help that someone might have given to me. And just for your information, calling for help from the brain dead school officials is worthless. Even the paramedics would be too late. I’d rather take the chance with offered help than doing nothing.

    2. My $.00002 worth says:

      That’s right! If confronted with an emergency situation that might call for quick decisive action, pass it up the chain to the supervisor.

  35. James says:

    We punish these kids but praise crack head celebrities. Whats up with that ?

    1. Been There says:

      They’re Sacred Cows, if you catch my drift, bro.

  36. Kris says:

    This is Colorado we are talking about. The state whose school system is run by leftist, fascist, control freaks

  37. Orpheus75 says:

    Don’t share inhalers, and guard your lunch sacks, “they” are watching you.

  38. Jesse Winstead says:

    Concerned Parent,

    Amen Sister. We should get together and set some examples of how Obama voters do things.

  39. rusty says:

    What is absolutely hilarious (and perhaps the height of hypocrisy?) is that this comes in Colorado, a Blue-State which has basically legalized Marijuana. The lesson the girl says she learned is appropriate, because any public institution would rather have an issue such as this handled bureaucratically within the respective administration than having an organic solution arise (such as a good-hearted individual voluntarily offer their help). No punishment at all was necessary because the idea that an inhale falls under any drug policy is ridiculous

  40. Alexander says:

    Comrade, I’d like to help you but I must contact the authorities because all actions are illegal without their permission.

  41. What have we become? says:

    This is the prime problem with these “zero tollerance” policies. They fail to take in the intent of the actions. Here, we have a case where a student was offering help to a friend in need, a very different situation than sharing meds to ‘get high’. So what do we do? We take away the girl’s education, boy isn’t that helpful, why not wreck thier educational path and potential career as well. These educators are indeed a bunch of morons with no capacity for understanding intent and compassion; to them it’s all black & white with no gray to be found. And who ends up paying? You and me, our children, and the taxpayers who end up paying for the resulting lawsuits.

  42. Mary says:

    And you’re worried about the big bad Republicans taking away your birth control? (as if they really want to). Figure it out people — liberals want to take away everything else you have, even if it kills you

    1. More Homeschooling says:

      Well, Republicans really want to keep birth control all along the East and West coasts. Liberals in Hollywood, NY, Mass, Hawaii should enjoy their secular lives–live it up! But, hopefully, not procreate much. Better for us all.

      1. tnmccoy says:

        Birth control isn’t the big problem, the leftist-backed killing of unborn babies is. Until that is stopped, we will have no moral compass to follow in America.

  43. Schools Unleashed says:

    “The lesson that I learned from this is not to help people, because helping people is just going to get yourself in trouble,” McKinney said. Next time Crites stops breathing and McKinney walks away. Great job, School Super…Americans being taught early that No good deed goes unpunished, stop trying to be good somaritans, let the government take care of it all, they know best. We are learning early, and we learn well…videos of street violence ignored by others or better–video tape for YouTube. Voyeurism has replaced action in America because of punishments like this. Law suits against victims all the time. Law suits against good somaritans.

  44. tnmccoy says:

    As usual, common sense isn’t a pre-requisite for being a school official. The person who should be expelled is the idiot who decided to punish two girls in this situation. Asthma inhalers in an emergency are necessary. I’ve had an asthma attack, and I’d have been willing to share anyone’s inhaler to be able to breathe—which apparently the school officials don’t understand. Having no choice is this ‘drug’ policy makes the school officials act idiotically. I blame the unions for fighting to keep incompetency like this throughout the workplace.

  45. Will Smith says:

    What happened to good Samaritan laws ( Do school policies now outweigh the law? And where was the teacher during all this? If anyone is held responsible, it should be the school for not responding quickly enough to avoid the whole issue. Of course, this may have been impractical, but then so is asking a young woman to ignore the distress of a friend.

  46. Me says:

    Meanwhile, there continues to be a line for the nurse’s office for free condom distribution.

  47. Joel says:

    “The lesson that I learned from this is not to help people, because helping people is just going to get yourself in trouble,” McKinney said. I learned this at a young age as well. Never stop to help anyone unless you want to possibly die or get sued.

    1. Alex says:

      BS! If you don’t stand up for what is right, who will? As a fomer police officer, I always believed it was better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6. Human beings have to do what they think is right, just and correct in the situation given them. It can make the difference between life and death, and to pass people in trouble without lending a hand is indeed reprensible. At the end of they day, one must live with themselves and the consequences of their decisions.

  48. Jeff R. says:

    Public teachers unions don’t care about fairness, they just want the power to dictate. Look at the kid who died a few weeks ago from the food allergy and the school had and Epi-pen which they refused to use. Zero tolerance polices have proven to be absolute failures.

  49. David Bennett says:

    Here is the Schools contact information. Call them and let them know how you feel about this. Flood the lines. Demand to speak with the principal. Flood the fax line. Do it and see what happens next.

    1776 Woodmoor Drive, Monument, CO 80132
    Main: (719) 488-4776
    Fax: (719) 488-4780

    Caryn Collette, Principal
    Ryan Capp, Assistant Principal

    Main Office Hours: 7:00AM – 3PM

  50. WereTurtle says:

    Zero Tolerance policies absolve a school administration of the burden of critical thought.

  51. David MD says:

    These are children. Did anybody think to say “don’t do that again, now run along and play nice”. This is the result of “zero tolerance = zero common sense” policy.
    If that were my daughter I’d have a fit.

  52. JD says:

    Zero tollerance also means ZERO common sense. You stupid americans vote and rally around these ZERO tollerance laws all of the time. So you get what you deserve… The meaning of tollerance is putting up with something you really hate… People WANT to be VALUED not tollerated…. Yet you keep rallying around these zero tollerance causes… Yet when it comes to other things you want to preach the same stupid word Tollerance. ONce again you want us all to put up with something we really HATE !!! So basically You all HATE each other and everything each person does and says. When it gets to be too much for you, another law is passed.. Its so pathetic and stupid it makes me laugh when a story like this comes out and you all wonder WHY??? BECAUSE YOU ALL HATE EACH OTHER, but want to live together, SOFA KING STUPID..

  53. 1 says:

    Did any bother to read the original story that stated Crites had an allergic reaction to the inhaler and that’s why she visited the school nurse?

    1. tnmccoy says:

      The fact that she had an adverse reaction doesn’t negate the good deed of giving her something. At least she was alive and could be treated for the reaction. Must commenters always utilize information after the fact. You expect the two of them to discuss reactions when one is having difficulty breathing? And of course, school nurses are infallible. Right?

    2. darth says:

      did you bother to do any research to find out that an allergic reaction to albuterol is rare. Had she been taken to the hospital guess what- they would have treated her with, drumroll please, ALBUTEROL!

    3. HelloGolly says:

      As someone with very serious, daily-med asthma for over 3 decades, I doubt with every fiber of my being she had an allergic reaction to the inhaler. More likely, the symptoms she was exhibiting were the same that got the attention of her classmate—-shortness of breath. Albuterol is used to TREAT allergic reactions.

      I wouldn’t believe a school “nurse” for one second. They aren’t actual nurses, you do realize.

      1. rickyrico says:

        Usually they actually are. Sometimes an RN, more commonly an LVN or LPN.

  54. Frog Prince says:

    Superintendent John Borman would have let his own daughter die……….

    NOT!!!!!!!! He would have been first in line to do the same damn thing!


  55. Jim K says:

    Absolute idiots are in charge of our schools!

  56. mikey says:

    So judging by the school’s outlook on the student helping a fellow student, if I see a fallen police officer with a gunshot wound to the leg bleeding profusely, I not only should NOT assist in saving his life, but can be charged with assaulting a police officer, even though my actions of applying pressure to the bleeding miight prevent his artery bleed from costing him his life?

    This student that has been punished and learned that it is wrong to help has learned EXACTLY what the school systems are trying to teach, and this is NOT an accident, it is BY DESIGN.

    She was actiing on Biblical principles. The school district is not.

    (Also, in the face of mistakes, Biblical principles dictate compassion, which this school has proved it lacks in the statement that they are using this as an example.)

    People, this is what happens when society is allowed to throw the Bible out of the courthouse. The result is policies that are against Biblical principles AND principals who act accordingly.

    One of the most challenging things, one that broke my heart when I discovered it, is that law enforcement is NOT an honorable job, that true Christians CANNOT be law enforcement officers.

    I mean, think about it. As a Christian, one is to be called out. In law enforcement, one is to investigate often by hiding or pretending to be something one is not, and lying and using every form of trickery at one’s disposal to further the agenda of the department’s successes. As Christians, one is to remove themselves from corruption. As a law enforcement officer one is forced to be SURROUNDED by curruption in order to be effective at the job.

    It looks as though school principal is one more job to add to that list that is incompatible with Christian values. Sad, even gut-wrenching, considering it is the principal’s responsiblity for the educational direction a school will take. Christian parents are tired of having to UN-DO the education provided in some of these schools.

    And I will even go farther than the above comment by saying that one is either for Christ or against Christ. If you are enforcing policies that are against Christ, guess what that makes you?

    Yeah, I said it. Anti-Christian.

    And that is the true sadness of this lesson, that it has taught a student who had the best of intentions to help her fellow classmate that helping people is wrong. It is a very short leap for her to possibly learn what some college football players in Texas have learned about distributing marijuana on and off campus. And that lesson is to first and foremost look out for number one.

    Yet people wonder why society is spiralling downward at such an alarming rate!

    1. Alex says:

      Always follow THe Golden Rule and one can never go wrong. Always choose foing right over what is legal anytime. To hell with law, do what it morally correct!

    2. van69 says:


  57. George Johnson says:

    This is what you get when you put brainless radical liberals in charge of anything.

    This is also, the best thing that could happen to that girl. Get the other one out too. If you love your kids, HOME SCHOOL them or put them in a PRIVATE school!!!

    It’s time to take the schools back from the radical liberals, end their indoctrination centers!! They’re just totally FAILING as “education” centers, and the radical liberals only use them to push their agenda, with a free hand. It’s time to put a STOP TO IT!!!

  58. ScaredOfCops says:

    So a few months ago I was walking down the 16th street mall in downtown Denver when I saw a man collapse and have a seizure right there on the side walk. What did I do? Kept on walking. You can bet at least one of these girls will too next time.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      And you’re proud enough of that callous non-action that you publicize it here on the Internet? Your last part is correct, but your first part shows a distinct lack of compassion for your fellow man.

    2. Alex says:

      As human beings, we all have a responsibility to look after and care for our brethren when the need arises. You kept on walking? You didn’t render aid or even call 911? You didn’t remain with the stricken person? If true, shame on you! Also, I was a police officer many decades ago, and I don’t trust any of them. Experience is a great teacher!

  59. nick says:

    but they let sexual relations take place by extracurricular participants.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      And they wouldn’t bat an eyelash if the girl had given her friend a condom, or directed her to an abortion mill.

  60. Roda says:

    This is another reason why I homeschool. I am the school administrator and the teacher. When my child needs to use medication, they are free to do it whenever it is supposed to be administered without asking permission from some stranger who doesn’t even know them. They are learning to be responsible for their own health and to use common sense.

    I wonder if I should even post that? It could get them in trouble down the road if it’s noted that they know how to think.

    As the mother of an asthmatic, I would rip an inhaler out of your hands or pull it out of your pocket if necessary to get the needed medicine to my child. No, I would not wait for medical personnel. Duh, they’d be dead by then.

    1. Bub says:

      I have a friend who is from Cambodia. He survived Pol Pot. When he was a little kid his older brother was taken and never seen again. His crime? He was very intelligent….

  61. gman says:

    I think that all teachers and administrators should be subject to the same type of rules as these CHILDREN! Zero tolerance for all of your mistakes. Zero tolerance for everytime you mis-speak. Zero tolerrance for any and all substance use or abuse on or off school property. Search your office and car when it is on school property, without a warrant.

    See if they can make it through one year as a teacher.

    People it is time that we take our Country back. It has been hijacked by a bunch of morons.

  62. ARM says:

    You forgot the (D) behind the Superintendents name – LOL

  63. lizsalander says:

    Just wait, folks – the (lack of) judgement shown by these school and school board officials will be seen as wise as King Solomon compared to what we are going to get when Obamacare kicks in – if you think arguing with an insurance company about your health care is hard, wait until you get to argue with some unelected bureaucrat in Washington who can’t be fired! Of course, having health care to argue about implies that you’ll actually be able to find a doctor willing to work as a slave for the federal government. Please remember that when you go to vote this fall!

  64. bouledouc says:

    More proof if any needed – If you cannot find a job in the real world you can always go into education where no logical thought process is required.

  65. BM Not says:

    Yet if the girl wanted an abortion without parental consent, that would be just fine.

    The fun that is building up for in this nation will be awesome when it kicks off

  66. Steve says:

    I live in this school district. It’s a conservative voter base with an ultra-lib school board & administration. They are thinking about asking for a school tax increase. Take a wild guess how most of us are going to vote with this kind of absurdity from the school supe, Borman. Education libs live in an alternate universe!!

  67. John Pitcher says:

    Niether expulsion nor suspension are warrented here. Those of you who have never experienced an asthma attack cant possibly understand what its like. Its quite possible this girl saved her friends life. But if it wasnt an asthma attack still no harm done. If it was and she hadnt acted things could have turned out much worse. Inhalers are called RESCUE INHALERS FOR A REASON.

  68. Ann says:

    A girl in my daughters graduating class died because they did not get her inhaler to her fast enough. I am sure her family would have loved if someone shared their inhaler……Schools, teacher and administrators are stupid I have no respect for any of them anymore.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      How can they have respect for such students when they lock-step march to the abortion beat?

  69. Anonymous says:

    Where was the teacher during this incident? A student was suffering from troubled breathing, asked fro help from a friend, and received that help, all while the teacher was unaware of the problem? I cannot believe the press coverage and school district are not asking and/or answering what I consider the most important question, WHERE WAS THE TEACHER? Why was the teacher not present to prevent the “drug” from being shared? I consider the appropriate headline here: “Student Suffers Troubled Breathing and Forced to Rely on Friend For Aide without Teacher Present.”

  70. davidwamsley says:

    Breathing is just … so overrated

    1. davidwamsley says:

      I reply to my own comment , thank god there was some one there with with the competance to act in a emergency. The girl who helped her must be awarded a medal, the teacher , more so the school administration should be cleaning out kennels they have demonstrated they are unfit for anything else.

  71. Horace Debusy Jones says:

    There is a “teachable moment” here

    1) The principal calls a general assembly to give a good student award to Alyssa McKinney for coming to the aid of a fellow student who was in obvious distress. Both Breana Crites and Alyssa McKinney knew the other had asthma. The principal thanked Alyssa for her quick thinking and pointed out the the rest of the student body that as humans we all should try and help one another when we can.


    2) Both Breana Crites and Alyssa McKinney have learned that if another person is in trouble to simply walk away or step over the body.

    And yet, I’m willing to bet money that this principal would have no problem taking a middle school girl to get an abortion.

    If you care for your children, forget the BMW, get the smaller house if neccesary, do whatever it takes, but Homeschool your kids, or get them into a good privite school. Or vote the school board out, run for the school board, just don’t let your kids’ soul die in these institutions.

    If you love them, protect them, because it’s stories like this show that the “School” has no longer the ability to understand what’s good.

    1. Conservative T & T says:

      I agree, do whatever it takes an get the kids into the home for schooling or a good private institution. These indoctrination institutes of learning these days are in shambles, and they come down hard on the students who are actually decent children and those who start fights and pick on others are allowed to be left in the class with very little discipline what so ever. This child, while maybe not doing the proper thing of sharing her inhaler, DID do what she thought was right and did it in good faith. As I commented earlier, these children should be told what to do in the event of a classmate having breathing issues so it can be dealt with. If that didn’t happen and she felt the only way to help her classmate was to give her an inhaler, then she did the right thing and did it in good faith.

  72. Gregg says:

    Absurd school rules, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  73. dave says:

    The school administrators should be fired for this…..

  74. Zero Tolerance says:

    Another great example of how zero tolerance policies allow gutless school officials to hide from actually having to think and use their brains. Different punishments are used in almost every aspect of our society – especially the CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, but it’s just too hard for school officials to have to look at the unique facts of a situation and make a decision based on them. It’s pathetic and nauseating.

    These adults are disgusting excuses for educators. What have they taught these kids today.

  75. LeChat says:

    I am so glad that I exited the public school system back in the 1960’s when there was still some common sense left.
    The parents should sue those school officials who were personally responsible rather than the school system in general. We’ll see how quickly these “zero-tolerance” policies evaporate.
    Perceptions change once one’s personal resources are imperiled.

  76. Captain Obvious says:

    @ Jesse Winstead- Um, unless you are running your internet on solar power, not eating, drinking, breathing, or creating any waste products resultant therof- you do have a carbon footprint. So get your hemp panties out of their bunch, and do something useful. Like taking down your tent, and getting a life? Just saying.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      Jesse also has the loonie leftist view that everything Obama has done to destroy us was actually done by Bush. She needs mental healthcare quickly before she helps abort another Nobel Prize winner.

  77. Conservative T & T says:

    While sharing inhalers with someone who would probably need a different kind of prescription is not the smartest thing to do, but having said that this punishment is just insane! These are Middle School students and they have no idea that sharing an inhaler could be dangerous for the other person, all this child saw was her classmate not being able to breath and thought that her inhaler could possibly help the student. Where was the gym teacher when this child was having trouble breathing? Was he sitting in his office or just hanging around being the babysitter for that period? This zero-tolerance on drugs has to be changed, it is getting ridiculous. Passing out some weed is BAD, trying to help a class mate in good faith is NOT wrong, although the kids should be told that it could be dangerous to do so and what they should do in the event that one of their class mates are having breathing problems. THAT is the way you deal with this situation, not expelling the student.

  78. ColoradoResident says:

    The local news in Colorado Springs (closer to Monument than Denver!) stated the expelled girl had a history of stealing and abusing inhalers among other problems. It was also stated that the girl was not having difficulty breathing, but that was just a story made-up to cover-up the use of a stolen inhaler. Don’t know if this is accurate, but it’s what’s on the news here in Colorado Springs.

    1. Conservative T & T says:

      That is a very interesting set of details…I wonder why it was not covered here in this article. It is either true or a story that the school put out to lessen the pressure on them that they know would be coming from public opinion.

    2. tnmccoy says:

      Sounds like face-saving attempts to deride the girls. If that was really true, why didn’t the officials call a press conference and explain this? Can’t? I thought so.

      1. Michael F says:

        Yeah, it’s called, “Blame Bush”.

  79. Robert says:

    Best thing that could ever happen to the girl. Get out and stay out of government schools. Put her in distance learning and watch her pass up the dumbed down public-schoolers.

  80. FrustratedMother says:

    These blanket general laws are ridiculous. The schools need to start treating issues with our kids on a case-by-case basis…which will require that the administrators actually spend some time guiding our kids and making the punishment fit the crime. When did we stop allowing children to make mistakes and learn from them? If a kid hugs another kid, they are a sex-offender. If they get into a fist-fight, they are arrested for assault. There is no line drawn between the minor and the extreme anymore. Every bad choice they make is punished to the extreme. They are expected to make rational adult decisions in every situation…and that isn’t the way growing up works.

    1. Heartland Patriot says:

      That would require THINKING. The almighty state doesn’t require thinking, they require OBEDIENCE. All praise be the mighty state and its zero-tolerance policies, may their evil increase. /sarc

  81. Heartland Patriot says:

    Who is John Galt?

    1. Vicky Bevis says:

      ………………..Some guy who liked to think for himself.

  82. James says:

    Liberalism IS a mental disorder!

  83. Skoonj says:

    In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then He made school boards.
    Mark Twain- Following the Equator, Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar

  84. Fox Mulder says:

    Now these students have a record so to speak, and yoiu can bet neither one will ever help a fellow human being who is in trouble. It seems to me the policy against sharing drugs was intended to prohibit exchange of contraband. A parental sit down or a warning would have sufficed. This draconian action does not comport with any reasonable interpretation of the policy.

  85. Mike S says:

    Couldn’t be happier for the girl who was expelled. As an asthma sufferer, there is no greater gift than the ability to breathe, and now that she is away from that school, her life will be all the better for it. She will get her education from those who aren’t crazed liberal lapdogs who know nothing of education, but only politics.

  86. Alex says:

    Children are not the chattel of a moronic school system. So-called educators expell children for brining a plastic butter knife or an aspirin to school. Leave the public schools and go private. Such policies decry the fact that these people can’t think or discern facts for themselves. To try to “learn” from these idiots is like allowing me to perform brain surgery!

  87. Thomas says:

    Public Education has evolved into such a joke. I’ve read stories about a children being expelled because a kindergartner kissed another kindergartner, because another elementary school kid one drew a picture of a gun on a piece of paper, and another because a GI Joe toy gun was brought to school. All the above were simple simon non-issues. Now an act of assistance (offered in good faith) will get one expelled. Ladies & gentlemen, you can’t fix stupid! Home schooling is the answer.

  88. Rockman says:

    A few years ago there was a parade in downtown Indianapolis, with floats and marching bands. One of bands not from Indianapolis had a girl who was having an asthma attack. She dropped out of the marching band and went to an aid station. The aid station said they could not help her until after the parade was passed. She died.

  89. David MD says:

    There should be a policy that if a teacher violates any policy, their employment is terminated immediately with prejudice. That means they lose all benefits and cannot be rehired. Zero tolerance.

  90. Rockman says:

    People do not know much about asthma. It is more than an inconvience. It can be deadly. Once when my wife was having an asthma attack, she went to the hospital emergency room. Another patient arrived at the same time with a broken arm, with broken skin and was bleeding. The hospital attended to my wife first. It was the more life threatening. All who read this, please be aware of how deadly asthma can be. Do not deny an inhaler to an asthmatic when they need it.

  91. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Who wants to bet? I’d say that 99.99% of the teachers and admins and bureaucrats in that school and in that school system are bloodsucking, tax-eating Dictocrats!

  92. Billy M says:

    There was this kid in my class that fell down and was bleeding profusely. He wanted my help but our school has a “no touch policy”. I let him die.

    And the food in the cafeteria sucks too!

  93. DaveC says:

    If this report is accurate, how these educators have jobs is a mystery. This is one of the problems of out of control government laws, politically correct schools and the mind numbed robots that inhabit them.

  94. Jesse Winstead says:

    I was just watching Seinfeld, the episode where Elaine couldn’t get to see a doctor b/c she was blacklisted. She asked Uncle Leo to get some meds for her rash, and due to an explosion, Uncle Leo had painted on his eyebrows.

    My point? Uncle Leo looks just like Michelle Obama with the high eyebrows. Seriously! Watch the episode and tell me i’m wrong. As for the two girls with the inhalers, what would Uncle Leo do if he gave Elaine the balm. Or better yet, what would Jackie Childs do? Colorado is for losers.

  95. Steve PA says:

    This is what education has become! Utter stupidity and lack of any common sense judgment. The school should be thanking the girl for potentially saving a life not suspending her for some policy that does not even apply in this instance. Next thing you know they are not going to permit CPR as it will interfere with the education and should be performed only by doctors and licensed nurses! It would be hilarious it this weren’t true.

  96. John says:

    Do these mental midgets not know that an asthma attack can kill you. I bet the school bends over backwards for a long list of things that do not put someone in harms way – but when one person tries to help another and gets thrown out of school – most asthmatics know when and when not to use the inhaler – if you need the inhaler – it is needed. I hope this goes to court.

  97. Mike G says:

    However, if the situation had been a teacher molesting a student or using drugs in the classroom, the school district would have put the teacher on unpaid leave until things quieted down so they could put the teacher back in a classroom.

  98. James Boyd says:

    The school officials are braindead assheads and should be whipped with barbed wire to remind them they are not as intelligent sewer rats.

  99. lectorconstans says:

    Every day the case for home schooling gets stronger and stronger.

  100. ConcernedTexan says:

    I’ve been living with asthma for 28 years now. The inflamed tissues in your lungs make it feel like you are drowning and every breath is a struggle. For some, extreme attacks can be fatal without medication. It is a sad state of things when someone gets kicked out of school because of lame nanny state policies like this. It makes more sense for anti-depressants or things like ritalin. However, for something like this with no chemical highs or lows, it does not. The girl who was suspended was simply trying to find a life vest and instead found some dead weight in her school administrators. Her life will probably be better off wherever she ends up, but she really shouldn’t have to give it up in the first place. Contact your state officials before more situations like this arrive. The government is trying to take control of every aspect of our lives and this is a perfect example.

  101. carl says:

    these petty public school nazis are accountable to NO ONE!
    they don’t give a DAMN about your children!

  102. Joseph B. Munzer says:

    Clearly, the Nazis have won.

  103. Richard_Iowa says:

    It was just a few days ago a US reporter who was in the Middle East had an asthma attack and died. So, rather than thanking the student for her quick response to prevent what could have been a crisis they expel her. Here is but another example of the dumbing down of academics in America. Now the dumbed down are in charge. God help us all.

  104. Greg B says:

    Home schoolers won’t be free to do so for long. The state wants total control of your children, and they will get it, one way or another.

  105. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: Tar & Feathers Time!

    For the principal, the teachers, the superintendent and ALL the members of the school board.


    [Used to be that education replaced an empty mind with an open on. NOT ANYMORE!!!!]

    P.S. And the characters running the school system there are the reason….

  106. mad says:

    why are you people whinning? You demanded a zero tolerance drug policy in schools, you got it. Those girls broke the rules YOU demanded, and YOU demanded strict punishmnet. Everything YOU wanted YOU got regarding drugs in schools. YOU did not ask, nor want common sense to be applied. hence, none was. If stupidity was a “crime” , YOU should consider yourselves criminals.

    1. FNTM says:

      YOU are assuming a lot on your part.

  107. John Svengali says:

    Thinking comes before teaching, as breathing is to living!


  108. SherryThomas says:

    Would you rather she had died?

  109. Jesse Winstead says:

    I think we should all get together and snort some coke with President Obama, smoke some pot and get BJ’s with Bill Clinton, and admire Michelle “Uncle Leo” Obama’s sweet eyebrows.

  110. Steve says:

    So whatever happened to the days of sanity when a principal would call kids into the office, tell them what they did was wrong, and let them know if they do it again they will be punished. Teachers and principals should have the authority to deal with these things as they fit, per the individual situation. This zero tolerance thing is utterly ridiculous.

  111. DenverOrThePRK says:

    I’m not a betting man BUT in this case I’d bet that the School Administrators behind this expulsion are California transplants…

  112. USSA says:

    Three words: Teachers Union Members…

  113. James Solbakken says:

    Does anybody else think it’s BS that the school can punish severely with suspensions ans expulsions, but in the name of protecting the offending student’s privacy, they can’t discuss the issues of the case? How is that not a ploy to keep secret just exactly what their true policies are? The details of these sorts of activities on the part of a public entity like a government school should be public information. Anybody who trusts these perverted freaks with secrets like this has to be an idiot.

  114. Ben Dover says:

    This is what happens when the commie libs take over our schools.

  115. BOBO says:

    So the girl who was concerned about her friend gets expelled and the kids who try to sell pot brownies at school don’t? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE SCHOOLS????

  116. FNTM says:

    Have we become a nanny state with no common sense? We could quit acting like fools if we would get over the need to tell everyone else how to live their lives. Ya think?

    We read these reports continuously regarding supposed educated people making the dumbest decisions on the planet. Then they have the tenacity to stay with their idiotic decisions! Unbelievable. And to think they teach your children……..

  117. Indiana IrishT says:

    Zero tolerance means zero thought. No counseling, no thinking but just expel the kid. How convenient. Fire the Superintendent and fire the Principal. We can’t remove all risks and cover all situations.

    i would have given the kid my inhaler too in this case and made her go to the School Nurse, then called her parents. I would have counsellied both girls on the Policy and what should have been done differntly, if anything. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. She could have died more likely by not using it.

    So, if a kid was drowning the school pool, would we have to leave the kid in their until a licensed lifeguard saved the kid? If someone had jumped in to save the kid and got the kid out but died, then do you sue the kid who tried to save the drowning kid or the kid who was drowning. You can’t remove all risks. i still think you have to sue the school for wrongful discharge and expunge the records. Schools don’t own our kids but apparently they think so. This isnt’ a liberal vs. conservative issue but a common sense issue.

  118. Bob says:

    As best I can tell from these stories, only the one girl was ever medically diagnosed with asthma and had a Doctor’s prescription for her inhaler. Are we to trust middle school children with diagnosing and prescribing drugs to treat asthma? I have been using a variety of drugs to treat asthma for over 15 years and I can tell you that these drugs are no joke! They require a prescription for a reason. The school made the right decision in this case up to the point that they suspended both students. That should have been sufficient to teach these young ladies that sharing prescriptions to treat an illness for which only one child was diagnosed is very risky! I’d have to say expulsion of either one on this offense alone is extreme.

  119. ken says:

    i predict something happening the peeps in charge.

  120. banjo2674 says:

    why are educators so often so dumb? Why cannot they apply rules in a sensitive, humane and nuanced fashion? They are dealing with kids for crying out loud

  121. Rusty Shackelford says:

    This is so stupid. Zero tolerance policies are for the benefit of administrators, not the children. When I was in school, only the most disruptive students or those who did something really, really bad (illegal drugs on school grounds, etc) got suspended. How hard would it have been to take the girls aside, praise the one who lent the inhaler for trying to help her friend, but give them both a friendly warning that the other girl could have suffered a reaction. Maybe ask the other girl if she has a condition and if she doesn’t know, place a call home.
    All zero tolerance policies do is teach kids that as long as they don’t get suspended or get led away from school in handcuffs, they can otherwise do whatever they damn well please. No learning about the little social niceties that grease the wheels of civilized society.

  122. Miguel says:

    Sue the sh_t out of these bast_rds! Every school official who was involved in these vicious, anti-human school punishments need to be summarily lose 10 days’ pay for starters.

    As a former liberal, it’s critical that these liberal statist bast_ards choose losing either a finger or 1/10th of their retirements if they are found guilty of fomenting socially destructive lessons to our children.

  123. Andrew says:

    Good! Now put your child in a charter school or if you can’t do that home schooling is much better that leaving your child at a public (kennel) school.

  124. Proudly not a Lib says:

    Sue the school district. Sue the individual school board members. Sue everyone you can. The only way the legislature will change it’s policies is if it cost them money, even if the money is your tax dollars. Librals only understand court action. They can’t think for themselves, SUE!!!

  125. jnsesq says:

    Welcome to the world of morons, political correctness, fear of predatory lawyers and total abdication of what used to be American common sense. How’s all this liberalism workin’ for ya? (Would have been fine if she’d passed her friend a, er, “medical marijuana” joint.)

    1. Mike says:

      Would have been fine to drive her freind across state lines to seek an abortion without parental knowledge. The school would have problably driven.

      Hmmm it’s privacy to have surgery but ‘illegal’ to share meds. Wow!

  126. Bernie Bouck says:

    Off with their . . . . heads and ” the horse they rode in on “.

  127. Mike says:

    Amazing how those running our schools these days do not know how to think for themselves. This is yet another example of blind following of the rules. What a horrible example to set for the children in the schools. And all because they dont want to make the tough choices.

  128. Pkpost says:

    The person who decided that this girl should be expelled for using an inhaler when she had a problem with her breathing need to be subjected to the business end of a Louisville Slugger.

  129. Mark Stump says:

    Everyone makes mistakes; sometimes it the rule makers that make the mistake through lack of imagination. In this case the dopey school administrators out to realize the rule failed to consider that sharing might, on occasion, be the right thing to do!

  130. HelloGolly says:

    People with asthma would never, ever deny their inhaler to someone having an attack. It feels like drowning on land. It’s a horrific feeling. I know if I was out in public and a total stranger was having an attack, I would offer my inhaler without thought. Waiting for an ambulance isn’t really an option at a certain point.

    I think other asthmatics would do the same for me.

  131. J.A Karlsson says:

    This whole story angers me tremendously, and people with no medical common sense sharing their ignorance on this story as well. I have been in the Pharmaceutical industry, specifically dealing in asthma products for over 35 years. Asthma KILLS. The little girl with an inhaler, seeing a friend in distress did what was right for someone in acute distress. We are not talking about dangerous drugs here, and this not about providing a product for continual daily use. This is about a traumatic event. Over 20 years ago, before todays even safer drugs were on the market, the FDA actually made metaproterenol (Metaprel and Alupent) OTC (no RX needed), until MDs lobbied for the change back to RX because they wanted to be able to monitor a patient’s product usage (rightly so). I am a firm believer that patients should have medical supervision in proper diagnosis and treatment, but common sense, especially from a person knowledgable in the disease, ie, a fellow asthmatic, know MUCH more than a bureaucratic non-medical educator. My son is a Type1 diabetic. If he was somewhere in distress and out of insulin, I would expect it to be acceptable for another diabetic who may have insulin available to allow him to borrow. I remember years ago when we were fighting legislation in schools that required all medication to be locked up in the Principal’s office. That makes sense for ADHD drugs, but not for an asthmatic who needs their meds right away when they are in distress. Not 30 minutes later after getting permission to go to the office, check approvals, find the key to the locker, etc. Asthma is unique, and the blinders on these administrators is unforgivable. Sorry to ramble, but this story just irritates the heck out of me.

  132. luxomni says:

    It doesn’t matter if she is expelled. The important thing is that she is still alive.In the hierarchy,being alive trumps bureaucracy.

  133. peatoo says:

    Just goes to show you, you may have an education but you can still be stupid!

  134. van69 says:

    Up here in Canada we would teach the school trustee to respect the students. If they refuse then the students should stomp on the trustee’s head to see if any brains spill out. If not then stomp on his chest till he can’t breathe and then refuse to offer him assistance

  135. VonBear says:

    On the other had if either girl wanted to have an abortion behind their parents backs the same school officials would drive them to the operating room and never give it a second thought.

  136. BWoody says:

    This is not discipline by school officials, this is bullying, plain and simple, by school officials who are drunk with their power of position and clearly are far to stupid to know the difference between the two. The school district needs to be sued and the fool who made the decision of suspension and expulsion, fired!

  137. J R says:

    I thought this was a joke when I didn’t see Chicago or New York in the headline. This is so stupid. Do you wonder why all of the elite send their kids to a private school? I guess I am slow and stupid and would not work this out between the families. Hell no, the government is involved now. Now maybe they can make their lunch again.

    1. Solid Citizen says:

      North Carolina seems to have its share of Nazi-style school administrators as well

      Quo warranto, B.O.?

  138. Stephanie H says:

    The school went way to far. For one puff of an inhaler. Now I know inhalers can be abused I use to work in corrections. And desperate people will uses anything to get high. But I know that it takes 8 or more puffs to get even a buzz affect. Not a mental buzz but severe racing heart at about 20 puffs in an adult is where it can affect the heart to the point that it can kill you. That said you are more apt do dye from an untreated asthma attack, even if it is the first attack of previously undiagnosed asthma than from a puff on an asthma inhaler.

  139. comprof says:

    Administrators = Absolute NUTS!

  140. Sal says:

    This is absurd. School administrators are becoming the laughing stock of society. Soon we will become England where thousands of children under ten years of age are charged with hate crimes for saying things or asking questions using terms they don’t understand. This country is about to fall over the precipice and nobody seems concerned. I am glad my sons decided not to join the military of which I have also been a supporter and still support the veterans.
    But I do not think it is worth my loved ones fighting for anymore. What are they protecting? A country that expels students, tells us what healthcare we can have, and redistributes our money to those who don’t deserve it.

  141. keith says:

    John Borman, you’re far, far too stupid to be any kind of school administrator.

  142. Jeren says:

    Our laws regarding prescription medications are the most ridiculous in the world, and they get worse every year. We’ll be lucky if they don’t impose more controls on albuteral inhalers due to these unregulated exchanges (I think they’ve already banned the epinephrin variety). Eventually people will be too terrified by the DEA and their Washington overlords to take such a personal risk and lend you their inhaler at all.

  143. Solid Citizen says:

    I thought the Nazis (National Socialists) fled to Argentina after WWI. Apparently an unhealthy number (or their progeny)have infiltrated some Colorado school systems as well

    Quo warrranto, B.O.?

    1. Solid Citizen says:

      WWII (not WWI) ….btw is John Borman related to the late Nazi Martin Bormann?

      Why pay the administrators high salaries if they abdicate managerial responsibility by hiding behind the “no brainer decision tree afforded by a zero tolerance policy. (Love the part about “nurturing and supporting” the students.)

      Quo warranto, B.O.?

  144. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Heavy handed and without understanding or tolerance. Sue and I hope you win. Bureaucrats are one step removed from being dictators. It’s sad how quickly the school system can and will expel a student or in this case two students but it is nearly impossible to remove a dangerous or incompetent teacher.

  145. Bill says:

    Clearly ‘common sense’ has become uncommon.

  146. WilliamPenn says:

    Totalitarian communists have been installed at every level of society by their allies, the Democrat Party. They intend to make our lives hell. All hail Obama.

  147. WilliamPenn says:

    Touch my kids’ lunch, I knock your chicklets down your throat! Unless every one of us is willing to make that committment, the communists will make our lives a living hell.

  148. BenFranklin says:

    “No good deed goes unpunished”

  149. myron frye says:

    The real issue here is the school system itself. Never has there been a time where education could benefit from the private section to enter into the picture. A no union privately run school with pay for performance and accoutability to the parents would put the public school system out of business. We have lost our public schools to the progressive political correct movement. My son will never see the inside of a public school, ever!

  150. W Givens says:

    Just another example of educators having no common sense. I am not sure that people with degrees in education should be in charge of even a school much less a district. You let them teach your kids and they also will have no common sense.

  151. OldOllie says:

    The students at this school all learned a valuable lesson: if your friend is dying, and you have medicine that will save her life, the proper thing to do is to stand there and watch her die.

  152. Private School Dad says:

    Yet another story that reaffirms my decision to ensure that my children never spend a single day in a compulsory, government-run day camp. I feel sorry for those children without any choice or the means to escape.

  153. Apachecav says:

    Cal Thomas was right, you need to get out of public schools as if they were on fire. If this incident itself isn’t proof that these mental disorder breeding grounds are destroying our children then you have been hopelessly infected with the same mental disorder as the administrators, teachers and union thugs..

  154. Rigo says:

    All expulsions do go through several people, therefore there are several idiots to blame in this case…

    I would also like to point out to our dear friends Jon & Bob, please do not start sentences with verbs or conjunctions. For example the word Or should not start a sentence as well as suing, they are both improper.

    Remember just because you are behind a screen does not mean you do not to look at yourself in a mirror and answer for your lack of proper English, freedom of expression however, I unfortunately do respect.

  155. Keir says:

    So how old is the kid? What grade? Christ. such details should be in the very first line! What is the point of hunting needlessly for such basic facts??

  156. 435454646 says:

    Am I the only one who is suspicious that punishment is much harsher for white kids than for black kids at school?

    They are probably afraid that they will get in trouble if they punish black kids, but have no such fear when it comes to going overboard in punishing white kids.

  157. dg says:

    I agree the schools are not reasonable at all. People need good judgement. We turned our decision making into absolutes black – white. Sad. My son got expelled for a similar thing in ’03 2 weeks before graduating his senior year. He has never finished and fell to the path of street drugs and depression! These decisions destroy people. Just no sense. You are right, you leasrn to NOT help people. All just lunacy!

  158. Susan says:

    Makes me wonder HOW officials came to find out the one girl gave the other her inhaler. Did they share it in front of a teacher? I would advise in this situation that the girls not let anyone know about it besides their own parents.
    BTW: I am thoroughly going to teach my daughter to ignore “stupid” rules. :)
    Common sense and common decency should rule, not endless beaurocratic silliness.

  159. chuck in st paul says:

    typical overreaction by petty bureaucrats. ‘No tolerance’ policies are the crutches for incompetent school offcials. At best the girls should have been counseled on the possibility of causing harm with a drug instead of the intended help. Instead some little snotbag throws one of the girls out of school. Idiots.

    1. Rob T says:

      Very well said. Let’s replace thought and reason with a policy that practically states the bureaucrats in charge are incapable of making intelligent decisions.

  160. Rorshak says:

    From an alternate reality:

    The Gym teacher at Lewis-Palmer Middle School was fired after being put on administration leave following an incident at the school.
    After doing pacers, the teacher failed to notice that one of the students was suffering an asthma attack.
    Depsite that this excersize is a streneous and an intense activity where students run back and forth, the teacher was not monitoring the students and had no idea that a student had breathing problems.
    It was only after a school nurse treated the student afterwards, that anyone realized that, in desparation, another student gave her an inhaler in an attempt to save her life as the gym teacher was no where to be found.
    Superintendent John Borman told reporters, “We hold our teachers accountable. Deriliction of duty is grounds for immediate dismissal. If a situation grows out of control there will be consequences.”

    Zero Tolerance: A device used by unionized teachers to protect their own. Used to “criminalize” underaged students when a teacher fails to maintain supervision.

  161. commonesnes says:

    Superintendant Borman, should be fired after he is tarred and feathered. Instead of using this as a teaching moment as to why the girls should’ve called the nurse immediately he punishes a girl who his having difficulty breathing and another girl who is trying to help her friend by sharing her inhaler. Sure, maybe that type of inhaler was not good for the girl who couldn’t breath. That could be explained in a mature fashion without punishing the girls for doing what they thought was right.

    Borman deserves to be suspended or fired. Crites should be reinstated immediately. If I lived in Colorado I would take this case pro bono.

  162. Sean says:

    Did all of you really forget what it was like in middle school? Girls that seem so innocent and nice trying to get high in the gym locker room any way they could. Please… these girls have their fathers wrapped around their fingers. They were trying to get high, they got busted, one of them is gone and the other survived. Move on.

  163. Nivram says:

    While I utterly detest Obama, like any other sane, rational American, this is not the place for that topic. As for expelling 2 kids from school over an asthma inhaler, well, that just shows you how blatantly mindless, stupid, irrational, and petty the public education system has become in America. In any normal, sane society, the girl who lent her inhaler would be commended for helping her classmate.

    Our society has become a festering, stinking boil on the derriere of history because of the brain dead influences of hippies, liberals, intellectuals, the Harvard faculty, Democrats, Communists, and community organizers. It’s a shame they couldn’t all be relocated to a Gulag at, say, the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

  164. y@yahhoo,com says:

    Drink floride from the water fountain. But need a scrip to get it

  165. Gnarly says:

    Mindless teachers. Mindless administrators. Mindless school boards. If these “educators” only had an education, maybe they could manage things better. Of course, then, they would be able to manage to get a real job like the rest of us.

  166. John Breland says:

    Expulsion? If I were one of the girls’ parents, I would call it good riddance to an abominable excuse or a school system. The lessons this school has to offer are not ones I would want my child exposed to.

  167. Der Jakl says:

    Zero tolerance = zero intelligence

  168. TMR says:

    Superintendent John Borman should resign or be fired as he is too stupid to educate children. The school should buy out his contract as it will be worth it.

    And sorry, no hiding behind a school rule to mask your own lack of any common sense.

  169. GW says:

    As much as I hate to asmit it, the school has the correct position here. The punishment may be too harsh. But, I think it states right on most perscriptions not to share them. God forbid the second girl was harmed by the drug, they parents would have surf thr school over that.

  170. Olden Atwoody says:

    And if Girl “A”‘s shared medicine kills “Girl B”… What then?

  171. Dennis D says:

    There are many issues they can sue for. Having her readmitted to school for example.

  172. Rob T says:

    Aside from using their buses, which my tax dollars already pay for, we have no use for the public school system, or buffoons like “Superintendent John Borman”.

    It’s time to take back control of the school system citizens. The school boards, the ACLU, and all other thugs are powerless if you all band together. Get this girl back in school and get Superintendent John Borman looking for his next publicly funded job.

  173. Jack says:

    Could of been worse, they could of been sent to the school where the teacher got 40 grand for molesting children.

  174. uisignorant says:

    Too bad the girl who had a hard time breathing didn’t die! Then they could berate the girl with the inhaler for not sharing. But by god our zero tolerance policies are intact!

  175. john says:

    beter alive and expelled than dead in school

  176. Dutra says:

    “May daughter was being a good Samaritan.” Come on, just proofread your article.

  177. Jesse Winstead says:


  178. Nico says:

    THere is a total lack of common sense. This superintendent is a moron and needs to be ousted as soon as his term is up. WHat would he do to a student caught with real drugs? Get the firing squad? Typical government employee, an idiot who doesn’t even care about wrecking a young girl’s life.

  179. Savannah Guy says:

    Lawsuits exist for a reason, and one reason is to FORCE the all powerful pseudo gods we call school administrators to face the music. That clears their heads in a wonderful way.

    This case illustrates One Size Fits All thinking. Only when exposed as fools who cannot think, and who care little about ruining these girls’ lives, will these morons finally start to reform. Other than a popular revolt, lawsuits are the best and only real redress the girls have.

    As for those who rail against lawsuits, what other alternative do you offer? Like, oh, none, basically? The parents can either wait around forever for some reform, or they can sue and try to get justice that way.

    What would YOU do if it were YOUR daughter?

    Asking that question serves to answer it.

    Sue ’em, girls! And be sure to get a jury trial, where the community gets to speak through the jurors!

  180. Barack Obama says:

    I will pardon these drug addict girls. Stop worrying people.

  181. John Lindsay says:

    These statist bureaucrats are way out of control. People need to be disciplined or terminated for gross incompetence. This is completely ludicrous. Our public education sytem needs a complete overhaul.

  182. Maglani says:

    “The lesson that I learned from this is not to help people, because helping people is just going to get yourself in trouble,” McKinney said.

    Yes, that is exactly the lesson!

    Only the GOVERNMENT can help and if you try it, we will crucify you.

  183. Cheri says:

    This is a result of over-zealous mandatory reporting required by over-regulation engineered for “our safety” that really serve to make free-will and personal better judgment illegal. Though the laws were written with the best interests of children at heart and brought about because of the number of sociopaths who hurt children, too often, mindless adherance to regulations can cause as much damage as the sociopaths themselves. The two were friends and classmates and behaved responsibly and appropriately in a crisis.

  184. Doug Adams says:

    This is what we get for leaving education in the hands of educators.

  185. Knowthefactsfirst says:

    Before you judge the school district, know the facts. The original news article stated that the girl was NOT having an asthma attack and did NOT have asthma. If the girls had done things the right way and go straight to a teacher for help, this would have all been avoided. There are reasons that rules are in place. They are to PROTECT the children.

    1. Vince says:

      Lesson 1 learned …. let your friends die.

      Lesson 2 learned …. School administrators have become robots, removing all subjectivity from decisions to avoid lawsuits from the parents of other students who may have been expelled for “real” drugs.

    2. Stan says:

      You just pointed out a serious problem : spinning the news. Based on what is currently being reported, she should not be at fault for lending the inhaler. However, if the young lady did not have asthma … an expedited trip to the nurse and an ambulance ride were in order.

    3. Raquel says:

      Protect us children? Are you kidding me? I would have died from an allergic reaction at least twice if someone hadn’t lended me an epipen. One of these times occurred AT SCHOOL and the nurse refused to treat me because she couldn’t get ahold of my parents. Yes, I was dumb not to have my epipen on me, but thankfully my friend had the sense to jab one into my thigh since my hands were shaking too hard to grasp it. The nurse yelled at her. I am now at a new school with a nurse who cares about students, but even she is restricted by ludicrous limitations. I recently had a splinter she could not remove because she is not allowed to use metal tweezers since they are ‘dangerous objects’. Is this what you believe is “protect[ing] the children”?
      As for whether or not the girl had asthma, several children are not diagnosed until middle school. The fact is she had trouble breathing. The fact is another girl stepped up to help her. I have seen an asthma sufferer offer an inhaler to someone who was wheezing after choking, simply because the inability to breathe is frightening. I honestly hope you never have to know what that is like.

  186. Kelly Howell says:

    My original sentiment remains, “I hope one of the administrators has an asthma attack and no one gives them an inhaler.” It’s pretty windy today, perfect to trigger an asthma attack in someone who has never had one before….

  187. Larson E. Whipsnae says:

    Lacking a verb, one of your sentences is incomplete. How do you get off ctiticizing lack of intelligence among we folks? You clearlly were not smart enough to pay attention to your high school grammar & composition class.

    As for lawsuits, lets just publicly repremand the school admin. for lacking the guts to recognize that exceptions must be made in extraordinary cases.

  188. Tim Kelly says:

    And they wonder why students go back to schools in a rage and shoot them.

    People untrained to handle power, abuse it.

    Teachers today think they are a controlling arm of the government allowed to tell students how to do everything.

    Social engineering starts at school. Teachers are suppose to teach basic course, not control your life.

  189. Mark says:

    To bad she wasn’t Lindsey Lohan, thsi would be a non issue

    The inbalance in our justice system is appauling, the fact we have empowered schools to be regulators, judge, jurry and executioner is a big part of the problem.

  190. Mikey says:

    Does this mean when the principal is choking, nobody should perform the Heimlich maneuver? What we’ve learned is it’s wrong to save someone who can’t breathe. Seriously, the girl did the right thing. Someone couldn’t breathe, and she helped. Zero tolerance is one of the stupidest policies ever adopted.

  191. zona blue says:

    Home Schooling anyone???? Why these parents are surprised by the treatment they are receiving from Government Indoctrination Centers is beyond me.

  192. Vicky Bevis says:

    It took “2” for this egregious happening. I fail to see the logic behind expelling one & NOT the other. Oh wait! I forgot! We’re dealing with our public school system; logic/common sense has no place there. Even our legal system allows for “mercy” in handing down decisions.

    If my kids were growing up today, I’d home-school them in a heartbeat. I’m not defending either of the girls for what they did; as a retired nurse I can tell you sharing medicine can be enormously dangerous issues & MOST young people, even into their 20’s, don’t realize that this can be tremendously risky behavior

    But please! Let’s use some mature judgement in schools today; after all, WE are suppossed to be the adults, NOT the kids..

  193. Ed says:

    start taking jobs for incompentent decisions by school authorities.

  194. Vince says:

    Lesson 1 learned …. let your friends die.

    Lesson 2 learned …. School administrators have become robots, removing all subjectivity from decisions to avoid lawsuits from the parents of other students who may have been expelled for “real” drugs.

  195. Diane K. White says:

    If I were to be in that girl’s shoes and…………… If my friend was having an Asthma Attack and She couldn’t breathe and It was a Life or Death Situation; then I would want to save my friend’s life. I would have let her used my Asthma Inhaler. I agreed with that girl. She did make the right decision. She wanted to save her friend’s life. If I had to be suspended for 10 days from school, then I wouldn’t care. If I was in that girl’s shoes and I was suspended for 10 days because of that issue, then I would make sure that my teachers gave me any schoolwork that I need to finish and turn in. So………….my question is………….If a student has Asthma, Is the student allowed to carry an Asthma Inhaler with them at all times or Does the student have to go to the school clinic to get their Asthma Inhaler if needed? If a student is in the 6th grade through High School, then he or she should have that right to carry an Asthma Inhaler with them at all times because their Asthma Inhaler can save their life. Finally, it should be the parents responsibility to get their child’s Asthma Inhaler refilled if needed.

  196. FreedomScribe says:

    just another example of the “politically correct” liberal lunatics in charge. People, people, how did we let this happen? Vote for Ron Paul and end our bureaucratic slavery.

  197. AlwysReady says:

    Every day in America:

    40,000 people miss school or work due to asthma.
    30,000 people have an asthma attack.
    5,000 people visit the emergency room due to asthma.
    1,000 people are admitted to the hospital due to asthma.
    11 people die from asthma.

    Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America,

    Did you read that, 11 people die everyday from asthma, over 4,000 a year; nearly 44% of asthma hospitalizations are for children. The idiocy of some, maybe many, in the public school system, is unbearable, this child has no business being expelled from school. There are no statistics for people being injured or killed from using an inhaler; unless they have been using or not using one for an extended period of time, switching to one that is less effective, or the government bans the use of the best inhalers because they are causing “climate change.”
    I have asthma, I have been hospitalized several times over the years. I say again, I will use any inhaler that is available when I need one and I have used inhalers in the past that were not mine.
    The real danger is allowing this situation of overkill by government institutions to continue. I doesn’t matter how much it costs to stop this from continuing. If we do stop this now, they will be in your home telling you what to do.

  198. dave m says:

    Can we expell the school administration?

  199. marg1 says:

    Years from now, the expulsion will be looked at as a good thing. The quicker your children leave a public school in the formerly free USA the better.

    Liberals are running all of the asylums–escape when you can.

  200. Kilber says:

    School policy says that you cannot give out prescription drugs. It’s a written policy that parents and children are aware of before they even attend school. Not only is it a school policy, it is also a law. I am not allowed (as a grown adult) to give out any prescription medication. If the girl was having breathing problems, she can go to the nurse. If it’s bad enough, they can call an amulance and get the girl REAL medical help. Her friend was not helping by playing doctor.

    As a matter of fact, when I first read this article, it said the girl had an adverse reaction to the inhaler, and that’s how they got busted.

    1. Keats says:

      She wasn’t playing doctor, she should be given an award for tyring to keep a friend alive by letting air pass into her lungs. that is more than the school board would have done. DIE IF YOU HAVE TO BUT FOLLOW THE RULES. You people have lost all common sense.

    2. ertdfg says:

      What a great lesson for everyone.

      You can’t take care of yourself, individual action is bad, helping others is bad, doing anything other than relying on a government official to solve all your problems is bad.

      Freedom, liberty, individual values and rights? BAD!

      I’m so proud to live in a nation that was founded on a policy of having the government take care of everyone without any individual thought or action allowed.

      Oh, that wasn’t what this country was founded on? Sorry, I was taught by a public school where thinking was shunned and a policy that could be applied without thought was good… I just assumed that was the lesson.

  201. Dave says:

    @ Bob

    You are the one displaying limited intelligence, as you think parents are supposed to just sit there and take whatever their government agent “educators” dish out.

    As for the taxpayers, perhaps they should pay more attention to the government goons who are indoctrinating theire children.

    It’s people like you that are the reason people like Barack Hussein Obama get elected.


  202. Stan says:

    I have asthma, and have forgotten to have an inhaler on me. I had an attack , and thankfully someone had an inhaler on them and was willing to let me use it. Zero tolerance is bs … each case must be examined. This case was potentially life threatening.

  203. iamdan says:

    When a School adminstrator gets involved, everything loses rational perspective. A school Administrator has no purpose in life, so when they get a simple task, they blow it out of proportion so they FEEL like they are important..

  204. Dave says:

    This is merely one of the reasons I refuse to send my kids to public school. School employees absolutely refuse to use their brains, whatsoever. . . . . .

  205. Spanky T Smackme says:

    The problem is the liberal one sided laws and proceedures…..They claim zero tolerance in the school and on school grounds, but I would say if that is true, HOLD A FACALTY PURSE AND POCKET DUMP to see how many of the teachers are in violation of the rules.

    Too long have the liberal communists told us what to do, and always use the phrase to Protect the Children as the reason.

    Time to take back our country and end this beauacratic BS obut minding everyone elses business. The governemnt knows whats best is a violation of the constituational RIGHT to pursuit of happiness and FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

  206. Matthew says:

    It goes way beyond prescription drugs, we are not even allowed to send our children with two aspirin, or dayquil capsules when they are sick or when they have a headache. I would be willing to bet if the shared birth control pills it would have been ok.

  207. Jeff says:

    A few years ago in Westminster (Carroll County) Maryland the same thing happened. 2 girls who are close friends were riding home on the bus. One of the girls had a severe attach and couldn’t get to her inhaler. The other girl knowing that they had the exact same prescription lent her friend her inhaler. The attack was so severe that a medical unit was dispatched to the location of the bus. ER doctors stated that the action saved the girls life. Wasn’t until the county was about ready to run the Board of Education superintendant out of town on a rail was the suspensions dropped.
    My mother always told me that the longer you go to school the more common sense you lose. I guess our educators have lost all their

  208. John Smith says:

    Here we go agaiin. punishing someone who was not able to decern it was wrong was wrong. I’ll bet the law itself was so hidden it would be impossible for her to locate it idf she has intended to locate it…… We have been teaching pablum and no Constitution at all….. Yes, Many wou;d have argues using the Biboe as a moral compusm but neiither would you want the Koran. Pne afternoon, Betty sue might not be coming home due to “Stonong.”

  209. Tony says:

    What the girls did was wrong. Should they not be pushished for their actions. I have kids that have asthma, so I know what an attack it like. The girl with the breathing problem could have reported to a nurse or someone in authority. Then again, maybe we should let the state or the feds have them. In some states, this would be consider “possession with the intent to distribute”, which is a much more serious crime. Giving a prescription drug to another individual to whom which it has not been prescribed is a CRIME.

    1. Keats says:

      I hope nobody helps you when you are trying to breathe.

  210. Keats says:

    What happened to this country? It’s time to STOP TALKING. Are you people going to put up with this BS ? It’s time to fight.

  211. ertdfg says:

    Zero tolerance policy = zero tolerance for thought, rational behavior, discretion, or reasoned discourse.

    If you’re not going to allow thinking, why do you bother having a school in the first place?

  212. Allie F. says:

    The school administratiors should be FIRED! The obviously have no clue what it is like not to be able to breathe during an asthma attack! Her fellow student should be rewarded for possibly saving her life. Just how dumb are these poeple???

  213. John says:

    These are the F*****g idiots you leave your kids with? Sounds like a bad idea to me! Shes probably better off getting expelled, she can study at home and go to college early.

  214. Linda says:

    When you can’t breathe, every second is like an eternity. I once rinsed off my inhaler and held it out in reach of someone who couldn’t breathe. She took it, she handed it back when the EMS arrived. The safest thing to do is make a pot of real coffee as strong as possible and give it to the asthmatic to drink if they choose. The new inhalers are much more dangerous, anyway most asthmatics know what they can use and what they shouldn’t use. She choose to use the borrowed inhaler. No expelling the gracious person who was trying to help – how wrong that is!

  215. Racecar says:

    Wake up! Elections have Consequences. The people in that community got the government they wanted. Now they and their children have to live with it … that is until they change it.

  216. russell pearce says:

    no rules are rule the next time a situation like this arises let the girl almost die and have to go to the hospital and then lets see what they have to say about the rules when an alternative was available then sue the district into bankruptcy

  217. Sir Trool says:

    The school’s policy is a valid policy. The punishment is what is extreme. Zero tolerance has removed common sense and that is the problem.

  218. Monti Calabrese says:

    Breana Crites I hope you see this. I wanted to say that i agree that you should not have been expelled and that i saw on the news that you have been getting cruel mail. Remember that people are idiots and even more so when there’s blood in the water. don’t take their comments seriously. Fools run with fools. Just remember that this isn’t your fault. You did nothing wrong and that no one can judge you on earth except yourself. In other words if their saying hurtful things its just their opinion.It only means something if you believe them. However I know it can it’s hard to just ignore everything. God bless.

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