DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado’s best known anti-tax crusader is now one of the Denver city jail’s newest inmates. Douglas Bruce turned himself in Friday to begin a 180 day sentence for tax evasion.

Bruce has likened himself to a political prisoner, referring to the late Indian leader Mahatama Ghandi, even going on a fast like him. 4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger spoke with Bruce over a monitor from behind bars.

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“I’m in isolation. I’m not with other inmates. I’m in the maximum security section, according to one deputy, along with the worst part of the population,” Bruce told Sallinger.

Bruce told Sallinger he has requested to be put on a liquid diet. Sallinger asked Bruce if it was a form of protest.

“You can characterize things any way you want. I am verbally objecting to being here because I am innocent,” Bruce said.

He was using liquids Monday before sentencing when he rejected Sallinger’s query about his prospects.

“Are all your questions going to be of that caliber?” he said. “You are tools of people trying to make it into something it is not,” he told reporters on his way in to turn himself in.

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Bruce was convicted on tax charges of misusing a nonprofit organization he created.

Sallinger asked Bruce if he was concerned about his personal safety while in jail.

“Are you going to be there with me in jail?” he asked Sallinger

“No, I hope not,” Sallinger replied.

“Then I’m not concerned,” Bruce said.

His last moments of freedom came as he entered the courtroom, surrendered, and was placed in handcuffs while betting on an appeal.

“They want to put me in jail for as long as they possibly can, credibly,  before the case is dismissed,” he said.

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When Bruce gets out he will have to serve 6 years probation with all his financial dealings under scrutiny of the court.