DENVER (CBS4)– Firefighers in Denver rescued a dog from Berkeley Lake in northeast Denver Friday afternoon.

Copter4 was over the rescue as it happened at about 4:40 p.m. At times the dog seemed too exhausted to keep swimming or try to pull itself up onto the thin ice.

Two firefighters raced on the collapsing ice and in the frigid water from both sides of the lake to try to reach the dog. One firefighter was able to reach him, pull him to safety and swim back to shore.

How the dog ended up in the lake or where the dog’s owner was is being investigated.

Watch the entire dog rescue from Copter4 below:

Comments (12)
  1. lee says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

  2. lee says:

    The FBI and DEA use gang members to harass suspects. Several corrupt DEA and FBI are angry that I complained to the San Francisco Attorney General’s office. I complained that they where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

  3. AJ says:

    Another stupid dog owner who didn’t have their pet on a leash? Hopefully said owner gets dinged with the rescue bill.

    1. yada says:

      You HAVE heard of dogs;

      1) being ABANDONED
      2) escaping from a fenced yard by ACCIDENT

      You are ASSuming a lot with your comment

    2. yada says:

      Sounds good, but in exchange lets bill the PARENTS of the next kid who needs rescue TOO! There’s a story of two teens who had to be resuce- heck lets BILL their parents for that!!

      In fact, why don’t we just level the playing field and bill everyone who ever calls for resuce, police of fire help!

      To the firemen who rescued the dog- THANK YOU!!!

    3. Kristy says:

      Thank you, Devon, for this discussion on the apotdion of shelter dogs. Most people adopt with all good intentions for creating a lifelong friendship. As they do, they need to first of all recognize that these dogs were left for a reason. Usually, it appears to be due to some behavioral issue the owner couldn’t handle. Often these issues are caused by owners not understanding the inherent personalities of particular breeds. And, in addition most of us are not very knowledgable in how to establish the consistiancy and communication needed to help our new companion find his place in our home. We must also understand that these dogs are grieving and will need approximately six months or more to begin to trust that their new family will actually keep them. Once they trust and have learned how to enjoy their connection with us this friendship will last a lifetime. Your note about the communication needed to help them understand their connection to us has really excited me to look forward to your next posts and learning a great deal from you and from the comments of others who write.

  4. Kevin Kendall says:

    Hey “lee” and “AJ”….. Either of you two got anything GOOD to say about a GOOD story??
    Is being basically anonymous on the internet just such a convenient & handy way to get a big ego thrill to you two that the ONLY things that you each have polluted us with makes readers feel disgusted or bad or angry about what you wrote? And AJ…. The “dog leash” comment is a no-brainer. duh. ya don’t have to chime in with the obvious cynicism. Woulda been better had you not posted, really. But especially you, “lee” or whoever you are….. Both of ya…. identify yourselves by your first AND your last names. I’d bet ya don’t have the cajones. As nearly ALL anonymous big-talking negative-comment internet writers don’t have.

    Seeing that dog rescued from being very close to freezing to death in the icy Berkeley Lake made me feel great, & seeing on the tv news the firefighter on shore holding that little shivering pup in his arms made me wish I was there.
    Cool story! ooops. pun there. hehe

  5. kathy & kids says:

    The rescueres are “Heros” in my book! Hurry for them.

  6. Ken Anthony says:

    There is something seriously wrong with newspoting when there are two incicdebts of ice rescues, one about two kids who broke through ice that garnered 15 seconds of mention followed by five minutes of on site & aerial coverage about a dog’s recsue. I can appreciate good news stories but giving the rescue of a dog higher reorting priority than of children is outrageous. Maybe those of you who can’t see that ought to think about where you want fire rescue resources to beif it was your house on fire or child in icy water.

    1. Kevin Kendall says:

      I think you are grossly jumping to bad conclusions about human behaviors here, Ken.
      Basing your negative comments on assumptions & a lack of complete knowledge about all that went on, and why, and how, is a formula for catching (& spreading, which you intended to do) cynicalitosis dummassitis.

      We don’t need anymore of that in this country right now, in the shape we’re in & with attitudinal polarities that many are irresponsibly (and usually, anonymously) spreading with their usually bitter-emotions-soaked half-truths.
      We need clear-thinking, good-hearted, shrewd but fair benefit-of-the-doubt, cooperative people, Ken.
      Your leaps to conclusions & assumptions of insensitivities & even implications of basically dark media motives without your *citations* of said necessarily empirical evidences of any such specific insensitivitiies you should unequivocally know of *beforehand* makes your comment invalid & is only another irresponsibly cynical, generalized basically bitter comment made by millions in this country every day anymore, made from the virtual anonymity of keyboards inside warm (and probably darkened) houses.
      Thanks anyway for your ultimately pointless, inciting comment……

      Say nice things. Not “phony nice” but rather, *responsibly* nice things.
      Or cite your evidences that invalidate such kind thoughts being communicated.
      Otherwise, without doing that, please don’t pollute by typing & clicking in such an erroneous mindset.
      Or ANYONE like that.

    2. Luiza says:

      My fiance and I oapdted a year old Boxer/Beagle mix puppy from the shelter about 3 months ago. The poor thing has now been oapdted 3 times and we REFUSE to be the next in line to give up on him. He’s had little to no prior training and so he’s developed quite a few bad habits that we’re having a very hard time breaking. Also, b/c he’s been left so many times before he has TERRIBLE separation anxiety. It’s to the point where I’m afraid he’ll hurt himself trying to get out of his kennel when we’re gone. I’m looking for help b/c I know that’s the only way Tucker is going to get the training and help he needs from us. We live in Arvada and would love to find the perfect fit in a trainer for our family. If you think you can help us please let me know!!

  7. yada2 says:

    suddenylt his stops working…

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