DENVER (AP) — A Republican plan to boost the state oil and gas industry has been rejected in the Colorado Legislature.

A Democratic Senate committee voted down a measure Thursday to ban local governments from regulating oil and gas drilling. The measure was at least the fourth bill related to drilling that has been defeated this year. Both Democratic and Republican proposals have been rejected.

The latest bill would have made clear that cities and counties can’t go against the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. The proposal came after some Front Range communities have proposed moratoriums or new limits on where drilling could occur, instead of deferring to state regulations.

Local-state drilling conflicts are becoming more common as new technologies allow energy companies to look to new areas for possible drilling.

By Kristen Wyatt, AP Writer (© Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

  1. Asodeska says:

    Of course!
    Trust the DEMOCRATS to prevent our having cheap, American Oil.
    Folks, wake up to the reality of these idiots, and vote them out of office.

    I think it is time there was a national STUPID award. Trouble is, if there were, the Democrats would almost always win it.

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