BASALT, Colo. (CBS4) – An arrest warrant has been issued for a high school teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.

Lauren Redfern, 25, is a physical education teacher and coach at Basalt High School.

Investigators say the victim was 17 and that the two got together several times over a 4 month period.

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  1. Snorlax says:

    WTH is with teachers these days?
    I am sure she will get the mandatory slap on the wrist soon, and will go right back to her old ways.

    A man otoh, would get decades.

  2. Bob Johnson says:

    “Right back to her old ways”? She’s only 25!

    The fact that she was in an authority position over the student is the problem, and for that she should be punished, hopefully fired. But c’mon, the kid was 17…in a matter of months there would have been no legal problem with this relationship with respect to age.

    Fire her for inappropriate behavior, but don’t condemn her for being some sort of sexual pervert.

    1. Valiant says:

      People that have sex with those they have power over, ARE sexual deviants… It is just that much more deviant when it is a child. Your concern for the suspect is touching, but under 18 (it does not matter if the person was “almost 18”) is under 18. Even if the child was 18, she STILL would have been up on charges because of a person in position of authority.

      Sorry, but guys like you give me the creeps…You make child rape sound ok, as long as the victim is almost of age. Makes me wonder what other deviations you consider ok, as long as the deviation is right “on the line”…

      1. JoeCamel says:

        Valiant, You are a complete idiot. In many states 16 is the age of consent. There is nothing wrong with a 18yo(or 17 yo) being involved with a 25 yo. Get a grip. Bad career move on her part, that’s about all. People are attracted to other people, sometimes that person might be a boss, or a co worker, or even a teacher.

  3. Realist says:

    ok, none of us knows exactly how this all came about or how it was played out. My suspicion is the kid had the time of his life and wasnt abussed in any way. If he was taken advantage of or abussed than that should be further punished. And yes, regardless of whether the boy liked the experience or not the teacher should lose her job for poor judgement.

  4. Kim says:

    Perhaps lose her job, but not the ability to live a normal life. Is this “crime” really so horrendous as to destroy this young womans’ entire future?

    1. Valiant says:

      What if it was your son? Guess we should just let her keep teaching Kim…

      1. sam draper says:

        refer to my comment bellow vv

  5. sam draper says:

    @Valiant its people like you that make peoples life a living hell. i personally know both people in this story (lauren and the student). Lauren is in no way a pervert or predator in any way. she was approched by the student who then convinced her to start a relationship. the student is the most mature 17 year old i have ever met and is big enough to take on 3 grown men in a fight. he was in no way a “victim” and you should know what your talking about before saying words like “child rape” witch is completely ignorant and mean.

  6. OgHere says:

    We are assuming it was a boy, but I was guess it was another female. She was a girls gym teacher.

  7. Dan says:

    whatever else is done, this should not be a police matter…fire her for violating the rules,, but PUHLEEZE, it is soooooooooooooo gratuitous to call him a victim.

  8. reinaldo says:

    congrats to the guy…

  9. Funnynamehere says:


    The age of consent in Colorado is 17; however, there exists in the legislation close-in-age exceptions, which allow those aged 15 and 16 to engage in acts with those less than ten years older and those less than 15 to engage in acts with those less than four years older. However a 17-year-old can not legally consent to a person that is in position of trust.

    18-3-402(1) Any actor who knowingly inflicts sexual intrusion or sexual penetration on a victim commits sexual assault if: (d) At the time of the commission of the act, the victim is less than fifteen years of age and the actor is at least four years older than the victim and is not the spouse of the victim; or (e) At the time of the commission of the act, the victim is at least fifteen years of age but less than seventeen years of age and the actor is at least ten years older than the victim and is not the spouse of the victim;

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