DENVER (CBS4) – The death of Whitney Houston dominated the conversation at the induction ceremony for Colorado Music Hall of Fame on Sunday.

Members of Colorado’s music world had gathered to honor famed concert promoter Barry Fey and folklore artist Harry Tuft.

Fey said Houston’s death is a huge loss.

“Whitney had one of the sweetest, most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard,” Fey said. “She made the whole nation cry simultaneously when she did that ‘Star Spangled Banner’ rendition.”

The artists said Houston’s death is a reminder of the danger of fame. Chris Daniels, the lead singer of “Chris Daniels and the Kings,” is also a teacher at University of Colorado Denver and he constantly reminds his students of those dangers.

“One of the things you teach is when you reach great heights, it’s fairly perilous,” Daniels said. “You reach this pinnacle of fame and it’s up to the artists to take care of themselves.”

For Fey, the lesson is much clearer and blunter.

“No one ever learns about the damned drugs,” Fey said. “They never learn and if drugs didn’t kill her last night, they killed her years ago when they took her voice because she wasn’t Whitney anymore.”

Daniels wishes he could have spoken directly Houston and to British singer Amy Winehouse, who drank herself to death last year.

“I wish I could I have sat down with Whitney or Amy and said, ‘Wait a minute, this is not where you want to take this. You have a life career ahead of you.’ “

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