Can Former Apple, Target CEO Pull You into Penny's?

Written by Brooke Wagner

The other day, I popped into JCPenney at Park Meadows Mall, and I noticed something new. Bright red, rectangular stickers on every price tag, plus dozens of workers throughout the store scanning and sticking the new tags on every single thing — not just the “sale” items.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, though I did get some good deals (two dresses for $12 a piece, a pair of platform pumps for $7, a gold cuff bracelet, $3, a thin belt for $2).

Then, I received a few Tweets about a whole new pricing plan at the store; “Fair and Square” pricing. Some are comparing it to the Walmart model, in which customers expect the best price, any day these walk into the store.

Ron Johnson helped turn Target around with a “cheap chic” campaign, then turned his talents to how consumers buy electronics at Apple. Now, he wants shoppers to know they’ll get a great deal every day at JC Penny – not just during a sale.

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So, the store vows to mark every single item at least 40 percent off, every day.

Last year, JCPenney held 550 “sales” and found shoppers would only come for a discount.

“Customers will not pay literally a penny more than the true value of the product,” Johnson told CBS News.

Also, the company will offer clearance sales consistently — on the third Fridays of every month, and will discount certain groups of items all at once.

“We are going to make the store a place people love to come – just to come. Because they can get support before they’re ready to buy. We’ll transform the buying experience not unlike what we did at Apple.” has more on the plan, how it will affect shoppers, and what it could mean for the company.

Will JCPenney’s new attitude entice you to shop there? Feel free to write me in the “comments” below, or tweet me @BrookeCBS4. I’d also love to hear about your Valentine deals! Thanks for reading and please check out our Deals of the Day!

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Comments (2)
  1. john says:

    I noticed that the price on the red sticker was the same as the price under the red sticker.

  2. mark says:

    I went there the other day and Levi’s were $45.00 a pair and the tee shirts I used to pay $10.00 for were now $12.00. I think JC Penney’s is running a scam and I haven’t noticed one bit of savings. Everything did say “everyday low price” . Once again they are trying to fool the consumer!! Very disappointed !

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