DENVER (AP) — A long-debated proposal about college tuition for illegal immigrants was being debated in the Colorado Senate Friday.

But the real test awaits across the hall in the Republican-led House.

This year’s immigrant tuition bill would allow residents who are illegal immigrants to attend state universities at tuition rates that are higher than those for in-state students but lower than out-of-state levels.

It’s the sixth time Colorado lawmakers have considered some sort of immigrant tuition bill.

This year’s proposal is expected to clear the Democratic Senate, as it did last year. Advocates are watching to see if the GOP House will budge on immigrant tuition.

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Comments (2)
  1. Stan says:

    The Headline should read “ILLEGAL”….. Yes they are breaking the law and yes they are here ILLEGALLY. Why would we reward criminals? You would have to be a moron to allow this. Hey, didn’t the dems vote for this?

  2. Bekah says:

    This issue will not go away until liberal legislators (and the Hispanic lobby) get their way. Then they will demand more. With college student enrollment dropping (tuition hikes, lack of jobs coupled with low wages), this bill benefits a struggling higher education and the Hispanic lobby’s effort to create a protected class. But it comes at the expense of demeaning U.S. citizenship. Apparently, living in this country illegally a few years is supposed to carry some weight. This argument is getting old. Get over it, Libs. Find another cause.

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