By Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4) – A group of former gymnasts are accusing a nationally recognized, Colorado-based gymnastics coach, of years of physical abuse, torture and sexual molestation.

“I’ve been waiting years for this day to come and speak up,” said Anne Malver, a 51- year-old wife and mother of two, who says her former coach, Doug Boger, had sex with her for years when she was one of his students.

“I will admit it. I was a very tough coach,” said Boger, who is now based in Colorado Springs, but he flatly denied all of the abuse claims. “I definitely think I am the victim of a mob mentality.”

“He molested me sexually multiple times,” said Malver.

She said the sexual relations occurred in the 1970s when she was between the ages of 11 and 14 and Boger was in his 20s. Malver has never publicly disclosed the relationship until the interview with CBS4. Malver said Boger — who was coaching a group of girls in Pasadena, Calif., called “The Flairs” — groomed her.

“The groundwork was tickling and rolling until the tongue was in the ear. He said ‘I just can’t wait till you’re 18, I can’t , I can’t. I want those legs to wrap around me,'” Malver says Boger told her. “And in the apartment being taken to the bedroom and being disrobed. And in the bedroom forcing himself inside me even though I was crying out for him to stop. And in that moment of pain he would say, ‘This is what all you girls want; this is what you all want.'”

Malver says over the course of three years, Boger had sex with her at least a dozen times.

Malver was one of four women who told stories of being sexually abused by Boger as part of a CBS4 Investigation, claiming Boger, who was once a national gymnastics champion himself, had sex with them during their pre-teen years. Boger is now trying to get back into the coaching realm in Colorado.

Boger say the claims of Malver, the three others who say he sexually abused them, and numerous other women who claim physical abuse are, “Fabricated. I did not do anything wrong, the sexual thing is absolutely fabricated. These kids all got together and fabricated this.”

Boger’s comments came during his first media interview about the accusations.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Boger. He called the accusations “fiction.”

Denise Gallion, another former Flairs gymnast, is now a 50-year-old mother of four. But she says when she was a 13-year-old gymnast under the tutelage of Boger in Pasadena; he began having sex with her.

“You just kind of go with it. He was like a boyfriend — that’s what was in my head,” said Gallion.

She says Boger was in his mid-to-late 20s when he began having sex with her. She said he had sex with her multiple times in California, on Catalina Island and on a trip to Hawaii.

“It was like a relationship. I thought I was the only one,” said Gallion.

Gallion says the underage sex has dramatically affected her life.

“I’m still trying to find myself at 50. I feel like I don’t know who I am and have always tried to be what everyone thinks is good,” said Gallion.

Charmaine Carnes began training with Boger in Pasadena when she was 8 or 9. She said Boger groomed her for sex.

“He would start tickling up high then work his way down low,” said Carnes.

She said the playfulness eventually turned into unwanted sex.

“And he used his fingers to manipulate my private areas. He would kiss me and fondle me and fondle my breasts,” said Carnes.

Carnes said Boger eventually engaged in a full blown sexual relationship with her, having sex with her in his home. Carnes said her parents implicitly trusted the gym coach, but were fooled.

“There was a mattress there and he would lay me down and we would have intercourse,” said Carnes.

Asked how her parents could not have known what was happening, Carnes said, “There’s a great ability for parents to have denial.”

Like the other women, Carnes said her parents were dazzled by the charismatic Boger, their judgment possibly clouded by Boger’s ability to turn young girls into champion gymnasts.

A fourth former Flairs gymnast, who asked she not be identified, said Boger began having sex with her when she was 13.

“He didn’t care about our emotions, or our minds. We were just bodies, there to worship him and to be used by him,” said the now 51-year-old woman. “I was completely caught up in his world and didn’t realize the amount of damage he was doing. I trusted him.”

The woman said she has never shared stories of her sexual contact with Boger until now.

“A lot of the sex was humiliating. Enough so that I will never tell another soul some of what he did to me,” said the woman.

She said she is now sharing her story not for revenge, but to support the other women.

“I’m here to say everything they say is true. I know, because it happened to me too. We kids didn’t stand a chance,” said the woman.

She said at age 15, Boger got her pregnant, leading to an abortion.

“These are the things I can talk about,” said the woman, “other things are better left buried deep.”

The whispers about Boger and his pre-teen gymnasts eventually reached Richard Riordan whose daughter, Kathy, was one of the Flairs.

Riordan, who would go on to be elected Mayor of Los Angeles, told CBS4 he confronted Boger, who denied having sex with his young students.

“I kept telling him I don’t believe you one inch,” recounted Riordan, “Don’t care what you say you get the hell out of here.”

Riordan said he then warned other parents but was stunned at their reactions.

“I called a couple of other parents and they said, ‘Thanks for the warning but we’ll make sure our child doesn’t get involved,’ and they still let their children go to his classes.”

Finally said Riordan, he notified prosecutors in Southern California about what he had heard.

“But prosecutors weren’t interested because they didn’t know how to make good witnesses out of the children,” said Riordan.

Beyond the four women who say Boger sexually molested them, others say Boger physically abused them, causing serious injuries and even burned them with cigarettes to make a point.

“He kicked me, threw me against equipment, threw me against a wall and burned me with a cigarette,” said Amy Moran, now 38-years-old. “He’s a monster and also a con man. He had our parents tricked.”

Former gymnast Monica Lenches said she witnessed the cigarette incidents.

“I remember him burning a girl with a cigarette. I remember him taking a cigarette to her body,” said Lenches.

Kathy Riordan, whose father said he tried to warn other parents and prosecutors, said that on a road trip to Arizona, when the team was staying at a motel, she caught Boger with a teammate.

“She was underage, they were in bed naked,” said Riordan. “Through the crack in the curtain I saw him in bed with my teammate and they both jumped out of bed naked. I have no doubt they were having sex.”

Boger was put on trial in Pasadena in 1982 on charges he physically abused young gymnasts. He was acquitted on those charges, and none of the women in this CBS4 Investigation were called to testify in that case. Charges were never brought against Boger on the sexual abuse allegations as most of the young girls say they never discussed what happened. Most said they never told their stories due to shame, fear, guilt or feelings that they would not be believed. And they say they were infatuated with their handsome coach, and did not want to cause him problems.

“I wanted his approval constantly,” said Mona Holmes, who trained with Boger for about a year and a half.

Boger, who now lives in Colorado Springs, is planning to again coach young gymnasts.

“That’s all I’ve done. That’s what I am. I am a gymnastics coach. That is still my passion, that’s what I do,” said Boger.

In 2009, many of the women filed complaints with USA Gymnastics telling the organization their stories about Boger. In 2010, the governing body permanently banned Boger from working in USAG sanctioned gyms citing the accusations of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

But Boger is still free to coach and work in gyms not sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. The women say that’s a loophole that needs to be closed.

John Billera, a Florida- based attorney representing Boger, told CBS4 he is actively attempting to get Boger’s USA Gymnastics ban overturned.

“I confirm I have written a letter to .. USA Gymnastics requesting that Coach Doug Boger’s name be removed from the “do not hire” list. I have heard back from the organization denying the request,” said Billera.

“At this point we intend to hire Colorado counsel to assist with the filing of a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief and damages as the USAG is unlawfully blocking Mr. Boger’s right to work in his chosen field.”

As he categorically denies the women’s accusations, Boger is receiving support from other gymnasts and their parents. On one internet message board, a person who identified themselves as former students of Boger’s wrote, “I am stunned at the allegations against him. He was by far the best gymnastics coach I’ve ever had in my entire life and I would not trade the 7 years I worked with him for anything. I never in my life experienced anything that Doug is being accused of and I will stand by him through this. He has had such a positive impact on my life and I will always support him.”

Another writer, identified as a parent of a gymnast wrote, “Doug has never been anything other than professional, supportive, and encouraging to my children. In fact, my children LOVE Coach Doug.”

The women tracked down in the CBS4 Investigation say Boger should never again be allowed in a gym.

“Doug Boger should never be in the presence of a child — ever,” said Kathy Riordan.

Mona Holmes said she was speaking out about her former coach to protect others.

“My priority is that man does not need to set foot in a gym again. He just needs to not be around young children, period,” said Holmes.

Speaking out about Boger may be about all they can do. Since the alleged sexual acts took place more than 30 years ago, it appears the statute of limitations has run out, and Boger couldn’t be criminally charged, even if prosecutors wanted to pursue the cases. The women hope their stories prompt changes in California’s laws.

“I believe the statute should be lifted,” said Kathy Riordan. “Victims don’t come forward until later. It’s appalling that when they have the courage to speak out the law can’t help them.”

Some criminal charges, like murder, have no statute of limitations and can be prosecuted at any time. But that’s not the case in California when it comes to sexual assault of a minor.

“That we have it on murder but not child abuse and molestation says as a society how we view children, because when you abuse and molest a child you are murdering an aspect of that child,” said Monica Lenches.

“He was a fantastic coach, but that does not make him a good person,” said former Flairs gymnast Julie Whitman. “I came out to protect the little girls we don’t know that we want to protect, that’s why we’re doing this. If I can protect one girl, I’ve done a good thing.”

“It’s time that he knows he can’t walk around and pretend he didn’t do anything,” said Denise Gallion.

Doug Boger says the women are lying, “about everything. This came out of the blue and I don’t know why.”

Through tears, Charmaine Carnes said, “He stole our dreams.”

Brian Maass

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  1. Craig Vegas says:

    I dated CHARMAINE CARNES when i lived in Pasadena CA, back in 1995-1998.
    She was the biggest Con Artist there was in the city.

    She claimed to be the General Manager of BARNEY’S restaurant on Colorado Blvd, and it turned out she was a Waitress.

    Always borrowed money from me to fix her beat up black 1980 Camaro that her friend gave her out of pity.

    I was invited by her to attend her cousins wedding in Las Vegas, and it turned out she used MY credit cards to pay for the room and magic show at the Mirage, and the dinner at Binions steak house downtown.

    We were living together for 2 years and she was always bragging how sweet she was, playing an orphan in the 1982 ANNIE movie.( now that theres internet… i found out she was never in the movie) LIES !!

    When we broke up, and i left, i had to get a restraining order on her for 3 months,

    This woman is mentally ill.

    Last i heard she was going to live with her mom in northern california, because she had too many people angry at her for her out-rages towards them.
    She said REDMEN CA would be a new place to start.


    an ex- boyfriend

  2. Former Flair 3 says:

    Thank you to all the Flairs who have come forward and have courage to speak the truth all these years later. At that time, there was so little awareness about child abuse. I suffered physical abuse from Doug as well. He would become particularly enraged when I would make the same mistake repeatedly. He threw me into the beam, vault, floor and the cement wall. I also remember him telling me to bend over and touch my toes and then kick me as hard as he could. I felt the air get knocked out of me as I fell forward. I lived in fear for three years dreading going to gymnastics until I finally quit. Luckily, I never suffered from sexual abuse. Doug should not be coaching.

  3. John Ulrich says:

    One of my dear friends is among the brave women who have come forward here to try to protect other children. California does not expect the families of murder victims to simply get over it, unfortunately their outdated laws for sexual abusers seem to suffer from amnesia.

    My father was the rapist that my sister had to endure. I cannot speak for myself as there are large portions of my childhood that are simply disjointed images at best. I did not have any memory of the abuse at all until I was 39. Now the near suicides for me and my sister make sense. The psychological and social issues that I struggled with for years have been explained.

    The ignorance of some of the replies here is part of the attitude that allows this abuse to continue. It is not an issue of being a male, ignorance is not a phenomenon for one gender only. It is a cultural problem that must be fixed, in order to prevent this disease from spreading. That is what coming forward does.

    I knew that standing up to my father was a matter of risking my life. This man was also not afraid to use physical abuse. It is enough to create fear that can last a lifetime.

    Bravery is the only thing that will stop this. Thank you all for you are indeed very brave. If there is anyone else who has yet to come forward to speak, let them find courage and inspiration in your actions.

    1. Former Flair says:

      I am so sorry for the abuse you and your sister endured by your father. You, too are brave to come forward in our defence and in support of cultural change. We need to keep moving toward breaking this aweful cycle of abuse. Good luck and continued healing to you and your sister – your mother too, I imagine!

  4. Anne says:

    Bless you Taime for your candor and insight into the this monster. Ditto to the others who came forward. To those who wish for these ladies to “get over it,” consider this: how would you feel if your daughter was about to take a class from him and they didn’t warn you? They are speaking out because they discovered he is still coaching.

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of moral crises, maintain their neutrality.” -Dante

  5. TLC says:

    I agree with Liz! How insane do you have to be to tell someone to GET OVER IT!! Being abused is NOT something that you just get over. Ruining his life?? What about what this sick pervert did to them? Time is of NO essence in the world of abuse. The years (or even year) that they were abused ticked slowly by while their supposed-to-be mentor/trusted adult touched them in ways that only their husbands or boyfriends should Notice how four women came forward gave many more to step up, too (fellow commenters). Doesn’t sound like a rouse to me! And Dan, what do you possibly think they are getting from this? Money??? LOL! No, you ****head. They can’t possibly put him in jail, either. Instead they want to protect other little girls. Doesn’t sound like anyone that wants to ruin ANYONE’S life but instead protect several HUNDRED more. I also, pray, that you don’t have any children. How demented are you fools?? By the way- witch hunt? I’m appalled that protecting our future is called a witch hunt!! These children are our light and way, and damaging their very core leads to more homicides, suicides, abuse. STOP THE CYCLE!!!

    1. Former Flair says:

      I think I know who you are and would love to connect. I was one of “the originals, too” Are you on FB?

    2. Former Flair says:

      Were you the dance coach’s daughter? I’d love to connect with you. I was one of the “original Flairs” too. Are you on FB?

  6. Liz Rudolf says:

    Dan and almost every other male that is commenting here, what the hell is wrong with you jerks. Get over it, really? You should really get mental help. Read a book about how victims of abuse are ashamed and bury their secret. Some turn to drugs and alcohol, some hate themselves, some commit suicide. Any child can be manipulated by a abuser in a position of trust. Get off this blog because you are an idiot. Hopefully you don,t have any children.

  7. Dan Daily says:

    All this talk and stories about something that happened 30 years ago. IF this really did happen the way the girls say, the time to have spoken up was at least when they turned 18. That would have been the responsible thing to do. So now they want us to destroy this man because 30 years later four people come forward? I’m curious, how many girls in total did he coach? Probably many hundreds and now we have to destroy him because four women say so? Who are they??? They are the very reason there is a statute of limitations in the first place. Oh that’s right, a woman would NEVER lie about such things? That’s drivel for morons. Life is tough, GET OVER IT! If you’re old enough to recognize a problem, you’re old enough to fix it. Stop blaming everyone else and carry on. That’s all any of us can do about anything.

    1. Former Flair says:

      When I was 18, our judicial system did not support youngsters coming forward and taking the witness stand. I tried to do this very thing and was denied the opportunity. Instead I was given the advise to make changes at a cultural level – to work in the area of prevention. I have made it my life’s work to support children who have been harmed by people they trusted. As a teacher and school counselor, I see that progress has been made in supporting children, but we have a long way to go! As for you comment, “Life is tough, GET OVER IT! If you’re old enough to recognize a problem, you’re old enough to fix it.” That’s exactly what we are doing – trying to fix the problem so that more children are not abused by this man (or other people like him, for that matter!) By the way, I’m not sure where you got the number 4, but you are incorrect in your calculation. As for people who lie, you are right , people lie about all kinds of things. In this case, Doug Boger lies about what he did!

  8. Tiffany says:

    I have always wondered and had concerns about so many male coaches in the world of womens gymnastics. My heart goes out to these brave women. Thank you for coming forward to save young girls from becoming future victims.

    1. Jacob says:

      Me too.

      I’m the last person to advocate for more government intrusion into our lives but there are obviously plenty of necessary laws and this case hits on one that should exist!
      It should be absolutely illegal to present a contract to parents that they their children must be left alone with anyone for any reason. We obviously can’t trust that ambitious parents wouldn’t leave their children with Satan if they thought he’d get em to the big time.

  9. Lisa says:

    I can’t believe anyobe would defend this guy. Unreal. He obviously did it.

  10. Taime Evans-Vincelli says:

    Kimberly Taime Evans-Vincelli · Excecutive President and CFO at MSP Inc.

    Doug is very intelligent and in-sightful as a gymnastics coach; and these same skills come to play as a pedifile. He insictively knows what qualities in a girl, makes a good gymnast and he instictively knows which girl he can molest and control.
    I wasn’t even in gynastics, my sister was. He never touched my sister because he knew she had a tougher personality than I did. He saw something in me and he insictively knew I would conform. He was right and I held this secret until 10 years ago, when I asked my sister if it happened to her. Thankfully it did not but she always believed me. We’ve discussed this at length and she’s told me about many things that were wrong the way he interacted with the girls. Watching him take girls into a closed room and lock the door. Leaving with girls for an hour. Touches and secrets.
    Just because a serial killer didn’t kill you, doesn’t mean he hasn’t killed.
    You’re blessed…he saw a strength in you and knew he couldn’t molest you. So know it is your job to protect the ones that don’t poccess your strength.
    Doug Boger knows that he couldn’t molest everyone and get away with it. You’re doing exactly what he wants…you’re blindly defending him.
    Just because he didn’t molest you, doesn’t mean he’s not controlling you; right now.

    1. Flairs 3 says:

      Hi Kim,
      I am soo sorry to hear that he got you, too! I trained with your sister on Flairs and have wondered about her – how she managed after his abuses toward her. And now I read about you. Please find me on facebook. My initials are AM and I was the very flexible one on the team. V used to invite me over to your house to sleep over sometimes. I lived with my grandparents. Do you recall

      1. Former Flair says:

        I was a fellow teammate of these girls. My mother was the dance coach. I was innappropiatly touched but never intercourse, I was hit, slapped, kicked, thrown as were most of us on the original team. My final moment came when I got closed fist punched in the mouth for bending my knees on a vault, I walked out and sat outside on the wall across from the BPOE and waited for my mom to come get me. Doug came out and pleaded with me to come back inside, don’t quit, don’t tell my mom, but I didn’t speak or move. My Dad wanted to kill him, but Mom and I convinced him to leave it as Dad would have gone to jail. Our team started at the Pasadena Mens Club on Green St. and the team was small, there was abuse then and it continued when we moved to the Congressional Church in Pasadena in the basement. Parents were not allowed in the practices and were invited in every so often to see our progress. Doug behaved when the parents were present. When they were not present, there was Doug drinking, smoking and abuseing. Times were differnt then, Russia was the top gymnastics team and they trained hard, young girls moved away from their families and were forceably trained and punished…this was the way. Everyone on the team in the early days was hit and punished…if you were the ‘special’ girl that evening, the one he was flirting with, you were spared from the abuse…for that eve. How dare you Doug for denying that you were intimate with some of the gymnasts and that you didn’t physically abuse most of the gymnasts. These 8 women are the brave ones who have come out for no reward but to stop you from hurting anyone else. There are many more girls who saw and know the truth, and when word spreads that you are denying the past, and there are many more than 8…there will be no way for you to keep lying…or forgetting…or blacking out about your actions.

  11. S says:

    The witch hunts continue……

    1. TLC says:

      You’re ignorant. Absolutely ignorant.

    2. Jacob says:

      So you think all these professional women hid their accusations for all these years and then all had mental breakdowns at the same time and fabricated the whole story?

      The case that people who call out witchhunt refers to is when they tried to get a man in to prison and shut up before he could even make the claim that he was innocent. It was one single psychologist who got the same confession by coercing a bunch of young children to say it. It was most certainly not 5-10 different fully grown women all recounting vivid memories of the EXACT same sort of abuse. I’m all for defending the innocent but I can’t think of a case where so many different professional adults who had had no contact made the exact same claims without ever talking to each other and then it turned out to be false. (Not to mention they hid it for all those years which is a textbook reaction to the shame and desire to pretend it never happened.)

  12. Flairs Gymnast says:

    Just to clarify a few things…..Doug Boger was officially banned from USA Gymnastics a few years ago. The problem is….a “private” club like ArtSports World in Colorado Springs can still hire coaches like Boger as long as they’re not “member clubs” within USA Gymnastics. The gym Doug was/is coaching at is owned by Michael Zapp (a convicted sex offender from Oregon). This gym cannot become a “member club” because of Zapp’s past BUT the gym can still send athletes to Nationals, Worlds or even the Olympics which are all USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. Also, a “member club” cannot hired anyone on the “banned” list like Boger. My push is for USAG to tighten their policies so all gyms sending athletes to sanctioned events be required to a “member club”. Educating parents is also very important. You need to ask the hard hitting questions to gym owners. Be sure all of their employees are background checked (including the owner) and ask if the governing body (ie. USA Gymnastics) has a “banned” coaches list like the one listed below. We came forward 4 years ago because Doug was still coaching young women NOT to get our 15 minutes of fame. Do you really think this is fun? If he was just fishing somewhere out there our “secrets” would have remained just that. We are in this to protect other little girls first and foremost!

  13. Flairs Gymnast2 says:

    Hard to do when you are 8 years old and follow adults orders. By the time our government was done mucking it up, most of them couldn’t press charges because there was only a ONE YEAR statute of limitations on assault. None of the women in this story were involved in his charges in the 80’s. They never got their chance to speak. They have also had to resort to the media to get this man OUT of the sport. After he was banned by USA Gymnastics he packed up from CA and landed in CO to coach there. These parents deserve to know who is spending all their time with their kids. Just because this happened 30+ years ago doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  14. Mike says:

    One reason is that, over time, evidence can be corrupted or disappear, memories fade, crime scenes are changed, and companies dispose of records. The best time to bring a lawsuit is while the evidence is not lost and as close as possible to the alleged illegal behavior. Another reason is that people want to get on with their lives and not have legal battles from their past come up unexpectedly. The injured party has a responsibility to quickly bring about charges so that the process can begin.

  15. Charles says:

    No I am not gutless because I don,t agree with your victim mentality. I guess these ladies are getting courage 30 years later. I went to
    School with girls like them that like a lot of attention.

  16. Johnyr says:

    Well let’s see he should be in his 60s and retired. These girls (women) should have come forward in there teens, so no reason to continue teaching gymnist. Go away guilty or not….

  17. Flairs Gymnast says:

    The segment failed to mention that 12 of us began this journey 4 years ago. We went through a year long formal investigation with USA Gymnastics. Doug was officially “banned” from USAG 2 years ago while coaching in San Diego. When he moved to CO and began coaching again at a non-USAG sanctioned gym we realized there was a major problem with their policies. How could a banned coach continue teaching at a gymnastics facility that sends athletes to USAG sanctioned events? Our goal moving forward is to create policy change and a safer environment for all young athletes. @ Charlles….abuse is a difficult experience to understand. It took many of us years and years to truly wrap our heads around what happened to us. You cannot judge us until you’ve walked a mile in our shoes. We are continuing to fight to protect your daughter, your sister, your niece, your grand-kids, and all the boys and girls you don’t know.

    1. Brian Patrick Clarke says:

      AMEN, Flairs Gymnast! AMEN!

    2. Susan Komisar Hausman says:

      So well said @Flairs Gymnast. Understanding how this happens and its consequences is what fuels prevention efforts. Every adult who makes choices for children can make a difference. Thank you for coming forward and taking action.

    3. tartofdarkness says:

      Thank you for adding in an important piece of the story.

    4. Danube says:

      I applaud you. You are saving future victims. I was on the team in later years and was frightened of him. You never knew what he would be like when you showed up.

    5. Concerned gymnast parent says:

      Sexual predators/molesters do not just do this once, at a specific time. Have any other gymnasts stepped forward that were recently trained by him? If he did all of these atrocious things, then there should be a group of girls from 20 yrs ago that he abused, and a group from 10 years ago, etc….. Continue to present.

      1. Former Flair says:

        We would certainly encourage anyone to come forward; the problem is that it frequently takes a very long time after the abuse for most people to come forward. It takes time to come out from the shame and the confusion to admit that someone they trusted took advantage of them.

  18. Smash Crasher says:

    So, 40 years later, they decided to speak up. Good Luck with that.

    1. Brian Patrick Clarke says:

      They need no LUCK, whatsoever. They have “done their job” in courageously warning any future Boger-victims’ families that this pig is a consummate predator. There is no luck, no agenda, no need, whatsoever, for “fortune to smile on them.”

      Why do you opt to use a pseudonym? Related to Boger? Or just a pedophile-enthusiast?

    2. Danube says:

      Don’t you think it’s worth it if it saves future victims? He was a monster. I was on the team in later years. He has no business being around little girls.

  19. Brian Patrick Clarke says:

    Boger, may the encounter with an aggrieved parent that you so deserve yet “be yours.” Were my child one of your victims, you would have been dealt with long ago.

    1. TLC says:

      I have to say, thanks! How horrible to see these “men” telling these little girls to ‘GET OVER IT’. Would they feel the same if it were little boys deciding to bury their embarrassment and stop this monster?? Like PA case??

      But you stand up for the cycle to stop! And I applaud you. Thank you. For letting women know that there are a few good men out there.

  20. Charlles says:

    I guess they they never won a gold medal. I guess they did know it was wrong. I went to school with girls that were that were just like them. After 3o years, please let it go.
    I was approached by my gay homeroom teacher but I did not have sex with him because I grew it was wrong. They knew it was wrong but now they were raped.

    1. Brian Patrick Clarke says:

      “Charlles” (sic), not only are you an simpleton, but you are also completely ignorant of the “dynamics” of sexual abuse, particularly by a “trusted mentor.” Since EVERY ONE of these women has long since found the strength to get on with their lives – successfully so – they CLEARLY are driven by a single purpose: to REVEAL Boger for the POS that he is and, in so doing, spare other young athletes – and their families – the pain that these women suffered as children.

      Under your “theory”, Richard Riordan is, apparently, also suffered from the “crushed dream” akin to his own aspirations for a “gold medal.” I guess that his becoming both enormously successful/wealthy in business AND being elected Mayor of Los Angeles wasn’t enough to sate his unfulfilled ambitions.

      As I said, you’re a simpleton – and a gutless snipe operating in cyberspace. In contrast, these women are now profiles in courage!

    2. TLC says:

      you still think about this gay homeroom teacher and associate it with abuse.
      You must get the point somewhere in that ignorant head of yours.

  21. SCATS Gymnast says:

    Boger can go straight to Hell. Love you girls!!

  22. Mo says:

    What a gross pig of a person. I sincerely hope he never sets foot in a gym again and leaves the kids alone.

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