DENVER (CBS4) – Getting through security at Denver International Airport may soon be faster and more convenient for travelers as a new passenger screening system is being expanded to the airport.

The program is already in place at 10 airports across the nation. DIA is one of the airports scheduled to adopt the screening program sometime this year.

With the new screening program some passengers wouldn’t have to remove belts and shoes before going through screening.

The Transportation Security Administration is trying something new after complaints that it doesn’t make sense to screen all passengers at all airports the same way.

Right now eligible travelers are those participating in frequent flier and other trusted traveler programs. Some of those do charge fees.

The travelers walk through a separate security line and their boarding passes note that they’re low risk. That means they usually can keep on shoes, belts, and don’t have to remove laptops and liquids from their bags. The travelers are usually people who have submitted a lot of personal information to the TSA ahead of time to qualify as a low-risk flier.

Currently only passengers on certain airlines can qualify.


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