DENVER (CBS4) – The lasting snow and ice is making it tough to get around many sidewalks and many Regional Transportation District passengers have had problems getting on and off buses.

Denver police are investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian and an RTD bus that happened Tuesday at West Colfax Avenue and Mariposa Street. Mario Castro, 60, had stepped off the bus and was trying to use it to keep his balance in snow. He slipped and the rear wheels of the bus ran over him.

Investigators say they haven’t determined if there should be charges.

Cicley Simpson got off the bus at Yale and Clairmont on Tuesday and realized she had nowhere to go.

“You pay $2.25 to get on the bus and you can’t get off,” Simpson said.

After gingerly negotiating a mound of snow at the bus stop, Simpson sounded off.

“It’s terrible. I actually maneuvered away, tried to figure it out,” she said. “It’s up to my knees almost in some places. It’s been a long day.”

Several feet of snow across the metro area along with freezing temperatures have left many bus stops and suburban roads close to impassible.

Scott Reed with RTD says the company is doing the best it can.

“We have an eight county area with 10,000 bus stops over 2,400 square miles. It’s a very difficult task,” Reed said.

Reed says bus stops with no shelters are the responsibility of the property owner. Homeowners are responsible for clearing their own sidewalks and walkways.

City crews from Denver to Highlands Ranch have hit suburban neighborhoods to no avail.

“This street looks like it hasn’t been touched. It was touched on Saturday four or five times,” resident Jim Atkins said. “They’ve actually done a pretty good job, but I think right now it’s a little overwhelming.”

Some areas are so snow-packed pedestrians have to walk in the street.

Douglas County Schools sent a note home asking students who walk to school to use caution.

After the record blast from Mother Nature, Joyce Phillips, 66, grabbed her groceries and boarded the bus and asked the million dollar question:

“I’m a senior citizen and I go out and clean my walks. Why can’t these people do it?” Phillips said.

Comments (5)
  1. asodeska says:

    Looks like DENVER killed another of its citizens.

  2. N Cameron says:

    Neighborhood children walk to and from school. The blind, the elderly, the handicapped , and the disabled walk, ride Rtd, and/ or use wheelcahirs tor transportaion. Should they stay at home for 6 days after the storm while waiting fot the sun to melt the mounds of snow on the sidewalks or should they walk in the street? Would you share the funds used for snow plows and sand trucks to clear the sidewalks? Walk a mile in their boots. I walk with a cane due to MS and I am fearful.

    1. Heidi Davis says:

      And that was my classmate that died. I’m scared for everyone that takes public transportation when it snows and it’s icy. As well as I’m scared for myself and the people that are driving to and from work or school (and I grew up in northern MN). They don’t plow my streets either and I haven’t tried to change that, until researching it now…. why don’t we all go to our reps and try and make that change? And please don’t be hurtful in a response because I am still trying to grieve.

  3. Bob Duncan says:

    Isn’t RTD a plumbing company?why are people riding on plumbing vans. Retarted!

  4. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Obamacare to the rescue.

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