DENVER (CBS4) – It was a busy day for Denver city inspectors on Monday. First thing in the morning they hit the streets to make sure homeowners and businesses were following the law and keeping their sidewalks clear after the recent snowstorm.

The city is trying to cut some people some slack by giving warnings first.

The warning is given out if a sidewalk isn’t clear. Obviously when there is a big storm there isn’t always a place to put all of the snow. But as long as there’s a path wide enough to accommodate people, including people in wheelchairs, it’s considered complying.

“In the event our inspector happens by a property and it hasn’t been shoveled and it’s unsafe for pedestrians to pass, then what we do is we issue a courtesy notice to the property owner, give them a period of 4 to 24 hours to comply and clear that walk way, make it safe and passable,” Julius Zsako with the City of Denver said.

Since such a substantial amount of snow fell, piles of crumpled blocks of snow and ice still line either side of most walks, as well as the roads. James Pachorek owns the Cheeky Monk Belgium Beer Cafe. The sidewalk in front of his business, which he’s responsible for, was shoveled, but after the plows came by he had to do it all over again. This time the snow wasn’t so soft.

“It’s been a little bit tricky because it’s all iced over now,” Pachorek said.

Business owners and homeowners are responsible for the sidewalks adjacent to their businesses and properties. In some Denver neighborhoods where sidewalks and streets are shrouded in shadows and haven’t had steady sunlight, snow still encases cars and clutters gutters. Some sidewalks have patchworks of hard packed snow and ice.

“Maybe take a look at it again tomorrow. Maybe you’ll need to toss down some salt or ice melt product,” Zsako said.

The city says most people had their sidewalks cleared as soon as the snow stopped falling.

The city says it has about 3,000 cases each winter of people not shoveling their walks. Most comply once they’ve been given a warning.

  1. Marie Cribari says:

    They hit the streets looking for more back door ways into the pocket-book of citizens.
    Like the little old lady who somehow owns a piece of sidewalk a half mile walk around a city installed sound barrier from her actual sidewalk and house. The city installed the barrier. Let them install a gate from her backyard. But then they wouldn’t be able to use that little loop-hole to tax her for not being able to walk or shovel or get to her so-called sidewalk.

    They get enough tax dollars. Let them show some consideration for the elderly tax payer and have the work release prisoners shovel the walks.
    Heartless money grubbing officials don’t even have the class to at least try to look like they aren’t pulling everything they can to get more money in any way that they can.

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