DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says he’s proud of the work road crews have accomplished in the first day of the winter storm that hit Colorado.

“I’m very proud of the crews that have been on the streets for the past 12 hours and those about to go on and we’ll try to keep everything passable and drivable for the people in Denver,” said Hancock.

Hancock says proper planning can be credited for cleared streets. He also said the city has learned a lot from previous storms.

Watch Mayor Hancock’s entire interview with CBS4 Political Specialist below:

“Get out early. Get out early and plow the streets and remain consistent before the temperatures drop,” said Hancock. “That will help prevent some of the freezing that occured in ’06 and ’07. You remember we had very serious and very thick ice and ruts that we couldn’t get off the residential roads because we didn’t plow in time. And so we’re trying to remain consistent and get that snow off the ground before it starts to freeze.”

Hancock said road crews will continue clearing streets until the snow stops falling.

“We’ll keep them on until further notice but our goal is to stay in front of this storm and keep plowing. We’re going to keep them out there and clear the roads and keep them drivable so tomorrow when people get up we can keep moving,” said Hancock.

Hancock also said crews have been working to clear runways and keep operations as close to normal at Denver International Airport during the storm.

“We have seen about one third of our flights cancelled and that’s the call of the airlines and they can make that decision,” said Hancock. “But for the most part we remain at regular operations. We’re certainly not in the position of ’06 and ’07 where we had to shut down. We maintain operations all we ask folks to do is to call their airlines to make sure they’re on schedule.”


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