DENVER (CBS4)– Road crews will remain on the streets of Denver, working to clear snow, until at least noon Saturday.

Heavy plows with Denver Public Works will remain fully deployed, continuing to clear snow and apply de-icing materials to the city’s main roadways.

All 126 light plows will continue to clear residential streets and will stay on the road until further notice. Each street is scheduled to be cleared three times by noon on Saturday.

The light plows will clear the accumulation from the middle of the street to prevent rutting to give drivers mobility. However, drivers are cautioned that the snow will freeze overnight and may create icy and slushy spots.

Drivers may have to take extra time to clear parked vehicles and driveways of plowed snow.

Denver will deploy construction equipment to address areas prone to blowing snow and drifting.

Denver requires property owners to clear their walkways within 24 hours once the snow has stopped falling. Businesses have just four hours to remove snow from public sidewalks adjacent to their property.

Those wishing to report a problem are asked to call 311 to provide the address of unshoveled sidewalks. The city will issue a safety notice to offenders and then continue with escalating legal action which carries a $150 penalty.


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